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"Do it. Mean it." Her slippery voice enveloped him as she prowled around him. Her mouth was only millimeters from his ear whispering encouragement to him. Her long silky strands of hair curled over his shoulder, holding him in her grasp.

His wand shook violently in his hand. His palm was so slick with sweat he was surprised the slender piece of wood had yet to fall to the ground. With a tremendous effort he tried to steady his arm and make the proper movement. Flick and jab, "C-Crucio."

The mouse in front of him gave a small shudder but continued cleaning its paws without much change.

An angry huff sounded behind him, "Draco! You aren't trying properly. You have to want to cause the pain. You have to enjoy it." His aunt's lips twisted into her usual cruel smirk. "Now watch again. Crucio." With a grin and a flick of her wand the small animal was thrashing and squeaking madly on the floor.

Draco watched as the animal went limp as her wand pulled away. It wasn't so hard to replace the animal with a little boy, or some old woman. In the past few months he'd seen it all. At the Dark Lord's direct orders his Aunt Bellatrix had taken Draco under her wing to study and become a "proper" Death Eater.

His failure to kill Dumbledore would not be taken lightly and he must now prove himself. He had to leave his inhibitions behind and learn to curse and torture as he had been bred to do.

"Now I want you to try again." Bellatrix said, her voice appearing sweet outside yet dripping with silent poison, "It really isn't so difficult. I know you have it in you Draco, all of us do. Just think of the mudbloods wasting the air with their every breath. The blood traitors, spoiling each drop of their perfect blood. Think of the muggles, holding us back, destroying our chances at true power. Pull in your anger, your frustration, your bitterness and hatred. Then, just let it go. Let it free with your words. Delight in the sound of your pain pressing into another. See how they like it; make them feel the remorse for their crimes. Make them shoulder the burden thrust upon you. Make them hurt."

Draco sucked in a large gulp of air and steadied his wand before him. Closing his eyes he gathered his thoughts and feelings. His anger towards his father for getting them in this mess. His frustration at being the Dark Lord's pawn. His bitterness at ignoring the words of Albus Dumbledore. And his hatred of all he had done, of all he was going to do. He pushed it all to the forefront of his mind and condensed it into a single word.