Prince of The Dark Triangle

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This story contains explicit scenes and descriptions of graphic violence, torture, sex and sexual situations. This story IS NOT recommended for anyone under the age of 17! If you are not a fan of very dark fiction then you may want to reconsider reading it. You have been warned!

I have no idea where this tale came from or where it's going but for some reason it has wedged itself in my imagination. As a result I can't seem to focus on any of my other stories so I'm attempting to get it out.


My name is Simon Bane.

I wasn't always called by that name…I was called something else once. Before I discovered I belonged to a different world…before her!

I scarcely remember my life before I discovered I was a Wizard and that I possessed powers I could scarcely comprehend.

My life before was nothing more than a confusion of emptiness, loneliness and pain…and now I know why.

I didn't belong in that world. I was an oddity, a misfit…until she showed me the way, showed me the truth.

It was in the raw power, resolve and tenacious perseverance of this incredibly beautiful and mysterious woman I found my identity…who I really was…who I am now.

The moment I saw her face, the moment I looked into her eyes I knew I would never be the same. I knew I would never love another the way I had fallen in love with her.

In her presence I was whole…in her smile I found acceptance…and in her touch I found the strength to save the world.

My name is Simon Bane…It was a name she gave me…a name I can now be proud of.

This is my story…