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Title: Lovely Love.

Author: Spreadyourwingsandflyaway.

Pairing: APEkerchak/HUMANtarzan

Warning: Tarzan OC (I think.)

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I own nothing…

Tarzan was swinging by the tree tops, having a firm hold on the vines that carelessly hung in the jungle.

He was only seeing blurs of green and sometimes brown as he almost flew forward.


I could feel the wind in my face and how it made my hair loop, he felt so free and happy like this. Swinging and gliding on trees was something that was a part of him, a part of him that no one could take away from him.

After slowing down a bit, he saw something in the corner of his eye something blue…Oh! A butte- DONK!

I hit something, something hard, very hard.

He hadn't even noticed that he had been swinging just a few meters over the ground and right now he was sitting on his ass on the ground surrounded by plants and toxic flowers. But any way back to the immerse pain on his…well actually…everywhere. The immerse pain that was everywhere.

He cautiously looked up, trying to take in every detail getting himself ready for fighting… if needed.

It was big. It was black. It was big. It was hairy and muscular…wait? Muscular? He quickly raised his eyes up towards it's head. Wait a minute he recognized that head… and body.


Yes. Kerchak.

His mate.

He quickly tried to rise, but his body and mind did not agree on that point, his head started to spin and it made him sit back down again.

He raised his hand to his head, wincing slightly.

Kerchak actually looked down on him in amusement but also concern. Kerchak's body was enormous so to be able to come down to his level on the ground he would have to lie on the ground.


Kerchak ignored that revelation, he didn't have the time to "lay on the round and play". Kerchak took his big arms out and put them around Tarzan's lithe body and lifted him up. Holding him like a baby. Humiliating. But as he was being embraced he couldn't help but to relax into the embrace and blush like a "teenage girl" (that's what Jane said it was)


I looked down on my silly little human. Yes human that's what Tarzan was… according to the little old man in the strange white hair under his nose.

Tarzan was his, and his only.

I looked down at him and at the same time using my legs and right hand to go towards our family.

Holding him close gave me comfort and made me feel relaxed just like Tarzan looked right now.

"Kerchak?" I heard my mate ask.

I made I noise in return.

"Kerchak?" I heard my mate ask again.

I made an even louder noise in return.

"Kerchak?" he asked yet again.

"What" I growled in annoyance.

"You Comfy. Me sleep." He said in a exhausted voice.

I grunted in return.

Letting him press into my fur.


As I woke up the first thing I noticed was that I was warm, it had become a regular thing since Kerchak and I had mated. Kerchak was possessive, dominating and easily jealous. The jealous thing was both negative and positive. Once tuff and I had played just like we used to do before Kerchak and I mated, we wrestled and had generally fun.

But Kerchak had seen us after a while and took it as a challenge (for the place as my mate)

And he roared making birds and small animals including big ones run away I fright.

Tuff also perked up, seeing Kerchak running with his fangs on display.

I remember yelling at tuff to run. Tuff got away with a scratch on his arm after kerchak's claws.

Kerchak stood over me, twirling around once in a while roaring at nothing.

I didn't see tuff or tantor for a couple of days.

"Tarzan… go back to sleep." I heard Kerchak's voice rumble covered with sleep.

"Mmhm…" I hummed in return.

Kerchak is a great mate, he protected me made me feel save and made me feel like I was a part of something magnificent.

"Tarzan… I can hear you think. Go. To. Sleep."

"Of course, honey." I said.

I could feel Kerchak freeze. When I looked up at him, into his eyes he looked confused.

"What's a honey?" he asked. And honestly I didn't know either.

"I don't know, Jane says it to Clayton all the time. I think it means…something about an insect…but Clayton always smiles and gives Jane a kiss." I replied blushing a little…*cough cough*…a lot.

Kerchak just stared at me making me blush even harder.

He slowly brought his face closer to mine and pressed his lips onto mine.

"Can you go to sleep now?" he said as he pulled away from me.

"Mmhmm" I squeaked out, with a big grin on my face.


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