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On the first night of school the boys decided to have a poker night in one of the dorms. The girls had not been told, especially Serge had gone to great lengths so that Leena had not found out about the boys' evening. His plan had involved various high risk situations and cool poses, however let us spare the reader of the execution of this plan for it was never put to action. In the end he had just snuck out the window after dark.

"I really can't understand how you always win", Glenn said to Norris, who once again wiped the table with four kings.

"It's not fair!" Korcha shouted, crunching his cards. He had bad, bad luck. He had already lost everything and the others weren't allowing him to bet his clothes, his sister or his mother. No one wanted a piece of those.

"I have a system. It's simple really." Norris said nonchalantly, hiding behind a pile of stuff he had already won from the others. He was feeling confident, his math hadn't failed him yet.

Glenn raised an eyebrow as he lifted a card and made his move.

"THEN TELL US AND I WON'T BEAT YOU-" Zoah had lost his helmet last round and covered his face with his palms in order to keep on shouting. "...IN POKER, I MEAN."

"I won't waste my time trying to explain it to you because you wouldn't understand such complex math." Norris answered, not even looking up from his cards. Serge gave Zoah a compassionate smile, he had suffered losses too: his swallow, his necklace and his vest and was pondering whether or not he could bet anything else anymore. He didn't want to end up like Radius, who was in his underwear and too senile to remember he was in his underwear.

"Dude, that's so not cool." Nikki said, fiddling with his cards. He no longer had his make-up palettes, his guitar, his suspenders and even his two groupies had been lost to Norris. They would not take kindly to the news, he pondered.

"I once had a system", Fargo bragged, touching his mustache as he eyed his cards. "Damn cats ruin everything..." he said under his breath. Serge flashed him a smile. They shared a long look, Fargo getting increasingly suspicious and Serge smiling more and more smugly.

"Systems-are-meaningless." Grobyc said monotonously, holding his cards upside down. "The-odds-are-impossible-to-predict. Everything-is-chaos." He lamented, laying his cards on the table.

"You're so sure, aren't you?" Norris said. "Or is it because I won your reasoning drive?"

"A victory in a card game is nothing compared to a victory on a battlefield." Glenn whispered to himself. He was wearing only his tunic, he had lost his armor, both of his swords and slightly surprisingly, promised to ask Orlha out. No one quite knew how that had happened and he was already afraid that she might squeeze him to death out of happiness.

"Norris has to be cheating", Karsh said irately, scratching his head as a sign of his nervousness. His axe, his dragon and his slightly flashy clothes belonged to Norris, he was in his underwear. "I find it suspicious that Serge never says anything, maybe he's in on it too."

Serge grinned.

"Seriously if you can speak, why don't you?" Karsh asked, leaning toward his black-haired friend.

Serge rose and eyebrow and, as a substitute mouth, Glenn replied without even snapping out of his gallant daydream: "If you can smile, why won't you?"

"Touché", whispered Pierre, sniffing on a rose. He wasn't playing cards, he was just enjoying the ambiance.

Suddenly the door opened, moonlight spilled in and Guile stepped toward the others.

"I was oblivious there was a poker night held here... May I join?" He said, slightly surprised that he hadn't been invited. The others went pale. They had already lost too much. Everyone knew Guile was unbeatable in poker, whether it was magic or skill, his opponents always left broke, naked and undignified. Chairs screeched against the floor as the players were making their escape.

"Actually, I just remembered I had to take Draggy for a walk." Glenn dashed out past him.

Nikki followed right after his friend, smiling sheepishly. "I need to get a moon tan, so see you guys later..."

"I promise to go easy," Guile said but no one listened. Only Norris was so delved into his calculations that he hadn't even noticed the mage enter.

"I HAVE URGENT BUCKET- I MEAN HELMET BUSINESS TO ATTEND TO", Zoah strode past him, still hiding his face with both hands.

"I was about to go peek into Riddel's bedroom", Karsh stood up as well. "What? I'm just being honest."

"Excusez-moi, I'll have to catch frogs", Pierre shuffled out. "I am a tad hungry."

Serge slid under the table and went out the door on all fours. Not the best option, but silly enough for Guile not to even bother to ask him why.

"Well then, let us play cards," Guile sat down and smiled devilishly as there was only one opponent for him, hiding behind a hoard of things. "I reckon I would look handsome in your overalls, Norris."

Norris snapped out of his calculations and noticed who his opponent was. He swallowed.

Later on there was a rumor that a naked blonde young man had ran across campus as the result of a lost poker game, screaming like a little girl. When the teachers asked the students, no one knew where such a rumor could've come from.

Guile enjoyed his new overalls.


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