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the next day




"...*Snore*." the brown haired youth shook his mother harder.

"Mom?... Mother?... HELEN?"

"Huh? What?" the comforter folded back and a woman with chocolate brown hair and yellow/green eyes sat up. "Thomas?" she yawned and stretched. "what time is it?" She asked, feeling around her bedside table. The teen chuckled and stooped down to retrieve his mother's fallen glasses from the floor.

"You can still make it to work on time, if you hurry." he said, handing her the wire frames. she nodded and shoo'd him away so she could get ready. 'Oh Will...' she thought to herself, watching his retreating back. 'If I'd only known sooner, I'd have turned down the offer to come here and we'd be a REAL family...' once she was certain her son was out of the room again, she let her true form take over. "MUCH better." she murmered to herself, her teeth becoming sharp and her hair turning a vibrant red. These few moments, where 'Helena Steele' could be 'Grell Sutcliff' once more, seemed like an eternity apart. Even moreso, in the past 80 or so years since her son had grown up and stopped aging. She sighed, remembering the trip to America as though it had been yesterday.

There had actually been three shinigami on the ship, two ladies and himself. The norweigean girl was plump and adorable, not really his thing, wheras the french one was tall, thin, and GORGEOUS. The two of them hit it off instantly. During the journey, Grell learned that the real reason Hellenne was leaving France was so that her supervisor lover ('How Ironic.' he recalled thinking.) could continue his scandalous affair with one of the secrataries without having to sneak around. for those days onboard, the two became as close as siblings, leaning on each other for support. It had actually been Hellene who suggested that there may have been more to the redheads sudden terrible nausea the morning of the fourteenth.

Grell/Helena sighed, returning his/her hair to brown and brushing it into a neat bun. Thomas was standing in the hallway, an application to Londons Reaper Academy in one hand, the other poised over his mothers bedroom door. He knew what her answer would be. "NO" she had practically screamed when he first brought it up. It hadn't taken much to figure out that his mother was probably British, rather than French as her colleagues believed. Something about the slightest accent to her voice, as well as her personality and some of the things she said. But the real question was, WHY? Why does she work so hard to hide her true nationality? Why did she leave England? Before he could knock to ask again, she came out of the room, dressed to the nines in a crisp white blouse, a pair of brown slacks with a matching suit vest, and a nice pair of black leather heeled slip ons. she finished the look with a red tie. "Come on then," she poked at her son, "We have to get going."

American Shinigami Dispatch

DC Branch Offices

Washington DC

William yawned, the jetlag really doing a number on him, as he walked through the DC Branch Dispatch Offices. He was barely able to follow the American supervisor saying something about 'wildfires' and 'riots.' He stopped when he ran into the back of the larger man, who had apparently stopped to speak with somebody else.

"Ah Ms. Steele," Chris -had his name been Chris?- greeted the third individual warmly. "just the person I was looking for." Will looked up to see a brown haired woman facing away from him. "Helen, this is Mr. Spears from the London offices," Chris went on. At his words, the womans head whipped around to face the foreigner. William saw that her yellow/green eyes were wide... like a deer. "I want you to work with him on the assignment." "B-but sir." Helen cut in. "wouldn't it make more sense to have him working with a more... suitable partner?" her mousy behavior and appearance reminded Will of someone, but damned if he could put his finger on it. Chris just laughed. "Good ole' Helen, always making herself out to be less than what she really is." he cuffed the woman on the back and strode off. William cleared his throat.

"Nice to meet you Mrs.-" "Miss... and you can call me Helen" she cut him off quietly. "Helen." he corrected. "I look forward to working with you. I was wondering if you could maybe show me around?" she offered a fake smile. "I'd love to, but I need to... to... um.. PAPERWORK! oh yes lots and lots of paperwork. I need to finish, that is..." she spun on her heel and vanished. "you'll have to excuse her." a trainee/part time worker said from behind. "she hets flustered easily." Will turned to face the youth. Thomas smiled, "so you're the supervisor out of london eh? herd a good bit about you." William blinked but nodded. "William Spears." he held out his hand. "Thomas Steele." the younger one said, shaking his hand. "come on," he motioned with his. "I'll show you around. starting with your quarters." "so... your last name is Steele..." William mused. "Yes." Thomas nodded. "and before you ask, Yes, she's my mom. yes, I have her last name, not my fathers. and no, she's probably not interested." he narrowed his eyes at the older man. "this is where you stay." he said, stopping outside an apartment. "got your key?" after recieving a nod, Thomas walked away.

After letting himself in, Will looked around the small dwelling. It wasn't unlike his first place back home. he shrugged and checked the utilities, after which he sat on his bed and opened his bag. The first item out, as always, was the photo from his dresser. "take a good look around Sutcliff, for now, this is home.