"No no no no no no, NO! Sorry, but it's not gonna happen."

"Dr. Grant, this is the chance of a lifetime-"

"You said that about the park, John."

"Well, yes I did. But this is different!"

"Is it on the island?"

"For safety purposes, yes."

"Okay! Count me out!"

"But Dr. Grant! Please listen!"

Allen's sweaty hands hung onto the phone. He couldn't believe what John Hammond was asking of him.

The guy wanted him to go to Isla Nublar...again.

"The last time I was there, dinosaurs were kicking my butt. I'm NOT going again."

"You've got to! Don't worry about the raptors. We've upgraded the security systems up to the highest level of all technology. Seriously, Dr. Grant, you have to come! And, uh...take Ian Malcom with you."

Allen sighed wearily. "Must I?"

An enthusiastic 'yes' echoed on the other end of the phone.

"Dr. Grant, we've done some interesting studies and experiments, and what we've made will shock you to your fingertips."

"I'm already shocked up to my hairtips, John. How much further can I go?"

"Please. You must come."

Allen fell silent. What should he do? He had been nearly killed by prehistoric lizards numerous times. Did he want to do this again?

Well, there was only one answer to shut John up.

"Okay, okay. I'll go."