Becker's heart pounded frantically within his ribcage, each beat echoed loudly against his mind. He closed his eyes and sighed heavily. What are you doing Becker? What the hell are you doing? His inner voice screamed. He rubbed his hands over his face wearily and grinded his teeth together.

Currently he was standing outside a place that a few months ago he wouldn't have even dreamed of standing outside, for he was now outside Jess's house. It was pouring down with rain, soaking him to the very skin and yet he made no move to run to shelter, or to knock on the door that lay in front of him. Why was he here? He didn't quite know the answer to that question nor could he remember what actions he had taken for him to be aimlessly waiting on the technicians doorstep. All he knew was that a mixture of feelings were bubbling up within him, feelings he didn't understand, at least not yet. He swallowed down hard, and cursed himself mentally for not having the courage to knock on her door. Was it really such a hard task? You'd think with the dangers that he faced day in and day out whilst working at the Arc that knocking on one of his co workers doors would be fairly easy in comparison. However it seemed a fairly daunting task in his eyes, give him monstrous creatures any day. Then again Jess was a dauntingly beautiful woman, so it kind of fitted in a way.

He can't quite remember when he had began thinking of Jess as beautiful, it just sort of happened. She had however always had an effect on him, from day one. She had hit him like a tidal wave, rushing at him like a gentle surprise at first before drowning him, pushing his head under, choking him, leaving him speechless.

Today had been a wake up call of sorts he supposed. He had almost lost Jess, not that he had really had her in the first place. He can still remember cradling her pale, shaking form, her fading pulse tapping underneath his fingers. It had been precisely then that he had known that he had to do something about the feelings that had been curdling within him. He had to tell her, she had to know. If he didn't tell her then surely some other guy would sweep her up. She was after all drop dead gorgeous, who wouldn't want to sweep her away?

He scrunched his eyes shut and pinched the bridge of his nose tightly. He felt like an ant trapped underneath a magnifying glass on a hot summers day with beam of light scorching through the soft centre of his heart. Jess filled the hole that had formed within his aching heart, completing him. Why hadn't he seen it earlier? Yeh there had been the odd bit of flirting but he hadn't seen it as something more than that. Was he an idiot? Had Jess been sending a huge, screaming signal at him all this of their time working together? Had his blissful ignorance of his own feeling and maybe the feelings of his co worker cost him a chance to start a relationship with her? He was confused to say the least. Did Jess even have feelings for him? Perhaps he was reading into this too deeply. Should he really go through with this? Perhaps it was best just to leave their relationship as co workers, and to just turn around right now. He'd be the sarcastic, bossy soldier and she'd be the brilliant, genius technician and that was the way they would stay until they retired or died, probably the latter. His thoughts came to a standstill as screams floated from somewhere deep within Jess's house.

Without thinking he kicked the door open with force and ran into the house. He surveyed the houses surroundings momentarily before practically leaping up the winding stairs, skipping out quite a few steps in the hurry. As he finally reached the door that the screams were coming from he hovered momentarily, and found himself wishing more than ever that he had his gun on him. Inhaling deeply he pushed the door open a crack, and found himself looking on at the most heart melting sight he had ever seen. There were no monsters, at least not tonight. There was however a terrified woman tossing and turning in bed fighting off pretend monsters. He strolled over to Jess and shook her gently, " Jess, wake up." He whispered. He almost chuckled as Jess's previously tense face softened slightly, but still she did not wake. " Come on Jess. It's only a dream. You're ok. " He tried again, this time successfully waking up the sleeping woman.

He watched in amusement as she blinked up at him sleepily, " Becker?" She asked warily.

" Yeh it's me Jess. Sorry if I gave you a scare. " He gently clambered on the bed beside her. It was only a single bed so it was bit of a squeeze but he didn't really mind. Jess was ok and that was all that really mattered.

" Errrh. You're all wet." She complained, her nose wrinkling up ever so slightly.

Becker just shrugged, " It was raining." He replied.

" Right …" Jess trailed off, " How did you get in here?" She asked him.

" Ah, I kind of, might owe you a new door. " He answered her gaining a small giggle from her. Oh how he loved that giggle, that melodic, chiming, laugh of hers.

" Should I even ask? " Even in the dark he could see a smirk spreading across her face.

" No you really shouldn't." He retorted flirtatiously. He snuggled up closer to her and wrapped an arm around her, not missing the shiver that trembled through her at his touch. " Do you want to talk about it?" He asked.

" About what?" Jess's voice came out almost as a choked splutter.

" Your dream? " He stated simply.

Jess's eyes clouded over slightly, " I really hate insects." She muttered.

" After today, me too." He hummed in agreement. Even thinking about what one of those insects had done to Jess made his skin crawl with anger.

As much as he wanted to talk to Jess all night, to spill his feelings, to tell her how genuinely scared he had been today of losing her, he couldn't. This was simply due to the combination of standing out in the rain for hours on end, and the adrenaline rush he had just received when he had thought that Jess's life had one more been in danger. Both had left him with a strange feeling of fatigue, his eyelids were already drooping. " Jess." He mumbled.

" Hmmm." Her seemingly quiet reply barley registered in his mind as his eyes closed.

" Mind if I stay tonight." He managed to finish, already falling heavily against Jess's warm body.

" Ye sure." Came the shy, uncertain reply.