I stopped the alarm clock. I woke up and gave a huge yawn. Annabeth always says I look like a lion when I yawn. King of the jungle. After I finished my monstrous yawn (which took like 2 minutes), I hopped out of bed. Annabeth was already up, of course. Probably in living room eating her breakfast, watching Discovery Channel. Getting ready to leave for work. I sighed in frustration at myself. The great Percy Jackson. 18 years old and still without a job.

I walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth in front of the mirror. I looked at myself. Sea green eyes, messy, jet black hair. Some things never changed. I took off my shirt to get ready to take a shower, then paused in the mirror.

I. Looked. Amazing. My body was ripped in the prime way an 18 year old is supposed to look. I looked like Captain America when he came out the chamber. I flexed in front of the mirror. I did a slow model walk in the mirror. Then a voice slowed my roll.

"Are you done admiring yourself? Because it's your day to make breakfast."

Annabeth and I alternate days of cooking. She refuses to take the stereotypical woman role of cooking, so I'm forced to do microwave and pre-made stuff. Pathetic, yes, but I refuse to cook.

I paused and turned around to see Annabeth standing there with her hands on her hips, trying to look serious, but I could see her trying to hold a laugh in. She was definitely checking me out.

"Don't flatter yourself, Jackson."

As if she read my mind. I grinned. That was my Annabeth. Always able to read me like a book. I moved closer to her. "You know, I got a surprise for you this morning."

"Really? What's that?"

"Something only sons of Poseidon can cook."

"Mmmm, what is it? Eggs? Salmon? Some rare dish only made in the Bahamas?"

"Even better. A dish with tiny circles of bread sprinkled with sugar and featuring flavored marshmallows. All of that is bathed in a bowl of nice, clean, milk straight from the farm with a side of bread heated to perfection. The bread has a topping of sweet butter from the farms of…wait for it…Safeway! All of that is topped off with a tropical drink flavored by the most popular fruit in the world. Compliments of your boyfriend."

"You mean Lucky Charms, toast and orange juice?"

"You got it." I grinned at her.

Annabeth couldn't take it anymore. She smiled.

"You are such a dummy. That's why I already ate breakfast."

I feigned hurt at the comment. I clutched my heart and made a dying face. Annabeth laughed. She hugged me and touched my face with her hand. I pulled her by her hip, and she laughed again.

"You are so silly, Percy."

"And that's why you love me."

We leaned in.

She whispered, "Seaweed Brain."

"Wise Girl."

We kissed passionately. Our tongues wrestled a little, but as always she dominated me. I sighed in the kiss and she giggled in the liplock. We started to make out and we fell on the bed. Just as I started to get my hopes up, Annabeth pushed me away so hard that I rolled on the mattress and landed hard on the ground. Ow. Typical Jackson luck.

Annabeth laughed. "You're making me late, Percy. Going to work. Try not to kill yourself while I'm gone."

I scrambled up, trying to conserve at least some of my dignity. "Wait! Come here, girl. You gotta give me a real kiss before you go!"

Annabeth rolled her eyes and when I leaned in, she put her finger over her lips so the only thing separating me from a kiss was her index finger. "Now, you only get this kiss if you go to my architectural orientation-"

I backed away from her and rolled across the bed dramatically to try to get away from her. I knew she had a plan. She always does.

"Hades, no. Annabeth, your coworkers are like dry zombies. I gotta splash myself with seawater to keep myself awake in there."

Annabeth made a pouting face, and she bore into me with her gray eyes. "Percy! Just one night, please."






"Thanks, baby. I love you!"


Annabeth laughed. "See you later Seaweed Brain."

She blew a kiss at me. "There's your kiss."

I rolled my eyes. She beamed at me, then left.

I sighed. That girl keeps me on my feet. I never get bored. And I love her…a lot. Plenty enough to marry her. But the cost, plus our friends will blow it up. And our parents…don't even get me started on mother-in-laws.

I sighed and walked across the room to the living room table and picked up the newspaper. I was looking for possible jobs I could be doing to bring some money here. I finally finished high school…took me a couple years to do it and to stick to my duties as a Greek hero, but I finally did it. You should've saw the people who attended my graduation. That's something we will never forget. People running in terror, screams, panicking. Why? Because Chiron and the Camp Half-Blood crew were there. And all the gods. It was their first graduation and they didn't know how to act, so when Zeus and Poseidon got into an argument, the rest was history. I laughed at the memory.

According to Chiron, life was going to be much harder now that I am officially an adult in the eyes of monsters and godly enemies. They wouldn't have any mercy on me now that I can be held accountable. They don't see me as the little kid with the big daddy anymore. They see a man who is a demigod hero. Jealousy, fear, hatred, all of those will play a part in the motives of people who want me dead.

I'm going to be honest. I am slightly jealous of my girlfriend. Daughter of Athena, she went right out into the real world when she turned 18 like me. Wise, intelligent, and fierce, she was ready to leave unlike my hesitant self. She immediately went out and made a name for herself in architecuring.

We decided to live together, and you don't know the half of how hard it is to stay with this woman. Her standards are so high that I can't even reach it with Blackjack. But she's now an architect. For both Olympus and Earth. She lives in New York with me, so we can be close to Camp Half-Blood and since New York is the focal point of our nation. At 18 years old.

Annabeth and I have the same situations, but she's at work and I'm sitting here at the breakfast table with Cinnamon Toast Crunch in my bowl and looking for a job. I looked around.

Limousine driver? No.

Box stacker? No.

Pilot? You've got to be kidding me.

Babysitter? Unless you want your children in the danger of the Minotaur, no.

Camp Counselor? No.

I threw the newspaper on the ground in anger. I couldn't find anything I wanted to do…wait…what does that say in the corner? I picked up the newspaper, intrigued.

Lifeguard. I grinned. I'm pretty sure that has to do with water. Someone who hangs out at the pool and saves people who are drowning or whatever.. I could handle that. I looked at the phone number on the paper. It said to call as soon as possible. It seemed slightly embarrassing to make much less money than my girlfriend. But it's better than not having a job. New job, here I come. But knowing the old Jackson luck? Started by my namesake Perseus? Something's bound to go wrong. As if on cue, out of nowhere, materialized three harpies. They had leathery bat wings, and faces ready to kill. "Die now, son of the sea god, under the command of Janus and the goddess Ate."

"Ate? The goddess of evil Ate?"

The middle one, I'm guessing was the lead one, sneered. "Of course, demigod! And Janus, god of choices, doorways, and sides. We have been sent to kill you."

I grinned and got out my favorite pen. "You can try, if you want." I yawned for emphasis to show my indifference. Of course, this angered them and they swooped toward me to attack. The one painfully reminded me of my ally Ella. But I got over it when I stabbed one of them in the stomach, disintegrating her. Then as I was doing that, the lead one flew and wrenched Riptide out of my hands. "Not so tough now, without your sword, are you, demigod?"

The other harpy came on my other side and tried to claw me. I ducked her slash, and gave her an uppercut punch. I have to keep track of my enemies on both sides. I turned around and kicked the lead one in the chest, stunning her for a few seconds. I turned around quickly and gave the harpy on my left a roundhouse punch, knocking her unconscious. As I turned around, the lead one was swinging Riptide at my neck. I barely managed to do a matrix under it, punch her pressure point in her right arm holding the sword so she was forced to drop it. When she released my sword, I caught it and beheaded her. All the harpies turned into red dust, unlike the golden dust I'm accustomed to.

I stared at them closely. The dust then whirled together and turned into a red glow. The red glow disappeared and materialized again around me so I was enveloped in a red glow. It didn't hurt, or anything, but it was weird because I couldn't move. It stayed there for like 3 seconds, then the glow turned into a red sphere of light, and sunk through the ceiling. Finally, I could move again.

The whole thing seemed suspicious. Who would send just three harpies and expect to kill me. They know that if I'm powerful enough to kill Kronos and defeat Gaea, I can beat a couple of harpies. There was an alterior motive, and I suspect it had something to do with that red paralyzing glow. And Janus? And Ate? I already knew Ate was the goddess of evil so she's always up to things, but how powerful I am, why not come for me herself? And Janus. We met him in the Labyrinth, what did I do to anger him? Or maybe him and Ate had some kind of deal…I slumped down on the couch.

As if someone's trying to annoy me, I heard a knock at the door as soon as I sat down. I sighed and hustled into my room and threw on my 'Save The Planet, Or Else I'll Kill You!' shirt that Rachel gave me and opened the door.

There, standing there was….Grover! He had a snapback so you couldn't see his horns with a leather jacket on with actual blue jeans on so I couldn't recognize him at first

"Grover!" We both laughed and hugged each other. We hadn't seen each other in a couple months. He reached into his bag, and pulled out a huge can of sodas, some movies, and some popcorn, and grinned.

Meh. Lifeguarding can wait.