They had been best friends sincethey were ten and eight-year-olds; they had met at a carnival just outside of Gotham. They had both been on the Ferris wheel. Being a very outgoing girl, Diana started talking to Bruce quickly became relationship grew and as they got older they continued to meet up with each other over the years. At the time Diana lived in a small rural town in Maine and Bruce lived in Gotham City. They would visit each other on school vacations and were friends up until they were eighteen and sixteen when Bruce left. It had started with a fight.

"What do you mean you're leaving?"

"I'm just leaving," he said.

"Where are you leaving to?"

"Diana I don't know yet,"

"You can't just leave without knowing where you're going," Bruce shut the last drawer on his dresser and shut his suit case and turned for the door. Diana stood in the doorway blocking his way. "You're not leaving until you tell me where you're going," she said in a broken voice.

"Diana I have to go," he pushed past her and went into the hallway down the grand staircase of Wayne Manor towards the large golden doorway.

"Bruce please don't," she was going to have to resort to begging. She grabbed his shoulder and turned him around to face her. "Please," she said in a smaller voice. He looked straight into her eyes and said in a stressed voice

"Listen, Diana," he seemed to be searching for word. Before he knew what he was doing he had leaned forward and kissed her. He'd never kissed Diana or even thought about doing it but something just came over him. Diana didn't kiss back but went limp in Bruce's arms. The kiss lasted about a minute before he released her. They both stared at each other stunned. And then he turned and just walked out. Diana was too speechless to call after him. She just stood there and watched him go.

Seven Years Later

Diana sat at her desk going through some paperwork.

"Hey Diana," said a voice above her. Diana looked up to see her best friend Darcey sit down on the edge of her desk.

"What's up?" she said not looking up at Darcey from what she was reading.

"I was thinking, I have absolutely nothing to do tonight, so will you please come out with me." She hesitated before saying

"I don't know Darcey,"

"Please will you! I have no one to go with, don't you think it will look weird if I go alone, and didn't you just buy that new outfit you said you wanted to wear? Please!"

"Alright I'll go but I'm not staying long, I have a life you know it's not all fun and games anymore, I'm planning on leaving in a few months." The rule used to be that they'd go out every Saturday night but since Diana was getting more serious with her life, it wasn't happening as frequently. Darcey pretended to act all insulted

"I have a life too,"

"I'm sure you do Darcey," she said turning back to the paper she had been reading, Darcey just smirked and walked back into the showroom where the cars were kept.

"This'll be so fun, it'll be just like the old days,"

"Great," said Diana rolling her eyes, "I can't wait." They entered the club; Diana could hear the yelling and music before she even went inside the place. Lights of all different colors flashed, it was overcrowded and she was only able to follow Darcey by holding onto her hand. They reached the bar and ordered drinks. They leaned against the bar table drinking and talking.

Gotham City was different, very different. It was far more dangerous then befoe. He hated it, he had to do something, but right now he needed to let himself go a little bitand get a drink. He set out for a nearby nightclub he'd been to a few times, but not often. Bruce Wayne never hung out at nightclubs but tonight he needed to escape. Returning and facing everyone and going to Wayne Enterprises to discuss his job with the company had been a lot to take in. A man named William Earle had taken over. He had asked for a job in Applied Sciences and it was given to him. Lucius Fox, has showed him some of the equipment. He could use it for exploring the cave below the Manor and start putting together his plans. He pulled into the parking lot, he wasn't planning on staying long, he just wanted a drink, maybe chat to some of the female employees there and leave. His return to Gotham had been all over the news which meant sticking around long wasn't a good idea if he didn't want to be bombarded with people. He walked inside ignoring the people around him and walked up to the counter of the bar and asked for a beer. He leaned against the counter waiting for his drink, the lady flashing a smile at him said

"Bruce Wayne isn't it?" As much as he wanted to say no he said

"Ya," he opened the beer bottle and drank some of it. The lady batted her eyelashes at him and drew closer. He turned his head scanning the crowd absentmindedly as the young woman behind the counter began flirting with him. He was about to turn back to the woman and give in and take on his Playboy personality but then something caught his eye. A woman, who looked about his age maybe a little younger than him was dancing with a man who was up behind her. He knew this girl. He walked away from the counter towards her. But before he reached her, the song was over and both she and the man parted. She disappeared into the crowd. He followed her, trying to catch up with her. When she sat down by another woman who was blonde and began talking. He suddenly felt like he had been hit in the face with a ton of bricks. He knew who she was. He was in complete shock. It couldn't be her, it just couldn't. This woman didn't even act like Diana, he could never imagine his childhood friend being in a bar grinding up against some random guy. Diana might have been aggressive and a little unstable when she was a teenager, but not now? He listened into their conversation. He heard the blonde friend of hers say

"Will you please just go get me another drink?"

"I'm too tired you dragged me all the way here, get your own drink," she laughed, the blonde girl smiled and handed her ten dollars and smiled wider in a pleading way.

"Fine, I'll do it, but you owe me," She got up out of her seat and walked towards the counter. Bruce followed her again and then when he couldn't stand it much longer he grabbed her shoulder and said

"Excuse me-" The woman whipped around.

Diana was ready for a fight, she'd been felt up by men before at nightclubs and bars and she wasn't going to let it happen now. She almost punched the man in the face until she recognized him. She let her guard down, She tried to make out his facial features better in the flashing lights.

"Oh my god," she said backing away. "B-Bruce Wayne?" she was completely astonished.

"Jesus, Diana Atkins!" he said walking towards her with an uncontrollable smile on his face. "What happened to you?"

"Excuse me?" She said in an offended voice.

"No, no, I meant you look different, and I didn't expect to see you in a nightclub" he said catching himself. She laughed and said

"Ya well, things change Wayne. Where the hell have you been? I remember you left me standing on a doorstep wondering where the hell you were going and then they say you're dead. " she said in a sad voice.

"I just left for awhile, because I needed to figure some things out," he said.

"Awhile, you mean about seven years," she said.

"Listen do you want to-"

"Yes I do want to go back your place, let me just tell my friend, I'll meet you outside," she walked away leaving him stunned.

How was this happening? When did she get to Gotham? Why was she in this place? Bruce remembered meeting Diana on the ferris wheel when he had been the ten-years-old. From that point they had been inseperable. Leaving her behind was one of the hardest things he ever had to do. He hadn't stopped thinking about her while he was away. Sometimes remembering her was the only comfort he had in the disgusting Chinese jail cells he had ended up in. He headed out of the nightclub glad to escape the hot crowded atmosphere.

Diana walked back to Darcey, making sure to get her drink on the way back as an apology for leaving so quickly. This had to be a dream. What could have Bruce Wayne been doing for the past seven years? Where could he have been? She reached Darcey and handed the drink over, grabbed her coat and said

"I gotta go,"

"Wait where you going?"

"I just met an old friend, from years ago and I got to go see him,"

"You're leaving me?"

"It's Bruce Wayne, Darcey," Darcey looked up at her and said

"Oh," in an understanding whisper, Darcey already knew of Bruce's and Diana's history and nodded her head and said "Alright I'll see you tomorrow at work, tell me how it goes,"

"I will, bye Darcey," she pulled on her coat and left.

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