Chapter 31

Alfred's P.O.V

What a crazy frickin' day this turned out to be. One moment I was eating pasta with Arthur and Francis, the next, I'm running for my life on crutches. I almost thought about throwing them away, in the situation I'm in, having these is worse then hurting my foot a little to run. The only thing that has kept me alive was Arthur with his gun behind me. He was running too, but backwards to make sure none of the zombies come and eat me for dinner. Hearing the gun shots behind me made me nervous, and it was strange to think that Arthur was back on his feet already. In front of me was nothing. Just my courage, and the hope that I would be prepared for more then just one. The thing is, most of them are behind us. Arthur and I decided to take the back door out of here. Everyone else was running to the front, or hiding. But unlike them we have common sense.

The hoard just appeared, really, began walking up the stairs and onto the second floor, dead and hungry. Where in the hell did they all come from? They just magically appeared. And there were so many of them, someone had to have planned this. There was no way a giant hoard could just appear here. Wash up on shore? Arem, or whatever their guard's name was would never let that happen. I'm sure he would kill them all one by one. It couldn't be one of the countries. . . .Ivan. . . . He probably wanted to keep them as pets and accidently let them out. That was really the only explanation for all of this. Why else would this happen? Maybe it was one of the Fed Exe's. But who? Quindow? The man guarding the island? The Nurse, weapons girl, the albino? Maybe even the freaky twins.

"You could go a little faster you know!" I could hear Arthur yell from behind me. I slice the top of a zombie's head off and he falls. "I'm sure." I say through pants.

Toris's P.O.V

This isn't good. This isn't good at all. I've lost track of Eduard, but Raivis was right behind me, running. "Hurry!" I could hear Feliks yell from in front of me. I look back to check Raivis. He was breathing heavily and loading his tiny gun. "Raivis, come on!" I call to him. He glances up at me, and for a moment I could see the panic sweltering through him. "Hold o-" He starts, but is cut off to the sound of crunching. A zombie had bitten right into his hshoulder. He turned his head and screamed in pain. "Raivis!" I yelled and reached my hand for him, when one grabbed my arm. I look to my left to see Ivan, staring down at me with a crazy smile.

I could feel my heart skip a beat, and for a moment I forgot that Raivis was bitten. I tried to move my arm back, but his grip tightened. "Come on. I'll protect you." He says and begins running, still holding onto my arm. "Raivis!" I called back to him. My eyes filled with tears as I watched more of them pile onto him. My feet and mind could barely keep up with Ivan, who was smiling and running to his sisters. I felt all of my world collapse into tiny shriveled pieces. Eduard was missing, Raivis has been eaten, and I'm stuck with Ivan, separated from Feliks. All I could think about was them, and how I was never going to see them again. I was running full speed now behind Ivan, he still hadn't let go of me, when he stopped, and I collided into his back. "Wha-!?" I sputter out, but Ivan doesn't respond.

"Mr. Ivan?" I ask him. I step to his side in order to see what had made him stop. I saw a bloody pitchfork on the floor, and a large group of zombies eating something. I also saw Natalia on her knees, crying with a large gash in her back. My eyes widened as I registered what had just happened. "I-Ivan." I choke out, tugging on his sleeve. "W-we, we should go." It was hard to breathe. Knowing that Ivan was on the edge now, I have no idea what he is thinking at the moment, and this scares me. Ivan shoots a look back at me, and I could see his face wet, and covered with tears. My mouth is agape as I stare at him in astonishment.

Ivan lets go of me, and pushes me away. I collide with two bodies, and I could feel myself start to panic. "What the hell man!?" A voice screamed behind as we both fell. I jumped back onto my feet to see Alfred. Arthur staring intently with a look of fury. I move my gaze back to Ivan, who was only standing, and staring at the mess before him. No defense? Is he just going to let them eat him? I catch one walking to him, and he places his hands on Ivan's shoulders.


I can't let Ivan die. I take out my gun, and shoot the zombie straight in the head. I then run and grab Ivan. "Lets go you two." I instruct them. They look at each other for a moment then back at me. "Come on!" I yelled, and with that, the four of us took off. Out the back door. This time it was I dragging the other.