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To Patricia... I do NOT hate Leo. In fact, he's been my favorite character since the second I saw him, but so was Chris. I really, really, really LOVE Leo. But what's interesting is that when he started acting like an ass with Chris, I began to hate him. I mean, I still loved him when he wasn't being an asshole but I guess I love Chris more than Leo. There must be made a whole show about him. I could re-write each one of the eight seasons of Charmed making them all about Chris! He's the hottest guy in the world! I decided it would be interesting if I could make the readers of my story feel about Leo the way I felt about him from the end of season 5 to the episode he realized Chris was his son- you know, love him and hate him at the same time.

Prue was sitting somewhere in the cemetery. Her eyes were full of tears. She looked tired and crushed. She was trying not to cry, to keep her feelings away. Suddenly, blue orbs appeared, it was Chris.

"I'm fine, Chris. Don't worry!" – Vanessa told her brother without even looking at him

"Well, this means you are a lot stronger than me, because I don't know what to do anymore. I pretended they meant nothing for me, because I knew they hated me and they thought I was just a stranger but now when they know…" – Chris sat next to his sister.

Prue hugged him and started crying

"How can he be so cold? He was staying there with his family, our family! And he just didn't care. He destroyed everything! I hate him so much, Chris"

"I know. Sometimes I hate him, too." – Chris agreed with Prue

"He killed Phoebe, he killed Paige, he killed Bianca… He's not the brother we grew up with. Right now I hate him more than ever! And I hate myself for still loving him so much. I feel like this hatred is destroying me more and more with each passing day. I don't want to end up like that. I prefer to die instead."

"Hey! I don't want to hear you talk like this! You are the strongest person I know. If you give up, I'm lost. I can't lose you! Not you, not my little sister. If we give up now, mom, Prue, Phoebe, Paige, Bianca and our entire family will be dead for nothing. For centuries, our family's been fighting for the power of good and they all died. They left their kids alone just like mom left us when she died. And I will never allow someone to take both my son's parents away from him. We are the greatest power the world has ever seen. If we give up now, we betray ourselves, our family and everything we believe in, our destiny." – Chris said

"I know. You're right. You know what they say - you're not a Halliwell if you don't want to give up magic at least once in your life" – Prue was better now. She told everything she felt and her brother always knew what to say to make her believe in herself again

"I'm always right. Now let's go back and deal with the whole situation before it's too late."

Chris and Mel orbed to where the others were.

"Sure you can handle with it?" – Chris asked his sister

"They are still our family." – Prue went to see Henry

"You Ok, dude?" – she asked her cousin

"I was thinking, all the times we have fought with Wyatt, we were always almost dead in the end. And today, he just let you go without a fight." – Henry shared his concerns

"What do you mean by that?" – Prue asked

"Just that… I don't know. Maybe seeing his mother and his aunts, the ones he killed, that could have infected him somehow. We've been trying to get Nate back ever since he took him and now he just gave him to us." – the young boy said

"You know I would love to see him change, Henry. But you should have seen the hatred in his eyes. He hates them. I don't know why but it didn't look like he had missed them a lot." – said Vanessa

"Hey guys!" – They heard a voice coming from behind them and turned around to see the Charmed Ones and Leo. All of their siblings and cousins looked at the same direction.

"Hey" – Prue said smiling at her mother. The kids could see tears in their moms' eyes.

"Can we talk now?" – Paige asked

"Sure" – Pam answered. They all sat down at the coach and the chairs around the table.

"So, you are our kids, huh?" – Paige said smiling and they all nodded in agreement.

"I've always wanted to have kids and I thought that when I do, I'd be a great mother and you'll have great lives and you wouldn't have to worry about anything. But here you are, taking care of each other, trying to save the world. And I'm not even alive to help you or tell you how proud I am that you've become so strong and brave." – Phoebe was crying. She kept thinking about the horrible thing her kids and nephew and nieces have to go through alone every day.

"It's not your fault. You did everything you could to protect us" – Penny said with teary eyes

"Well, apparently that wasn't enough."

"We know you would do more if you had the chance, Aunt Phoebe." – Phoebe hugged Chris, she really needed someone to tell her this.

"So, I think it's time for you to tell us who are our kids and who are our nieces. It would make things more comfortable" – Phoebes said and her sisters nodded

"Well, I, Henry and Patty are Paige's kids" – Pam informed. "As you know, Wyatt, Chris and Prudence-Malinda are Piper and Leo's kids and P.J., Penny and the little girl Paloma or Pammy are Phoebe's." Phoebe hugged her daughters, Paige and Piper did the same. Leo just stayed there and watched. Everyone could see that he felt miserable. He didn't know what to say or do. He felt like this whole situation was his fault. Chris and Prue hated him, not only him but his future self, too. And apparently his FS knew the reason. Leo was determined that he'll find out what it is and won't let it happen again. If he was a bad father for two of his kids in this time, he would definitely change that when he goes back to his time. His thoughts were interrupted by a cold voice full of hatred.

"I feel so bad. No one invited me to this pathetic family moment. Mom, I guess you have to ground the little ones for ignoring me like that."- Everybody looked around the room expecting to find Wyatt but they didn't . Suddenly, demons appeared in the room and before anyone could do something they all fell on the floor and the demons shimmered them out taking the baby with them.