Everyone in the school was looking at me. Loomer's friends tried to wake up him up but nothing was happening. Ned grabbed me and cookie and threw us into the janitor's closet where Gordy was pretending to clean.

"Cook! The dare you just made moze do was horrible! And why only 3 months with loomer?" Ned asks cookie. "I was just hoping that since graduation is coming soon which is in 3 months maybe during that time they would be together forever like in the fairy tales. Also loomer won't kill us anymore." cookie said.

Moze pinches him in the arm where you could see in cookies eyes and face that it was extreme pain from just one pinch. "Listen and listen good. I am going through this dare and when 3 months are up you will see that loomer and I will not be together forever. Also I am not your puppet for you to control my love life and to save your lives from a bully." moze said letting go of cookie.

Cookie rubs his arm and hides behind Ned as moze opens the door to see loomer now awake. "Dude you just got kissed by moze! And she asked you out! You better go get her." she heard one of his friends tell him.

Moze gives a wince face. She felt like she was going to her painful death. She looked at cookie and Ned one more time then went off to stand by loomer.

As his friends move behind him so Moze could face loomer she felt like each step she took was towards her death. Loomer just stares at her blushing as red as she has ever seen him. "This isn't a dream right? You just asked me to be your boyfriend right Jennifer?" loomer said with worried eyes just making sure what she asked was true. That this wasn't a dream he has always dreamt about every night.

"It's true loomer. I'm sorry I avoid you today...I guess I was nervous. After I got your note I started realizing I...like you and I should give you chance." moze said looking up at loomer. She tried her best not to throw up. "You have no idea how this makes me feel Jennifer. I promise I will never hurt you or your friends. I will treat you like a princess. I'll do anything for you." loomer said grabbing hold of Mozes hands.

Moze jumps a bit surprised he grabbed her hands but try's to give a sweet smile to him. "Just 3 months and it's over moze. Just 3 months." she repeated in her mind. Loomer holds her hand and leads her to her last period which they both have. His friends leading pushing anyone in the way of happy couple. He then stops and takes his hand away from her. And takes her backpack and books then holds her hand again.

Moze pulls away from loomer with an annoyed look. "that's sweet of you for taking my books and backpack loomer but I can handle it." she says trying to take her stuff back but only to see loomer take a step back or push her away gently so she wouldn't take her stuff back. "I want to Jennifer now that we are a couple. Also call me Billy." he said grabbing her hand again but only to see moze pull away.

"Billy...please give me my stuff back. I know your trying to be sweet and all, but I can handle carrying my own stuff. Now please hand me back my stuff." moze says trying her best not to get more angry then she already was.

"Your cute when your angry." loomer said looking at her with loving eyes. He hands her back her backpack but not her books. "I know you want your stuff back but please as a boyfriend let me help you out with stuff. I want you to trust me ok." he said caressing her cheek.

Moze blushes as loomer takes her hand again and leads her to class.