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Book of the update: Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George

Chapter 1

"Knock, knock!" I heard, and turned to see a very familiar face enter the shop door, followed by a large hairy dog.

"Luka! Azarte! I haven't seen you in forever!"

He smiled at me. "We've been busy. Have you heard the news?"

"What news?"

His grin broadened. "Miles and Isla are engaged!"

"That's wonderful! He's always following her around like a puppy." I laughed.

He looked around. "Where's Marta? And Alle?"

I was slightly disappointed that he seemed more interested in them than in me. "Alle is taking care of her sick aunt, and Marta went to see Tobin. Would you like some tea?"

I was laughing at what Luka said when I heard a low rumble from my room. "Creel? Are you there?"

"Coming!" I looked at Luka. "Come on; Shardas will be so happy to see you." And with that final word, I led him up into my room to speak with the dragon king in my magic water basin.

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