The bright red light pierced the darkness; the numbers flickered from 2:47 to 2:48. Blair checked her phone again, nothing, she tried again still with no answer. After ten grueling clock changes the door swung open, she held her shoes in her hand, the left shoulder of her dress was falling down, her eyes squinted and mouth open.

"Have fun?" Blair's harsh tone seeped the question

"I did actually, thanks for asking ms. attitude." the tall blonde's words slurred

"I mean I'm glad you did, thanks for checking in by the way or answering any of my fifty phone calls. I really like staying up until 3am worried sick."

"Oh shut up, you are not my mother and I do not have to check in with you. go to bed, I can take care of myself. Jesus you're always so annoying"

"Okay good luck." minutes passed; there were only the sounds of Serena's grunts as she tried to undo her zipper, and then the inevitable sound of gagging. Blair sighed and got out of bed, helping Serena up and grabbing her bath robe

"But where are we going?"

"The bathroom, in case you didn't register you were puking or that it got in your hair and you smelled even before that" Serena didn't comment after she get stumbled along, leaning on Blair for support. She leaned into the toilet as Blair held her hair and rubbed her back, confident there was nothing left for her friend to puke up she started the shower and helped her out of her dress.

"You can sit" she said softly noticing Serena clutching the handle and leaning on the wall as the water poured over her. "Stop moving your damn head." less softly this time with annoyance lacing her voice, as she rinsed out the last of the conditioner.

"Can I sleep with you?" ten minuets ago Blair had just finished dressing Serena for bed and combing her wet hair and she was finally just dozing off when she flug open Blairs door

"No, I'm mad at you. Go to bed." She pushed over knowing she would come anyway.

"Please don't be mad, you're my best friend." Blair rolled her eyes and pushed further away as S tried to hug her although this only made her move closer

"I'm sorry okay, you know I am. And you know I didn't mean that you're annoying. I'm glad you act like my mother sometimes, otherwise I'd wake up covered in my own puke" laughing at herself, sombering she continued "but seriously I don't have any clue what I'd do without you, it makes me hate myself when you're mad at me."

"You're doing it again. It's not good for you; you scare everyone when you go off like this"

"I know, I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me." B didnt say anything, her resolve softened and she gave into aparantly needed best friend cuddle time and sleep that had been seducing her for so long, for now her best friend was safe.