A russain blue she-cat kitten was laying next to her mother, trying to sleep. She was to open her eye's to see the new world. She was afraid to see anything bad or good. Her time was now. She slowly open her to see the world. There was a flash of bright light. When everything was clear she saw everthing. She saw her brothers and sisters playing while a adult siamese tom watching them. A white she-cat kitten started walking to her. She sniffed her and started to giggle. The russain blue looked behind her to see a adult russain blue she-cat.

"Hello Catherine. I'm your mother and this is your home", meowed her mother. The white kitten smiled. She was happy.

"My name is Winter. I'm your sister", meowed the white kitten. Winter layed besided Catherine. Catherine was too happy to speak but she had to reply. "Hi", meowed Catherine. Catherine heard thumping noises. It got closer and closer. She turned her head around to see a huge person bending over her. The person grabbed her gently. Catherine started to panic. The person started to stroke her gentle. Catherine started to clam down and started to be comfortable. When the person was done, the person put down where she was and left.

Winter walked over to Catherine. "That's called a human. They give us food and love us", meowed Winter. Catherine was happy that she has a good home. Then a adult siamese tom walked right past. It was her father. He doesn't seem happy for some reason. Then Catherine walked over to where two human's are talking. A female and a male. She heard the male say 'We have to give some cats to the shelter and have three cats'. Catherine started to panic from what he said. She started to back up a little bit and then she felt someone behind her. She turned to see her mother right behind her. "Go to Winter. I'll handle this", meowed her mother.

Catherine ran to Winter. She had an idea. "Hey Winter, want to play?" questioned Catherine. "Sure", meowed Winter. Catherine looked around the place one more time. This is her home.