My adventure in RuneScape started with the tutorial, which I must say was rather daunting. Thinking that I needed to slay all the trolls in sight, I ended up dying several times during the tutorial. I wandered through mines and forests without a clear plan until at last last I made it to Lumbridge, where I intended to complete my first quest. In short order, I decided to do the Cook's Assistant Quest. Finding the cook in the first floor of the Castle, the frantic cook exclaimed that he needed three special items in order to bake a special cake for Duke Horatio. He needed not just any milk, but top quality milk, not just any egg, but a super large egg, and not just any flour, but some extra fine flour.

When I asked where I could get the ingredients, he said he didn't know. So without any further discussion I left the castle. Checking the map of Lumbridge, I observed a cow pasture, and decided to begin my quest there. Once in the pasture, I met the milkmaid, who indicated that her prize cow was east of her close to the fence. But I wondered, which east? East of her, or her east? When I did find a milking cow, the beast would not milk. I once again engaged the milkmaid, who indicated that I needed a bucket, and thankfully indicated where I could find it. Once again I encountered the cow to her east and now the milk flowed freely.

Well, I thought I had solved one-third of my quest, and now looked on the map once again. There I noted the chicken farm, and proceeded to look for a super large egg. What I found on the chicken farm was quite a sight. Many of the inhabitants were slaying the chickens, and as I approached a chicken I could not find any eggs what so ever. Dejectedly, I decided to save this part of the quest for another time, and once again looked on the map. On the map I noticed a mill and headed there in hope of finding the extra fine flour. Once at the mill, I noticed some sacks lying about, and expected them to be filled with flour. But no such luck befell me for they were sacks of animal feed. So, I entered the mill, looked here and there, climbed up to each floor, and found no flour.

Unhappily, I realized that I had only completed one-third of this quest, and with little to show for my wayward quest, I decided to slink into the dark corners of Lumbridge and sleep for a while. When I awoke, several days later, it occurred to me that I needed to speak to this cook again. How could he send me out on a quest that I was unprepared to complete? Once in the kitchen, I offered the milk that I had obtained, and he exclaimed that it was only ordinary milk, not milk from the prized cow. How did he know this? So in this encounter, I decided to listen much more carefully to the cook, and realized that even though he did not know where everything was, he did mark out three areas on the map.

At last, I found the prize cow, but before milking, needed to empty out the lesser quality milk, and proceeded to milk the prize cow. Proceeding to the chicken farm, I now noticed the super large eggs, and grabbed one for the cook. Next, I entered the mill, and met a very helpful Millie Miller, who educated me as to how to prepare the flour. She instructed me to get some wheat and then deposit it in the hopper, and finally to ground the grain into fine flour. As she promised, once the entire process was complete, the bag of flour was in to the first floor of the mill,.

Gleefully, I returned to the Cook, who gladly accepted all the required ingredients. As a reward for this completed quest, I was issued a congratulatory certificate which earned me one quest point, 300 cooking xp, 500 coins, 20 sardines (oh Boy!), access to the cook's range, two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune, and two quest points. Now truly, East Burg has been well rewarded for completing his first quest. As I leave the kitchen, I know that I am better prepared to accept another quest.