Catherine was happy that the car finally crossed the bridge. I finally made it, thought Catherine. Catherine turned to her sister. I mean, we finally made it, thought Catherine. Catherine walked to her Sister. She nudged her sister with her paw. Winter's eyes opened and she looked at Catherine. "We're here," meowed Catherine. Winter got up on her paws. Her sister yawned and stretched. Catherine felt the movement of the car stop. Catherine grabbed Snow's collar and jumped of the trunk. Winter did the same. Her sister looked around. "So, where is our new home?" questioned Winter. Catherine looked around. She saw tall buildings and a lot of cars. She got worried. What if we can't find a home, thought Catherine. She looked at the sister. "I guess we have to find one," suggested Catherine. Catherine and her sister walked down a sidewalk. Catherine saw a calico cat. He was a young one. Catherine stopped walking. She put Snow's collar down.

"Excuse me, do you know where to get a home?" questioned Catherine. The calico looked at him. "Everywhere is your home," meowed the calico. Catherine was confused. "Is there any mobile homes?" questioned Catherine. The cat looked at her. "Follow me," ordered the calico. Catherine grabbed her Snow's collar and followed. Winter was worried. Her sister somehow doesn't trust strangers. The calico walked down the street. Now, there were three directions of roads. "You go on the left side of the street. Keep following it and it will lead you to mobile homes," meowed the calico. Catherine was happy. Now my sister and I can find a new home, thought Catherine. She put down Snow's collar. "By the way, who are you?" questioned Catherine.

It was too late. Catherine turned around and the calico was gone. She was kind of upset that she didn't get to know him. She turned to her sister. "Well. Let's take the road from …whoever that cat said," meowed Catherine. Catherine knew her sister wasn't following her. "We are not going in that direction. It might be a trap," scowled Winter. Catherine stared at her. "Trap or not, we are going," meowed Catherine. Catherine walked on the road that the calico told her. Winter had no choice but to follow her sister. Catherine felt a little better. She felt that she will find a new home. She and her sister continued walking on the road. A lot of cars pasted. It took a half an hour to walk the road. There were no sign mobile homes. Now there were trees. No cities. No mobile homes. Catherine became angry.

Again with the trees, thought Catherine. She calmed down. She was not giving up. Another half an hour past, no sign of mobile homes. This was just the same thing that happened from the day before. Catherine wished that the fire and her father's death had never happened. Twenty minutes past and there were no sign of trees. There were a few stores. They walked past the few stores. Catherine's stomach growled. She ignored it. Now, there were two roads that lead to somewhere. Catherine became angry. "What the heck!? Are you freaking serious!" yowled Catherine. Winter went to her sister's side. "Calm down. Let's just turn around and go back," meowed Winter with a worried meow. Catherine was still angry. "No, darn it! We are not turning around and go with that again!" hissed Catherine. Catherine walked in the road in the right direction. Her sister followed. Now there were more trees! Catherine was more furious than ever but she kept walking. Five minutes past and Catherine's anger suddenly faded.

She saw mobile homes. Real mobile homes! Catherine was happy. The calico was correct but somehow didn't remember some of the road directions, thought Catherine. Catherine looked at her sister. She seemed happy and surprised at the same time. Her sister looked at Catherine. "Now what?" questioned Winter. Catherine was too happy. "We find a new home," meowed Catherine.

They went to a few houses. Some of the humans were mean and throw stuff at them. Some would just ignore them. Catherine's happiness faded. Finding a home might be hard to get, thought Catherine. Catherine and her sister continued walking on the sidewalk. A female human took notice of them. The female person walks toward Catherine. Catherine saw the human. She could sense her sister trying to hide from the human. Catherine knows that her sister thinks the human is trying to attack but not. Catherine stands her ground. The female human kneeled down in front of Catherine. She put her hand out and pet on Catherine's head. Winter started to ease from what she is seeing. Another female human appeared but she was a child. She looked like she was 8 or 10 years old. She was the female person's daughter. She squealed with joy when she saw Catherine. She ran to Catherine and petted her, quickly. "Mom, can we keep them?" questioned the child. The child's mother was thinking for a while. The adult finally respond. "Alright, they can stay with us," said the adult.

The adult put the Catherine and Winter in there homes. It was a nice looking house. The smell of tthe house was sweet. Soft couches. Everything Catherine needs is this house. This is Catherine's new home.

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