Katniss' POV:

Another slap is harshly planted on my now red and raw cheek. I have no effort to scream like I was four hours ago.

"I'l ask you again, who was involved in the rebellion," the peacekeeper shouts at me. I don't answer like I haven't been for the last four hours and I close my eyes awaiting the slap to come. Instead though I feel a icy cold metal pressed to my forehead and I wince my eyes open, knowing what it is. I see the peacekeeper tighten his grip on the trigger of the gun and I want to plead. Pleading is weak though, I will not give in. They've already killed Peeta and if killing me will help us stay in charge I will not say a word. I stare into the peacekeeper's eyes as he asks me again who was involved and I bring myself to speak.

"The rebellion was many years ago, why do you bother now for answers? We've beaten you once, we can beat you again."

The man stares at me evily for a little while before replying, "Now we have an army which can take over. We can destroy district 13 in a click of a button."

"Oh yeah.. I remember you doing that. What happened again?" The peacekeeper stares at me not wanting to answer my question because he knows exactly that rebels managed to take over 13.

"I am going to kill you if you don't tell me who else was part of the rebellion."

"And who's instructed you to do this?" I say at him. I'm tired and speaking is becoming more and more difficult.

"President Derrise."

"I didn't know Paylor had changed her last name," I say sarcastically.

"Since we took you into custody there has been a change in government," he says through gritted teeth.

"Then what's happened to Paylor?" I say in a much more serious tone.

"Dead. Now who else was part of the rebellion?" he shouts at me. Paylor's dead. She can't be. She had so much control, how have these taken over? How long have they been planning to take over? The eruption of the bullet pounds against my forehead which makes my neck jolt back unexpectedly. I hear him repeat his question in a mocking way and everything fades into a bright flame which seems to burn me to death. The girl on fire burns.

President Derrise's POV:

"And now I tell you Capitol citizens that the Hunger Games are back," I announce proudly over the microphone. "The rebels have been destroyed for their actions and district 13 is now gone," the Capitol audience bursts into applause and I smile at them widely. Thirty years of waiting after Paylor took over and we chose our time just write. Capitol citizens don't care who is in charge as long as they are entertained. And when the Hunger Games is around they will be entertained.

"The reapings for the 76th hunger games will be a month tommorow," I wait a little bit to let the cheering die down, "and from now on every Hunger Games will have a special twist," I shout as loud as I can. the audience erupt like a volcano as many begin to throw their hands in the air and others scream in delight. Just on cue a small boy with dark brown hair walks onto the stage with a small, hand-made, wooden box. He struggles to open the latch and I take out the one slip of paper in the box.

Everybody goes silent as they wait for me to read the card, "This year as a reminder to the districts that the games are also for the entertainment of the capitolites; there will be double the amount of tributes from districts 1, 2 and 4 as they are known for being strong while there will also be one more tribute from districts 9, 10, 11 and 12 for being known as weak." The crowd erupts in applause knowing that this card has been made especialy for them but I hold my finger up to indicate I have more to say, "The extra tributes from districts 1, 2 and 4 will be normal reaping age but the extra tributes from districts 9, 10, 11 and 12 will be from the age of 7-11. Making a total of thirty four tributes in this years games." I wait for a while basking in my glory before walking off the stage.

These games are going to be fun.

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