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First day of school.

Serge squinted as he arrived through the gates on campus. He had to put down his bag for a moment, take in what was happening. He couldn't believe this would be his life from now on. The majestic old building stood in the rays of the morning sun, light reflecting from its many windows. In front of it a fountain and huge rose bushes, Leena would know their correct name. Behind him the city of Termina buzzing with life. Students just like him swarmed in front of the entrance, all waiting to be admitted or returning to school from summer vacation. Serge couldn't help but smile. He had come so far from the small fishing village of Arni. Despite moving to Termina he didn't want to forget where he came from and dressed as he was used to, blue shorts, a black t-shirt and a silvery vest. Not to forget his headscarf. He liked that thing, despite what anyone said.

"Hey! Serge!" Glenn shouted from behind him, then trotted next to him with a smile. Sun had bleached his hair even blonder than usually, but he hadn't given up his bandanna during summer. What he had given up though was his armour, he wore only a basic brown t-shirt with jeans. Obviously the armour had belonged to his knight academy which he had completed during summer. "Are you excited? It's first day of school!"

Serge nodded and picked up his bag, ready to go closer to his new home.

"Look! There's Riddel, Orlha and Leena", Glenn said as he shaded his face with his palm. "Are you still going out with Leena?"

Serge didn't answer. He looked at the girls, all of them bronzed and happy, chattering away with each other as if they hadn't seen all summer. Leena had been kind of possessive lately and he had had to take some distance to her, of course without her knowing. She would've smacked him silly had he confronted her about her jealousy.

"Hey guys", Norris walked up to them. "Summer's over. Time to get to work." He had a heavy backpack with him, the straight A student. Under his leather jacket he wore a blue overall, a very sophisticated outfit for a student. Serge always felt underdressed around him. Norris was bent on becoming an officer and he needed good grades, he was very serious about his education and wouldn't let anything distract him.

"Hey Mr. Officer, would you like to get a life?" Karsh sneered at Norris as he passed them with Pierre. His hair had grown longer and he looked somehow meaner than before. Serge looked at him in disbelief, he had always been broody but he hadn't believed that Karsh could also be a bully. Pierre laughed along with his friend as they walked away. The two had always been an odd couple, the introvert and the narcissist.

"Leave him alone", Glenn stood up for Norris. He had always been eager to protect his friends. Norris put a hand on his shoulder, saying: "Don't bother, they'll never stop it anyway."

The young warrior stomped, snorting with anger. "It's just not right! They're not better than you, how can they act like it?" He exclaimed.

From behind them they could hear distant cries of love smitten girls getting louder and louder. Serge looked over his shoulder as Norris and Glenn spoke of the two jerks that had tried to ruin their day. Through a herd of girls he could make out Nikki's red and black hair, knowing that the rocker was on his way to school. In his fan group he could make out Janice and Miki.

"That's like totally awesome", Nikki responded to a girl as he passed them. "Oh, hey guys, school's in."

Both Janice and Miki waved hello to them, unable to break free from Nikki's company. He had just been around performing and had returned a few days ago to Termina where his loyal fans had been waiting for his return.

They walked behind them towards the white building, taking in all that was there. So many students, so much life and a beautiful campus. Dorms stood on one side of the building, banana trees growing in front of them, swaying in the gentle breeze that came from the sea. Serge, Glenn and Norris arrived at the double doors and checked their classroom from the poster that had been put up for all new students. As they scanned their destination, they overheard Karsh say to Riddel: "Hey girl, we should go to the docks some day together."

"I... I'm not sure..." Riddel answered at length, blushing. She twirled a strand of her black hair in her fingers.

"As long as you're a douche she'll never go out with you!" Orlha defended her friend. "So grow up and be a man!"

Serge waved to both of the girls and Orlha ran to him, picking him up into a hug. She was so strong, yet she was still a very attractive girl with her blonde ponytails and green little dress. Most boys were afraid of her and it made it difficult for her to find promising dates. Not even Karsh made fun of her. She had shown him the stars a few times before, if you catch my drift.

"Allow me to show you a magic trick", Guile talked to a few girls by the door, holding a deck of cards. Sheena was also with him, the two had spent a lot of time together during summer. Of course, Sheena had been away long periods of time because of her studies to become a shaman but Guile had always waited for her and after her exhausting trips he had cheered her up with his magic tricks.

"I'm really not interested", Sheena replied, her style had significally changed during summer. She had become more mature and obtained some of the symbols given to the shaman students, she had an elaborate hair bun and longer violet robes of silk. She had also become more serious, probably because her studies demanded so much of her attention.

"Amuse me", Guile insisted, waving the cards in front of her face. "Pick any one you like but don't let me see it." Serge flashed him a smile, he noticed it and nodded as a greeting. He still dressed as flamboyantly as before, true to his magician self.

"Come on", Glenn grabbed Serge's hand and pulled him through the crowd inside the building. The hallways were mostly white with dark marble floors and wooden staircases. On the walls paintings of previous headmasters or that was what Serge assumed they were, he didn't have time to examine them. Their class was fairly easy to find, one set of stairs, a left and then right and it was the first door on the left. Glenn pulled Serge behind him all the way, afraid that they might be late. He was always on time. Norris paced alongside them, carrying his large backpack. He didn't say anything.

As they entered the class room, Irenes was already there. Her make up was done with precision and her blue hair was absolutely beautiful. She had probably been there for a good half an hour already, chatting away with their English teacher Fargo. It was no secret that she had a huge crush on him, or maybe he was the only one who didn't know about it. She didn't notice anyone until Serge tapped her on the shoulder. She answered to them as if through a dream, never letting her gaze off Fargo. Serge chuckled. Her devotion to Fargo was kind of strange since Zelbess had been his fiancee before she had died in an accident at sea.

Grobyc was the last one to shuffle into the classroom, looking as depressed as usually. No one had heard of or seen him during summer, it was as if he had been missing for a few months and then suddenly appeared on campus. He murmured an apology barely audible and made his way to the back row, finding a seat next to the buxom bunny girl, Janice. She greeted him cheerfully, he refused to answer her. Fargo looked after him, slightly worried about the young man.

"Hello class and welcome to Termina college." Fargo continued, stroking his mustache. He had been waxing it all morning to look sharp in front of his new class and he was quite pleased with it. Before he could continue any further the door opened and a girl rushed in.

"Sorry I'm late", she said as she made her way to an empty seat. She wore nothing but a skimpy red top with an even skimpier red dress and her long blonde hair was on a ponytail. She glanced around the class room with her blue eyes, immediately noticing Serge who was blushing because she had such little clothes and he couldn't force himself to look away.

"Won't you take a picture, handsome? It'll last longer", she jeered at him as she sat down and lifted her boots on the desk.

"I didn't say you could sit down, young lady", Fargo said. "We already started."

"Yeah?" she said defiantly as she lifted her feet on her desk. "So throw me out."


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