*Moments ago Raimundo was promoted to Sakou warrior and Leader of the Xiaolin Dragons. Soon after the villains they all faced appeared at the temple. Now the monks battle it off*

"Jack-Bots ATTACK" yelled Jack Spicer as he always did. But by this point his robots had little meaning for the monks were more powerful and united then ever

"Ore of Tornami, ICE" yelled Omi. Jacks robots were quickly shattered. Jack then turned to Cyclops and Wuya

"Um, hello a little help from you lazy bums"

Cyclops then muttered and shoots lasers out his eye. However the monks now organized swoop over him.

"Seismic Kick EARTH" Clay smashes the ground toppling cyclops who falls on the other villains. Chase Young seeing the situation hopeless departs. Hannibal Roy Bean calls his bird Ying-Yang and also departs

Meanwhile Wuya is talking with Jack

"Honestly Jack, what is the point of your toys. The monks can now blow them to sheds in seconds"

Jack thinks for a second. "It's a hobby ok, and the robots can do much more"

One of the Jack-Bots head then lands in Jacks hand. The four monks then stand perfectly position as if their waiting for a picture to be taken. Around them are piles of scarp metal and a bunch of demoralized Heylin villains.

Wuya looks at the broken robots she's seen a thousand times. She loses the will to fight.

"Well Jack I feel as if my life has had a never ending repeating cycle. I gonna quit for the day"

The others depart except Jack who is looking at the monks

"This is soooo UNFAIR. I've spent the last few years trying to get world domination, and instead I'm back where I started"

"Have you had enough of a humiliating defeat" says Omi

"Hold their partner, I think by this point, we can call its quits" says Clay

The monks head back to their Temple, happier then ever. Jack continues to look as his trashed robots a proceeds to pick up the scraps for he cannot afford to buy fresh parts. He then hits a button on his watch.

"Cleaning bots, um, clean up the scrap and send it to my lair"

Inside the Temple, the monks congratulate Raimundo for being the new leader. Omi looks more angered then ever, but continues to withhold it knowing it's for the best. Clay is now cooking up a meal.

"Let me tell ya something, I'm gonna cook a Steak the Size of Texas"

Omi looks shocked. "But won't that crush the temple"

The other monks laugh at him wondering if he'll ever get sayings right.