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Hey, this story just randomly came to me after watching the Addams Family Values and of course, Wednesday Addams is my favourite character! I tried to write this in the style that Wednesday Addams was like in the film so the sentences are sometimes short!

Wednesday Addams POV
I was out walking with Pugsley. The weather wasn't very nice! We were making our way back to the mansion when I recognised a slightly familiar face. A face I hadn't seen in 10 years!
No it couldn't be him! It isn't possible that I would actually see him after all these years; it can't be just a coincidence!

'Pugsley, look over there. Strolling along the path. Does he look familiar to you?' I asked, breaking the silence.
Pugsley looked to where I was pointing and he squinted his eyes, as if he was thinking hard.
'It looks like Joel from that Camp we went to when we were younger!' He said after some thought.
'Excellent. Just what I was thinking! Come on Pugsley, let's speak to him!' I exclaimed happily.

I led the way over to Joel and I stood behind him.
'Hi Joel. How have you been?' I said calmly even though inside I was screaming with happiness.
Joel spun on his heels and his mouth turned O-Shaped in surprise.

'Wednesday! Is it really you?' He gasped.
I nodded, Pugsley standing silently behind me quickly announced, 'and me Pugsley!'

It is not in my nature to laugh so I gave a short small smirk and then my mouth was transformed back into just a line. No smile or frown shown upon my face!

'Hi Pugsley. Wednesday, I can't believe its you. I have been good, how about you?' He asked.
'I have been good. So has Pugsley.' I announced.
'We should meet up soon, when it doesn't look like it is about to start pouring with rain.' Joel said hastily.
'That we should!' I agreed. 'Come by the mansion this Saturday and we can catch up properly. My family would be pleased to see you again. Pubert would want to see you again, now he is older he barely remembers you. Goodbye Joel.' I said.

Joel nodded and Pugsley and I left to walk back to the mansion. I couldn't wait for Saturday to comeā€¦!

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