Chris was walking nervously in the house like he knew something was about to happen. Or it had already happened. It was Chris' birthday. He never really liked his birthdays but since his 14th, he had a reason to hate them.


Piper walks into Chris' room with pancakes and juice in her hands. She sits next to her son and says "Time to wake up sleepy boy. You don't want to miss your birthday, do you?"

Memory ends

Chris shakes his head trying not to think about that day, about what happens next in that memory. His eyes are already full of tears. All he wants to do is to save his mother. To hug her, tell her who he really is and how much he loves her and he doesn't want to lose her.

Meanwhile, Wyatt had orbed in the kitchen where Chris was. Chris looked at the little boy and he could see that he knew something was wrong. Looks like Wyatt was with Piper before he'd orbed because Chris could hear her screaming his name all over the house. In order to stop her screams, he told her where her son was. She walked into the kitchen and saw her "bitchy" whitelighter holding her son like he had known him his entire life. Piper couldn't stop the smile appearing on her face.

"I definitely didn't see this one coming" said Piper surprised of seeing the two boys together. It seemed like Chris was feeling comfortable with Wyatt. No one else was in the house and Chris wasn't as grumpy as usual so she decided it was time for the "Who are you?" conversation.

Piper sat next to Chris and said "Chris, you've been here for months and we really don't know a thing about you. I understand the whole future consequences thing and I'm not asking you to tell me everything. I just want to know more about you. How have you become so close to my son that you would risk everything to stop him from turning evil, something about your family. Now when we know you're also a part witch, you don't have to hide from us. We are here for you. We understand what you are going through after Bianca's death but you don't need to be all alone while doing it. If you just talk to us, you may feel better."

"I know. But I don't have time for this. The only reason I came here from the future is to make sure that none of this is gonna happen again. That Wyatt will grow up and won't be the source of all evil, and won't be killing the people I love for fun." – said Chris. But he barely could keep his pain. Especially today. When it all started, his mom's death, the only person he has ever loved so much.

"Yes. But now there is no demon attacks and we have nothing to do so I don't see why we can't chat a little. "- said Piper. "Tell me something about your family. We must have something in common. I mean, I don't know about other whitelighter-witch couples in this time and it's good to know you're not the only one in this situation."

Chris laughs. "You have no idea how similar it is. Well, my mom's blood line is really powerful blood line of good witches. I could say that she's the most powerful witch I have ever seen in my entire life."

"What about your dad?"- asks Piper already interested in this story.

"Well, I barely know him as a father. I mean, he was never around while I was growing up. He came to worn my mom and aunts about demons and spend some time with my older brother but that was it. All I can remember is a man in golden robe asking me "What's up, buddy?" "

With these answer Piper's eyes went wide. "Golden robe? Your father was an elder?"

"Yeah. He was."-said Chris not liking this fact.

"So, in the future, at some point the elders were allowed to have families?"-asked Piper hoping that maybe someday she and Leo could back together.

"They are not. I mean, me and my little sister are kind of against all the rules. The elders think about us as a mistake."-said Chris looking very annoyed remembering this.

"And your dad? He just got your mom pregnant and left her raise his three kids all alone? I've always known these elders can't be that perfect." – said Piper sounding pretty mad about it.

"Well, technically, he was there for my brother and mom had to deal alone just with me and my sister. I mean, he would do anything about his little boy. He is the only kid he's planned and me and my sister… well, we are some sort the results of his one-night-down-on-the-earth experiences. But I don't care about it. My mom was the greatest parent in the world. I didn't have problems being without a father. The hard part was when I had to deal with everything without my mom."- said Chris with tears in his eyes.

"What happened to her?"-asks Piper knowing that this is something Chris doesn't want to talk about

"She dies on this same day. Just 15 years from now." – said Chris while a few tears left his eyes. He was hoping that by saying this, Piper would be warned and maybe, just maybe she would be more careful and this might not happen.

"I'm sorry, Chris. I know what it's like. Your father not being there for you and your mom being dead. But look at me and my sisters. We did it. We somehow survived through this tough times. And now, we are the strongest witches to ever walk on the Earth. Maybe the pain made us so strong and it's the reason to save all those innocent people. And by coming here to stop Wyatt from turning evil you save more innocents than you can imagine! " – said Piper trying to make the young man feel better.

Chris looked at her and smile. His mom always knew what to tell in these moments. "Thanks." Was the only word he said as Piper smiled at him, too.

"So, I want to know how bad my son is exactly" – said Piper and her smile vanished.

Chris was just about to start with his "future consequences" speech but they saw blue orbs appearing in the room. It was Leo.

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