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Pairings: Main: NatsumexMikan, RukaxHotaru Slight: NatsumexMikanxRuka

"Not alone anymore"

Chapter 1 – Introductions

Mikan Sakura;

Hello. My name is Mikan Sakura. I study at a private school here in our town. My family is not rich but we're not poor either. I got a scholarship for that school, that's why I entered it. We cannot afford to pay large amounts of money anyway. I'm 14 years old and currently a 3rd year student. My grades are average. I'm the 7th on the top 10 honors list.

I'm not popular but my friends are. I can't help but think that I'm the only one who feels 'alone' on our group. My best friend is the one who is always beside me. Even though she is kinda mean sometimes, I know that she loves me deep inside her heart. Her name is Imai Hotaru. Even though she's popular in our school, she still sticks next to me. Because she knows how I feel. I always share her my secrets, because I trust her. Yosh! I would like to introduce my other friends.

Imai Hotaru. She is cold towards others and even to me. But as I told you, she loves me deep inside her heart. Her face is always emotionless. She is the 2nd honor on the top 10 honors list.

Umenomiya Anna. I don't even know if I should call her my 'best friend'. She only notices me when I'm asking her something or when she needs something. But sometimes, she is kind to me.

Ogasawara Nonoko. Same as Anna.

Yome Kokoro. He is my other best friend. He knows all of my secrets. I don't even share my secrets with him. I don't know why but it's kinda weird of how he can read a person's mind. He said he is some kind of a mind-reader.

Tobita Yuu. The 1st honor, president, and the class representative. He is very intelligent and kind. I have no problems with him.

Nogi Ruka. My ultimate crush. He is very charming and sweet. I always blush when he talks to me. But I don't think he noticed it. Only Hotaru knows that I'm in love with him. He's an animal-lover. He always brings his rabbit to school. And I don't know why the teachers allowed him to do so. He has a fan club.

Hyuuga Natsume. Ruka's childhood bestfriend. A pervert. He always calls me 'polka' or 'ichigo-kara' because he saw my underwear TWICE! It's an accident! He bumped to me so I fell on my butt and my skirt flipped. He is cold-hearted, and handsome. Oh my god! Did I just said that aloud? Well I admit it. DUH! If I said he's ugly then why does he have a freaking fan club?

So, there. I already introduced my group of friends. I would also like to explain why I call myself 'alone'. Well, I'll explain that later on. Okay? So, talk to you later.

There. How was it? It's just an introduction. So, yeah. I'll start the 2nd chapter, soon.

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