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Not Normal:

I was finally going to a normal high school for the first time in my life. I had enrolled in a high school around my home town that was close enough to walk to. I was given a simple, uniform to where. You know, something you would expect from a real high school. In other words, it wasn't bullet proof. It was finally the morning of my first day of normal high school, and I hastily got ready, feeling like a giddy boy going to first grade for the first time. Walking to normal school made me feel so normal that I almost just for joy

Me, normal! Not a Butei, not a gun wielder, not having to deal with un-normal girls that get on my nerves everyday- my thoughts stopped there. Aria.

Only able to think that one name almost made me run back and get on the bus to Butei high.

But no! I'm not her partner anymore, so how can I be associated with her now, especially when I am just a normal high school student. I shook off these feelings and went on to my normal high school.

As I made my way to the front gates of the new high school I was going to, all that could be heard and seen was the hustle and bustle of real high school students, Normal high school students. All around me, students were gossiping or talking about what they had seen on television last night, or fights they had with boyfriends/girl friends.

I sniffed the air, ah, the sweet scent of normality, and started towards the front door where I saw other kids lying on the grass, playing soccer, and cheer leaders practicing. Out of the corner of my eye, where all the cheerleaders were, for a split second I thought I saw a bit of strawberry blond hair twirl around. I panicked and turned my head in as quick as I could out of shock and anxiety, but no one of the hair color was there.

It was just my imagination, why would…no.

I shook off whatever I was thinking at the moment and continued my first steps through my high normal school.

As I walked through the front doors and made my way through the halls of my new (normal) high school, I began noticing the similarities and differences between Butei high and this school . I was so fixated with looking around my new school school that I never really payed attention and ended bumping into someone.

"Oh! I'm sorry-!"

The girl I ran into was none other than Aria herself. My eyes became huge in disbelief and my mouth hung open. But when I blinked, she was gone, and a petite brown haired, brown eyed girl took her place"

"Uh….are you alright, sempai?" the girl asked in a tiny, high pitched voice that only reminded me of Aria's.

I blinked again a few, straightened my tie and cleared my throat before I came to.

"Yes, sorry. I was just zoning out…I've got to look for my locker now"

I tried to bolt in the other direction, but the girl caught me by the arm.

"Um, excuse me, but are you new? I have new seen you around, so…" the girl said to me awkwardly.

"Uh…yeah. Yes, I just trasnfered here. My name is Tohyama Kinji"

Just then, the girl looked like she had remembered something important.

"Oh! Yes! You're Kinji! I'm supposed to greet you, for I am class representative. Let's start over, hello there, new student! I am Kaiyame, the third year president here at Saion High!" the petite girl chirped while smiling like a small child.

I raised one of my eyebrows in confusion. My silence made her uncomfortable and her facade slowly started to melt away, only leaving behind awkwardness.

"Uh, yeah, well, I have to find my locker now, so see you later, I guess." I said as awkward as she looked. As I said this, Kaiyame's facial expressions went from awkward to surprise as she rushed after me through the school hall.

Our normal school hall.

"Wait a minute! Maybe I can show you around or something!" She said in pursuit of me.

"Maybe later, thanks" I said in a cool tone. Kaiyame stopped for a second, and then went on pursuing me again.

"Wait a second, I know you! You're from Butiei high and you were partnered with that S rank Butei, right?"

I was paralyzed where I stood. I definitely didn't want to start my first day of normal high school talking about my former position as Aria's partner or being a Butei.

"Was" I said to her coldly, then walked away, hoping she could take a clue.

"Why are you not anymore? Did something happen between you two?" Kaiyame asked as she sped up towards me.

This girl…..

My mind took me back to the last day I saw Aria. I vividly remembered how she wouldn't even face me as I left, or how I knew she was hiding her tears from me, I clearly heard it in her voice.

I didn't want to think about that last scene with her anymore, so I shook it off, just like everything else today and walked on, totally ignoring the girl who had asked the questions that I dreaded giving answers to, especially on today of all days.

Then I saw it again, as if only for a split second, strawberry blond hair. My eyes widened as I whipped my head around to try and follow the hair that went around the corner. But as I finally rounded the corner, it was as if it wasn't even there to begin with.I realized that I had been gripping the wall too tightly, so I tried to relax my hand and let go.

I should stop stressing, it was nothing, it was…..nothing.

"Kinjii?" asked a petite voice. I swung my head around so fast, so hopeful, only for it to be Kaiyame again.

"Are you alright Kinji-san?"

I just stared for a few seconds before my head was clear enough to answer again.

"Of course" then the bell rang, thank god.

"I have to get going now, will you be alright?" asked Kaiame uncertainly.

"Sure" I said cloudily, and left to my first ever normal high school class.

Even though I knew I was supposed to be happy about my first ever normal high school class, I only felt uneasy. I took one breath to calm myself, and on towards my first class I went.

I read the paper with all my classes on it, and it looked like the class I will be in first was not too far away from here. People were filing through the door for class, just like at Butei, except were not going to learn how to use a gun.

The teacher had introduced me as a new student and I got to pick where I sat. Since no one was too enthusiastic about sitting next to me, I picked a seat in the very back. I finally took my seat. It felt nice to sit in a school chair and know that I wasn't going to learn something useless.

Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw that strawberry blond hair again…wait, no! I actually did see it! My head turned toward the hair in horror, Aria. This time, it was actually her, not something out of my imagination, or was it?

There she was, not even paying attention to me, her undivided attention on the board while sitting unbelievably still. I blinked in shock and….and like last time, she was gone, vanished out of thin air. I closed my eyes tight and opened them…it's just my imagination…Running wild. I tried putting my full attention on my teacher.

For the rest of that period, there was no more "Aria distractions".The rest of the day was hell though, with the "on-again-off-again" Aria distractions, there was no relaxing.

Is this reality or just my imagination?

I walked home in deep thought. Because of Aria, my first real day of school was a complete disaster. Stupid Aria! I got to my house and unlocked the door using my spare key.

"Hello! Anyone home?" I yelled out, no response. Guess not.

I went to my room and slung my backpack onto my bad and fell on top of it, then drew out a heavy sigh.

"Do you think you could escape me that easily?" I jumped at the voice, Aria.

There she was again, completely fixated on anything but me, while sitting cross-legged on the edge of my bed. Her eyes were cold, and so was her body language.

"A- Aria, is that…you?" I asked shockingly.

She sighed and answered me, again, without looking at me. She only turned her head more away from me.

"Of course. How was your first day of real high school?" she asked, tone ice cold. It was as if I was being forced away from her by a blizzard of some sort.

"…not- not good, thanks to you! Do you know how badly I wanted you out of my head so I could think normally-" I was cut off at the word.

"Normal? Normal! What is normal really?! Because I don't seem to know! Care to explain?!" Aria shouted as she got up in a rage. She was facing completely away from me now and I could hear her voice was strongly filled with tears.

I once again made her cry.

For some time, I couldn't find the words to speak. And Aria wouldn't speak either because she was waiting for an answer. But I felt like I had frozen from all the cold that she was emitting from herself.

"Explain!" Aria yelled impatiently, now her voice worse than before, crushed with sadness. I blinked, shocked again.

"Aria…" was all I could say.

"That's not an answer" Aria said stubbornly, voice still thick with pain, but more like normal Aria.

What I wanted more than anything was to go up to her and wrap my arms around that beautiful, slender waste and tell her that everything was going to be alright, but it wasn't. Nothing was between us was ever going to be alright again, and from the beginning I knew that, and yet I stretched it out unnecessarily. Why? I knew why, but I didn't want to tell myself what I had been feeling inside my heart from the very beginning, especially not now.

All I could say now was, "you already know my feelings, so, please, if you understand, then you would leave me alone." Aria and I were both silent for a while, then Aria broke the silence.

"I do…that's why I have a…compromise. I can take away all your memories of me using the power of the Hidan, you will have no recollection of me at all, and you can live on as a normal high school student". My heart broke when she told me this."

Forget…about you? How can I?...I could never think of such a thing….but then I thought about how much easier life would be without Aria in it.

I closed my eyes tight, and agreed regrettably. "Alright, do it."

Aria totally froze in front of me before turning to face me for the first time today. I noticed that her eyes were huge from the shock and red from the crying she had done. But she recovered quickly and went to my side.

"Close your eyes" she commanded, one of the last commands she will ever give me, my heart broke even more when I realized that.

Her finger was now glowing with the power of Hidan as she brought it up to my forehead, and slowly, as I closed my eyes, images started to fly across my vision. Aria falling down and saving me, the first time I met her, the first time I went into hysteria because of her, her eating Peach buns, her cheerleading, her and I fighting alongside each other, her cute smile, me going into hysteria mode because of her, a bullet being put into her heart by Riku, me carrying her off and aiding her….and….our first kiss.

That was where I drew the line, I snapped back to reality, and like a rubber band. All my memories came slinging back to me. I stood there, panting like I had taken my first breaths after drowning. Aria was gone, and I knew it too. This was all in my head. She was never actually there; it was just my feelings playing a mental image on my eyes. I then knew what I had to do; I took off down the hall and out of my house. I needed to go back to my partner, no. my Aria. There was no way I could ever be normal again, and that was for sure, and that was I what I knew from the beginning but never truly understood. I am not normal, I was never normal, and I will never be normal. So why try to be someone I'm not?