Moze starts her Monday like any other just going to her locker grabbing her English book then heading towards Ned and cookies. As she opens her locker a little note falls to the ground with her name on it in beautiful hand writing. Moze opens it up to reveal a love note.


My love, I have tried with all my being

to grasp a form comparable to thine own,

but nothing seems worthy;

I know now why Shakespeare could not

compare his love to a summer's day.

It would be a crime to denounce the beauty

of such a creature as thee,

to simply cast away the precision

God had placed in forging you.

Each facet of your being

whether it physical or spiritual

is an ensnarement

from which there is no release.

But I do not wish release.

I wish to stay entrapped forever.

With you for all eternity.

Our hearts, always as one."

"Forever yours...loomer" moze says quietly. She remembers loomer writing notes before to her but once she confronted him his friends interrupted and pretending to not have even wrote them. She felt a bit hurt and sad he would lie since she knew one of his friends was in the sewing club but everyone has secrets they wish to keep. "Hey moze!" she heard Ned yell and quickly hide the note in her notebook slamming her locker closed and turning towards her two best friends. "You okay?" cookie asked. "Yea sure I'm fine so what's up?" moze said quickly. "well Ned's sort of panicking about the test he forgot to study in sweenys so I'm helping him also since I am now the new king of dares today I want to give everybody a dare." cookie said rubbing his hands together evilly.

"Don't you think that's a bit much? You just got crowned king of dares." moze said calmly. "Ned what have I said about playing video games before the day of a big test you know he won't give out make up days for this test" "I know! But I finally beat that game and now I can panic I have 5 more periods before his class I think that's enough to at least get a C on the test." Ned said calmly but a hint of panic in his eyes. " Well I've got English now so tell me how that goes." moze said patting Ned and cookie on the back and walking towards English not even noticing her note from loomer dropping out of her note.

"Hey moze wait! You forgot your note!" Ned said calling her waving her note up in the air. "Who's it from?" cookie asked. "Don't know" Ned said opening it. They both read it and look at each other. "Why didn't she tell us she was getting love notes again from loomer!" Ned said shockingly. "Has she finally starting liking loomer!"

"If so then I know who to dare first." cookie said walking away to his first class while Ned just stands there stating at the note.

As moze enters her English class she spots loomer and totally forgot he sits next to her and has 4 classes with him! She quickly sits in her seat and stares at the board hoping his friends buzz and crony would keep him busying during the whole class. She opens her notebook to quickly read the note again but can't seem to find it. She must have dropped it sometime during Ned and cookies time by her locker.

"No no no no if one of those finds it who knows what they're planning up to now." moze thought. "Now class we will be doing a project that requires a partner. You have to make a poem with emotion and feeling and one of you will be reading this poem to your partner in front of the class. I will be giving you the partners I have chosen for you so as I call your names one of you will come up and take this paper with your names on it and it will have the topic you shall be writing about."

The students whined but had no other choice to make and waited till their names were called with their partners name as well. "Jennifer and Billy." moze slams her head on her notebook and just wanted to run away. First the love note now being partners. "Jennifer are you ok?" loomer asks in a sweet voice.

"Huh? Oh I'm fine let's just get this over with so what's our topic?" moze asks looking at the paper. "How to write a love poem to the person you love." Billy said. Moze slams her head on the notebook again. "Well this will be no problem for you since you just wrote me a love note." she whispered.

"Did you say something?" loomer asked. Moze shook her head and took out some paper to start thinking of stuff to write for the poem. "So...Jennifer did you get my note?" loomer asked sweetly staring into her eyes. "ummm oh look at the time class is over let's do this later ok bye!" moze said running.

She had to find that note before Ned or cookie and if they did find it she was going to kill them.