Meg's Boyfriend
Meg x Zack
Author's Note

I was given permission by Malcolm Fox to adopt this story.
Story Start

Like they did every other week the Griffin Family was going on another one of their outings. Like always, Peter couldn't be content on controlling himself and decided to play a childish game. "Hey, I've got a game we can play," said Peter, "Whenever we see a buggie on the road, we hit Meg!"

"What?" Meg exclaimed in disbelief. It was always like this, "Don't I get a say in this?"

"No," Peter quickly cut her off.

"Punch buggy green," Chris quickly followed up after seeing a green buggie and hitting Meg.

"OW!" she exclaimed as she clutched her arm.

"Punch buggy blue!" Stewie shouted and he hit Meg in the leg.

''Cut it out you guys!''

"Punch buggy yellow!" Peter shouted as he punched Meg in the head without a lack of restraint.

"OOOOOOOWWWW! STOP IT!" she cried out, dropping down to one knee and clutching her head.

"HAHAHA! Listen to her whine!" said Peter as he was amused with his sick game.

"Peter, this isn't funny!" Lois\ snapped at him.

"Sure it is!" said Peter, "Just like the time I pushed Meg in front of a speeding bus."

Meg and Peter are standing on the sidewalk. "Hey Meg, you wanna visit Mexico?" Peter asked her.

"Actually no. But I've always wanted to go to-" said Meg before she was cut off by Peter pushing her in front of a speeding bus going to Mexico.

"And while you're there, get me a sombrero," shouts Peter, "And don't drink the water! No scratch that. Drink all the water you want!"

"You told me Meg was at a friend's house," Lois replied. Apparently more horrified that her husband lied to her then almost killing their daughter.

"Well you should have known that was a lie when I said 'Meg' and 'friend' in the same sentence without saying 'she doesn't have any'," said Peter.

Meg saw a red buggie and decides that now was her chance.

"Punch buggy red," she says as she hits Chris, "That's one point for me!"

"Ow! Dad make her stop!" Chris whined.

"Oh that's it!" says Peter angrily, "You have gone too far Meg!"

"But I only hit him once!" Meg argued in disbelief.

"Out of the car!" Peter. shouted.

"But-" said Meg before she was interrupted by Peter making a hole through the win shield with his fist.

"NOW!" shouts Peter.

Meg instantly obeyed and got out of the car. Peter then drove off, leaving Meg alone in an unfamiliar and unsafe part of Quahog. Meg spent the next few hours, walking around and asking for directions. She found herself having to dodge alcoholic bums and shifty characters. 'Damn family. They never seem to care about me. Sometimes I wished they knew what it would fill like to be a punching bag to a bunch of demented ass-holes.'' she thought and shivered. Bringing her hands up to her arms she rubbed them, it was rather cold out and by the greying skies it looked like it would rain any time now. Luckily she managed to come across a 7-11 that looked in pretty good condition.

"Excuse me," said Meg as she walked to the counter, "I'm lost and I need a ride home. Do you have a phone I can use."

"Are you a paying customer?" asks the manager asked, entering the room.

"I don't have any money," Meg admitted, hoping, pleading that this man would be a kind soul and help her out.

"Hell no you can't use it!" he replied in typical Quohagian attitude as he went back to the back room.

"Wait!" said a clerk, stopping Meg from leaving the store. "You can use my cell phone."

"Thank you," said Meg.

"Name's Zack Murdock, by the way." the young man introduced him. The young man looked about a year or two older than Meg. He had long blond hair with a mustacheless goatee, an earring and a green beanie. Under the Green 7-11 Vest he wore a Black T-Shirt and Jeans. He wasn't muscular nor was he fat, he was an average built guy that was a little taller then average.

''I'm Meg,'' she introduced herself as she dialed the number and the reciever picks up.

"Hello?" Peter answered on the other end of the line.

"I need a ride home. I'm at a 7 eleven in uncharted Quahog," said Meg.

"Who is this," said Peter.

"Meg." Said Meg and Peter then hung up, "Oh, COME ON!"

"What happened?" Zack asked her.

"That fat bastard father of mine hung up on me!"

"He WHAT?" the boy nearly exploded.

"I should call Quagmire," said Meg, "Maybe he can help." Meg added with a resigned sigh.

"Quagmire? As in Glen 'The pervert/rapist/sex offender/wierdo' Quagmire?" asks Zack asked her as his stomach tightened and his face scrunched up into something mirroring disgust.

"Don't worry. We live in the same street," Meg answered him.

''You do?'' the worker asked, his disbelief furthered emphasized as his voice rose.


"Well, either way, I can't let you call him," said Zack as he took his phone back, "I still remember when he invited my sister over to make some 'ol fashioned home cookin'."

"What happened?" Meg asked.

"When I got there, they were making burgers," said Zack, "And before that, they were having sex! Dammit, I wish she would've let me know! Anywho, how about I take you home in my car instead?" he offered.

"Sure, thanks," said Meg.

"Is that moneyless bitch still here?" The manager shouted from the back.

"SHUT UP YOU PORKER!" shouted Zack, "YOU PROBABLY WOULDN'T SAY THAT IF SHE WAS SOME BLONDE BUSTY STRIPPER! Idiot..." the boy finished with a hiss.

"Why are you yelling at your boss?" asked Meg.

"He's also my dad, and we have issues," Zack explained.

"But won't he fire you?" Meg pointed out.

"Nah!" said Zack, "He NEEDS me! Now, let's go. Dad, I'm taking her home!" He shouted to the backroom.

"Eww! You takin' that ugly porker home?" shouted the manager from the back room.

"DAD, SHUT UP! SHE'S NOT FAT AND UGLY LIKE YOU!" Zack shouted back as seconds later a mug flies out of the room and shatters on the wall right next to Zack, "Oh Sh#t! Let's get outta here!"


Chapter End


For the record, not everything is going to stay the same. I'm going to have some of the characters progress and slowly insert more sensible characters. For those of you who are Meg Fans, I am going to incorporate the Seashell Party episode and it'll play an important part in Meg's Overall Character development. Like I said, I'm not updating any other stories until August 28, except this one.

I am posting everything I have now on YourFanfiction. Once everything is posted I will go back and reread an entire story, fix the problems, and then write a new chapter for that story. I'm going to that for my entire catalog of stories while working on new stories.

So, here's a treat. Every chapter I'm going to feature a sneak preview of an update for one of my stories. The First Lucky winner is none other then A Fox Among Cats.


A Fox Among Cats


''Naruto!'' She scream, trying to fight through the smoke to save her long time friend. She ignored the ashy sensation of the smoke. Her body then felt like it was literally ablaze as nothingness consumed her.

Cheetara shot up, her body gleaming with sweat and her breaths labored. Her fists tightened, the nails piercing the skin and a sense of hopeless washing over her. The Cheetah stood up, shaking her head, clearing the sensation of lingering sleep. She looked down at the necklace she made, her memento to him. The flowers having long since dried out and were now husks. The flowers were said to bless the wearer with safety and luck. It was the only thing to miraculous survive that horrible incident. Cheetara did the only thing she usually did when she needed to clear her head. She ran. She ran until she couldn't run anymore, coming to a stop an unknown distance from Camp, letting the tears that were streaming down her face to impact the ground.

She was crying. She hadn't cried since the day she lost her people. She couldn't believe Naruto was dead. One of her oldest friends; the spirited boy who was always complaining about her getting them into trouble. The Kitsune who was eager to know who he was and where he came from. He was gone, and not even a body was left behind to grieve. And that's when she felt it. Her Grief turning into Anger, fueling the already fanned hatred she had for Mumm-ra and his lackeys. She was going to make them pay. One way or another they would pay from taking Naruto away from them. Away from his adopted family. Away from Her.