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*U-Kim continued to look down at the two monks. Kimiko and Clay were exhausted. Omi was still somewhat brain dead, and Rai was out-cold from being drugged again. U-Kim then jumped to the ground while Jack-Bots started arriving from the rooftop*

"U-Kim, SAVE ME" shrieked the headless RJ

Clay and Kimiko got into a fighting stance. U-Kim was predicting how it would turn out and concluded an all out attack would be useless, but she had already developed an idea.

"SHROUD OF SHADOWS" was the last thing the two monks heard seeing her disappear. The Jack-Bots were motionless, still awaiting a form of command to proceed.

"You get the feeling were'n a trap" said Clay

Kimiko was too focused, trying to sense the invisible robot. But all there was was silence. Everything was so quiet. RJ was also quiet and started grinning. Jack seemed to be in his own world and Wuya was waiting patiently for something to happen that would free her.

"Golden Tiger Claws, Sword of the storm" broke the silence.

The whole room became windy, the walls shook, and the cage holding Wuya and Jack snapped open. Raimundo woke up clueless on what was happening only to see a hovering sword spinning and a portal open to who knows where.

"All of you were defeated because you were divided. Repeating the process with give me the same affect" explained U-Kim who spun the Sword faster.

Kimiko and Jack were caught up in the storm and went through the portal. U-Kim hit the Claws again opening up another portal. Wuya lost her grip on the wall and ran into Clay.

"Don't move" said Wuya

"A bit hard ta do so when there's another person on me" responded Clay

Clay couldn't keep his feet in place due to the extra weight and along with Wuya, went through the next portal. Meanwhile Raimundo attempted to jump U-Kim but was hit with the Ruby of Ramses.

"I expected more out of the leader" said U-Kim before flinging him to the next portal.

She then turned to Omi who was starting to awaken.

"With your power and the Sphere of Yun, the Final Phase will be complete."

As she brought the Wu out, she heard someone say Silk Spitter and saw Rai barely in the room, his arm and face still not in the portal, the web grabbed Omi's leg dragging him to the portal. U-Kim extended her arm in a vain attempt to recover him only for Rai to fling his other arm and use the reversing mirror. She lost her grip and Omi went through the portal. She ordered the Jack-Bots to follow. Two got in before the third was cut in half when the portal closed. U-Kim proceeded to pick up RJs head.

"So close" was all he said.

"I know but regardless I know where they went. But first a few loose ends RJ"

The Jack-Bots arrived, with an exhausted Master Fung and the other monks

"I have a use for you" she said and got out the Zing Zom-Bone.

"Oh and RJ I would like a different name, U-Kim is just so dull"

"I would love to give you a new name but first A BODY" he yelled

"Of course RJ, of course" she said petting his head like a cat thinking up the best way to retrieve Omi and gain his powers. And there were the other monks who had to be dealt with. She merely thought on as the Jack-Bots and the Zombie like monks proceeded to clean up the temple.

Yea the Chapter was short, it was meant to be. I wanted to set the scene. The next three chapters will focus on the three groups. I paired Clay and Wuya because they never really had a in-depth story line. I paired Omi and Rai together for obvious reasons. And Kimiko and Jack because I have an interesting adventure for them. The next three chapters will be an in-depth character chapters, so it will take sometime to write these but I hope you will enjoy them.

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