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Becker watched Jess's sleeping form with an intent curiosity. He lay his head back and shifted against her slightly, inadvertently drawing her warm body closer to his. She looked absolutely perfect lying there ; even more perfect than normal. Curled up into a tiny, motionless ball beneath the covers she looked like a porcelain doll. Her features were far softer in her sleep than in the daytime. It was as though the girl beside him was a completely different girl. Jess was usually care free, but there had been times when the light in her eyes died down a little. He supposed it was tough for her. She was so young, and had so much responsibility placed upon her shoulders. He reached forwards and ran his hand through her silky, now ever so slightly bed ruffled morning hair,

" You're beautiful." He whispered underneath his breath. " You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." He bit his lip, expecting her to wake up but luckily for him it seemed she was a relatively deep sleeper. Swallowing he continued talking to the sleeping woman. This could very well be the only opportunity he had to get his feelings off of his chest, " Jessica Parker you have no idea of how you make me feel , of what effect you have on me... I think I love you, and that's really scary, because I've never felt like this towards anyone before." He chuckled slightly, "You know how I am with emotions." Taking a deep breath he continued , " But that fear is nothing compared to what I felt when I thought I was going to lose you. " His eyes widened as he realised Jess's gentle breathing had gone from slow and regular to erratic, " And you're listening to every word I'm saying, aren't you?" He watched in amusement as Jess gradually opened one eye and then the other, " How much did you hear?" He quirked an eyebrow, glancing shiftily away from her as to not meet her eyes.

" Oh, nothing much. Well apart from the part where you admitted your undying love for me. " She was turning an adorable shade of pink. It seemed he always managed to embarrass her but that was a good thing because whenever that pink powdered blush graced her cheeks she looked especially gorgeous.

He shook his head, " You Jess, are impossible. Do you know that?" He raked a hand through his hair, and went to move away from Jess, but found to his surprise Jess jerking him backwards to stay by her side.

" Did you mean it? Do you love me?" She asked him, her bottom lip trembling with nerves.

He nodded, " Every last word. " He told her honestly, cupping her chin, " I love you Jess ... " He trailed off, looking into her huge blue eyes.

" Do you know something funny? " Jess asked him, a hint of cheekiness splayed out in her expression.

" What?" He asked softly.

Leaning forwards she rested a shaking hand on the back of his neck, " I love you too." She was so close now he could smell her strawberry shampoo, so close, so incredibly close. He could feel her nerves practically radiating off of her.

" Jessica," He pronounced her name with a hard punch of purpose, " Please breath before you turn blue in the face and faint. " He watched as the tension rolled of of her.

" Couldn't have that now, could we?" She smiled sweetly up at him.

" No, especially when I need you to be wide awake. " He smoothed his thumb down her pale cheeks, and tilted his head ever so slightly. He heard a a small whimper escape from her throat. That's when he lost his control. He lunged at her and his lips immediately starting attacking hers.

All he could think of was ...

I'm kissing Jess. I'm kissing Jessica Parker and she's kissing me back.

His lips fought with hers to gain dominance but he quickly realised that Jess could be quite forceful when it came to the art of kissing. He happily gave in to her and let her take the lead. He found himself quite enjoying the usually shy Jess for once taking charge.

Jess rather reluctantly pulled back to take a huge gulp of much needed oxygen. She leant her head against his and giggled hysterically, " Wow. " She breathed, " Just wow."

He grinned and pulled her against him, " Couldn't have said it better myself." He whispered happily.

At the sound of voices coming up the stairs they jolted apart and glanced at each other sadly.

" All I'm saying is that it seems like a logical explanation." That voice belonged to Connor.

" Aliens Connor? You think aliens broke into the house and abducted Jess. After all we've been through, you still belive in aliens?" Came the incredulous voice belonging to Abby.

" It's a plausible explanation. Who else would break down the door?" Connor asked cheekily.

" I don't know. Why don't we find out? Jess you in here!"Abby yelled out.

" Yes, here. " Jess squeaked.

" Thank goodness for that. See I told you Connor. I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable reason for the door to be broken into." Abby said as she turned into Jess's bedroom.

Becker found himself turning a even darker shade of pink than Jess was, " Abby," He gave a quick nod.

" What is it Abby ... oh my god!" Connor yelped, covering his eyes.

" Hello Temple. " Becker greeted Connor.

" Hi, um, Becker." Connor replied, eyes still covered.

" It's ok, you can look you know Temple." Becker smiled to himself. That boy sure was strange one.

Connor reluctantly dragged his hand down his face, " Becker? What are you doing here? Are you an alien? I knew it! I knew there was something strange about you, action man!" Connor jumped up and down enthusiastically, clapping his hands.

Becker rolled his eyes, " I'm not an alien Connor. Sorry to disappoint you."

" Oh." Connor pouted, " Then why are you here?" Connor asked. That boy really is oblivious isn't he thought Becker.

Scoochng over to Jess he looped an arm around her and embraced her in a kiss. She was as shocked at the public display as he was giving it to her but it felt nice to be able to celebrate their love so openly.

" My eyes they're burning!" Connor yelled, running out of the room.

" Congratulation guys!" Abby skipped over to the bed, " Oh, and Becker. " She whispered close to his ear to gain his attention.

He parted from Jess and looked up at Abby, " Yes?" He queried.

" Go get a new door, will ya. I belive the ' aliens' destroyed it last night." She winked and ran out of the room.

Jess laughed, " You actually broke down the door just to get to me?" She asked him innocently.

" I would break down a thousand doors down for you Jess." And with that he kissed her for the third time. It was a soft, tender kiss that entailed every drop of love he had for the technician.

Jessica Parker was a tidal wave, and he was the soft sand crumbling beneath her.