Directions: Use the vocabulary from Chapter 21 and create a story. The story has to be about you and your travels around the Middle East. Be creative and use your imagination. There are 14 vocabulary terms and you are to use at least 10 of them in your story. Underline each term in the story.

One time I went on this awesome trip to the Middle East. I traveled on a plane and the plane crashed in the Jordan River! I was the only one who survived. I swam to the Euphrates River where Toki Wartooth and the rest of Dethklok was waiting for me. We went to the totally metal Dead Sea. Silly Toki, he tried to desalinize the water but there was too much salt. He ended up draining the Dead Sea and creating a salt flat, teehee. We went back to the set of Blood Ocean to film some more. Instead of using crude oil, the refinery on the set used blood. All of a sudden Justin Bieber dropped from the sky, dripping wet.

"I just came from the Tigris River,and there were tigerllamas chasing me! We need to use drip irrigation to make a better oasis!" Then he broke into song with the song One Time.

"That is so not metal!" yelled Nathan Explosion as he threw Justin Bieber to the deepest crevice of the Earth.

"Wowee," said Toki. "You ams crazy."

"Oh NOES!" yelled Skwisgaar. "Voldemort is back!"

"I will kill you," screamed Voldemort.

"Noes!" cried Toki. He used his taser guitar and Voldemort turned into a bunny.

"Muahaha HAMBURGER TIME!" shouted Murderface as Voldemort evaporated. "*guitar riff* yeah!"

Doctor Rockzo came in.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted Nathan Explosion. "I hate him!"