Update 03/25/16 – I've decided to go back through the story and fix any grammar errors, missing words, and cut-off paragraphs. They've been bugging me for a while now, and I can't stand it anymore!

Wow, it's been fifteen forevers since I did stuff like this, eh?

Well, I'm kind of over Sonic the Hedgehog now, and I'm really busy with real life these days, so those of you who have been watching me for those, I'm afraid you won't be seeing anymore AWAE or Eternal Mobius.

On the other hand, I've really taken a liking to mecha anime nowadays, especially since I fell in love with the Super Robot Wars games. Granted, I probably haven't seen 90% of the animes I'm using here, but that's nothing a little research can't fix. In order to make these ideas mesh, I reworked a few of the origins of the different robots, and some of the mecha will have no vestige whatsoever of their original plot here.

Also, I will be doing route splits, one of which will occur right at the start, and I will be writing out both routes.

It is said that for every choice that is made gives birth to a new universe, each reality taking a path different from those who had not made the choice. In many cases, there is little variance at first, but stay long enough and you will find two very different worlds.

And yet there are two constants in each and every one of these uncountable realities.

The first is that humans always come into being. Humanity's ability to overcome any challenge and do the impossible is the ultimate goal of evolution. Other races may be more intelligent, more advanced, or even physically more powerful, but the human spirit trumps them all when the chips are down.

The other is that matter how hard humans try, they can never stop fighting. Excuses are made and lies are told, all for the sake of gaining power and glory, or simply revenge. Even if they cease warring amongst themselves, they work to gather more resources for their populations, and will wage war on any race they encounter.

This is the nature of the many Earths that exist in the boundless multiverse; and this is a tale of but two of those realities, their situations different, but their destinies inexorably linked. They are the Flourishing World and the Ruined World.

The Flourishing World

In one reality, the Earth lives, and humanity barely averted its own destruction, but only through outside intervention.

Fifteen years ago, in Celestial Calendar year 180, a massive, decades-long war between the Earth and the outlying space colonies threatened to annihilate humanity. But by freak accident, a group of peaceful aliens crash-landed the Earth, fleeing the Vega Empire, which had conquered their world. They carried with them a great secret: the ability to harness the power of Spiritia, the essence of life itself, specifically through music. The aliens, seeing the good they could do with the power of Spiritia, used their music to snuff out the flames of war. For four years, war and conflict ceased worldwide as the people of Earth reveled in the overflowing energy of Spiritia. After four years, the aliens decided that they had done enough, and retreated into quiet seclusion within their repaired, transforming ship, which remained in orbit of Earth as the Macross.

The aliens' arrival was also followed by the radical rise of new energies in Japan: Photon Power, crafted by the genius Dr. Kabuto; Electromagnetic Power by the combined efforts of Prof. Yotsuya and Prof. Nanbara of Earth and Dr. Kentaro Go; the harnessing of Getter Rays by the acclaimed Professor Saotome and the recent discovery of sakuradite. The simultaneous discoveries put Japan on the road to becoming the world's most advanced nation.

But humanity could not stave off its addiction to war and conflict for long. It wasn't even a year after the aliens left the public spotlight when the first act of true war was initiated.

The Holy Empire of Britannia, seeing Japan's new-found resources, made all haste to conquer and subjugate the Japanese and take control of all three energy sources for themselves. They were able to achieve this goal in rapid time, thanks to being able to mass-produce their greatest weapon: the Knightmare Frame, an agile humanoid robot weapon that was manufactured based on plans stolen from Japan's databases. Most Japanese, especially the common people, were stripped of all rights, privileges, and even their national identity. Japan became known as Area 11, and Japanese became known as Elevens. Many Japanese were able to escape to the space colonies, called PLANTs, and made new lives there. However, a number of Japanese families, particularly those of Japan's great scientific minds, who the Empire knew would be of use to Britannia, were allowed to keep some of their dignity and rights as long as they swore absolute fealty to the Empire. They are allowed to live much as they had before, and many were even allowed to attend Ashford Academy, the finest educational institution in all of the Britannian Empire.

Some were cooperative, such as Professor Gennosuke Yumi, a scientist at the Photon Research Institute; The heads of the Nergal Corporation, a defense contractor who handed over the plans to their Aestivalis machines in order to manufacture the Knightmare Frames; and Professor Saotome of the Getter Ray Laboratory.

Others were much less so. The father-son duo of Juuzo and Kenzo Kabuto, who had first successfully harnessed Photon Power, were both killed in something that appeared like an accident; their rival Dr. Hell, who had his own ambitions for conquering the world; Prof. Yotsuya of the Nanbara Connection, whose wife was kidnapped - he handed over Nanbara in exchange for her safety; and the mysterious NERV, who is beholden to no authority beside its own, but occupies its entire time watching for the coming of beings called Angels; and of course, the colonies.

The colonies themselves are populated almost entirely by, save for some Japanese refugees who fled to space, genetically-engineered humans called Coordinators. First born during the great war, they still hold scars of the injustices done to them by those on Earth even as they float above them. Many on the PLANTs desire the destruction of the Naturals, while others remember the peaceful aliens and simply prefer to live in peace with their fellow humans.

Ten years have passed since the invasion began, and seven years since Britannia's conquest was completed...the year is now Celestial Calender 195.

Japan struggles under the heel of Britannia while the Earth Alliance, growing more and more thrall to radical elements from the Blue Cosmos organization, turns a blind eye, so busy is it trying to keep the Coordinators from growing too powerful militarily. Dr. Hell has also been amassing power as well - his army of Mechabeasts grows in number and ferocity, wreaking havoc on any and all nations who do not submit to his will.

Meanwhile, two rebellions have been bubbling just beneath the surface in Japan: the first is a coordinated effort amongst the different research institutes to resist Britannia with their one-of-a-kind Super Robots, even as Britannia vies to claim the plans for a mass-produced Super Robot; the other is led by a mysterious masked man called "Zero", who has the power to control others with his gaze, a power shared only by a small few...including the Britannian Emperor himself, if the whispers are to be believed.

Adding to the mess are the arrival of numerous otherworldly forces.

The Vega Empire, with the forces of the planet Campbell and Boazan at their command, have followed the peaceful aliens to Earth and are making plans to conquer it and claim its resources. Their arrival was preceded by the appearance of a young man from planet Fleed, who was taken in by Dr. Gensuke Umon, a colleague of Prof. Yumi and the two Prof. Kabutos. The UFO Robo that Fleed brought to Earth became the basis for the Kabutos' Mazingers.

Meanwhile, the enigmatic Zonder have arrived on Earth to assimilate more people into their number. The GGG organization, with its powerful machine GaoGaiGar at the vanguard, works to combat them, even as other threats loom.

The Jovian Lizards, a mysterious force who fights only with robotic, AI-controlled machines, has also taken it upon itself to attack the Earth while it is in chaos. To combat this, Nergal has created its own warship, the Nadesico, to combat this threat.

The fiendish Protodevlin, abominations from the stars, now lurk at the fringes of Earth's influence, waiting for their chance to suck up Spiritia. The mega-colony of Macross, with its unique transforming mechs, the Variable Fighter series, is the only force that seems to be paying attention to their presence.

Finally, beings not of this reality, only known as Angels, show signs of activity, putting NERV on high alert. Their powerful Evangelions await pilots, and they are looking at Ashford Academy for such individuals...

The Ruined World

The other reality, which exists in the Universal Century year 0093, has an Earth that is teetering between life and death. The wealthy of the Earth's nations have fled to massive space colonies after a terrible accident that set the planet, ravaged by a year-long-war (dubbed the One Year War) at death's door. The One Year War, which was concluded fifteen years ago, was fought between the loosely affiliated nations and inner orbit colonies of the Earth Federation and the space-faring Principality of Zeon, using mobile suits.

Left behind the accident were a number of poor individuals to fend for themselves against a mass of invading aliens. Meanwhile, the colonies themselves decide to cease fighting with each other through war, and unite against the invading aliens, and the Principality of Zeon. Zeon itself, while priding itself as being free from the bonds of Earth's gravity, wants to restores their world to a more pristine condition, and blames the greedy Earth Federation for the planet's decaying state.

Overall, the combination of the war and the accident killed off nearly two-thirds of Earth's population, but it did produce a great hero for the Federation - young Neo-Japanese pilot Amuro Ray, whose RX-78 Gundam became the envy of every Federation state.

In order to cease any remaining feuding amongst themselves while sating their appetite for Gundams, the member nations of the Federation have agreed to settle all internal conflicts through negotiation, and determine the ruler of Earth with the Gundam Fight. A representative fighter from each nation engages in single combat with other representatives using mobile suits based loosely on the RX-78 that utilize the special Mobile Trace System. The nation whose Gundam is the last one standing will have the highest level of authority in the entire Federation for four years.

After the One Year War ended, a secret meeting of Neo Japan's top scientists met to discuss plans to restore the decaying Earth. Among these brilliant minds were Professor Juuzo Kabuto, Professor Saotome, Dr. Raizo Kasshu, Dr. Masaki Kihara, and a scientist later known as Dr. Hell. Together, these five geniuses proposed the creation of the Ultimate Gundam, a robot comprised of cell-like nanomachines with the ability to self-recover, self-evolve and self-adapt. It would then be brought to Earth to facilitate its recovery.

Unfortunately, there were those among the development team who desired to use the Ultimate Gundam for their own purposes, including Dr. Kihara. Saotome and Kabuto caught wind of their plans, and told Dr. Kasshu. Unfortunately, booting Kihara off the team would have indefinitely halted the project, so the two instead decided to wait until it was completed before initiating their own plan. Soon after its completion, Kyoji Kasshu, the eldest son of Dr. Kasshu, hijacked the Ultimate Gundam and dropped it to Earth, where they disappeared, and remained hidden for years.

Not long after, the first aliens arrived: beings simply known as Invaders raided the moon base of the Earth Federation, where Prof. Saotome, as well as other members of the Getter Ray Laboratories, were paying a visit. Saotome escaped with his life, but he soon realized he was infected by an Invader, and would soon become their thrall. He feverishly began working on a plan to combat them, and created a new savior: Shin Dragon. But before he could complete it, he lost his daughter Michiru, who was with him, in a training accident. It pushed him over the edge, allowing the infection to take him over. A series of events ultimately led to the accident, known as the Getter Ray Armageddon, when the Federation fired a nuclear missile on the monster, inadvertently blanketing the Earth with Getter Rays. This made much of the Earth all but completely inhospitable to any life form besides humans and Invaders.

But there were sanctuaries.

Many fugitives from the Getter Ray Armageddon and the One Year War fled to a city under Neo Japan jurisdiction called Teppelin, or Kamina City to its inhabitants. It was once the base of a ruthless, god-like warlord named Lordgenome, but he was defeated by a heroic lad named Simon, piloting a drill-wielding robot known as Gurren Lagann. The sudden war with the Spiral King and his Beastmen was yet another reason the wealthy began to flee to the Neo colonies, but now both human and Beastmen live in relative harmony thanks to the recently-formed partnership between Simon and the Beastman Viral, one of Lordgenome's former lieutenants.

Also living in Teppelin is Juuzo Kabuto, who is working on a Super Robot as powerful as Saotome's, in the hopes of combating Dr. Hell, who is looking to resurrect a long-dead empire and conquer the world with his army of Mechabeasts.

Watching all this from the moon are the people of the Lunar Kingdom, a thriving space colony who separated from the Earth Federation generations ago and became independent. Some forces within the royal court are moving to conquer the Earth and colonies, and will use two machines, as powerful as any Super Robot, and sharing traits with the Devil Gundam, to do so.

Finally, the firm of International Electronic Brains was destroyed by massive mecha piloted by the Hakkeshu, mysterious forces who desire to destroy the world, period. Little do they realize that they are being controlled by someone who is already dead.

At the center of these two worlds are two individuals whose destinies will draw the worlds together through the power to cross between them, and decide the fate of not just those Earths, but all realities...

This is the tale of the twin robot wars.

This is Super Robot Wars U(ltima)!

Yeah, I was pressed for a letter to use. Sue me.

Anyway, I think I'm going to have fun with this one. For those of you who have been following my Sonic tales, you'll get to know human versions of Tahra (now just Tara) and Janus, with somewhat reworked personalities.

Anyway, here's a list of the series I'll be incorporating into this mess. Series marked with a * will not have any plot involved, but will have characters and mecha involved. A series marked with a ^ will have at least a few elements of their original plot involved. The stuff in parentheses () will denote what part of a series I will be using.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (1st season of TV series)

Mazinkaiser (OVA + Movie)

UFO Robo Grendizer^

King of Braves GaoGaiGar (TV series + FINAL)

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (R1 + R2, elements of Nightmare of Nunnally)

Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV series + End, elements of Rebuild)

Martian Successor Nadesico (TV series)

Super Electromagnetic Robot Combattler V

Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V

Macross 7 (TV series)

Super Beast Machine God Dancougar^

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Lagann Hen + elements of TV series)

Getter Robo Armageddon (Episodes 4-13)

Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Hades Project Zeorymer (OVA)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

Shin Mazinger Z

Turn A Gundam^

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam*

Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam*

Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket*

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray^

Brave Raideen^

Getter Robo (70's anime)^


I wanted to add New Mobile Report Gundam Wing, DieBuster, The Big O, Space Runaway Ideon and Space Knight Tekkaman Blade to the mix, but at this point it would have been too hard to coordinate them all. But I think this is a pretty sizable series list, and I think I can pull out some pretty good fan-service moments here. So, here's to a new project that maybe I'LL FINISH THIS TIME.

Also, if anyone artistically inclined wants to take a while at creating visual designs of the original robots I make up, please feel free.

Super Robot Wars is (c) Banpresto & Namco/Bandai, and all other properties are copyrighted by their respective owners, etc. etc.