Note: So I've had this idea floating around in my head for a while now but never thought to do anything about it. This is mostly inspired by the song All the Stars in Texas by Ludo (go look it up, it's an amazing song!) which somehow snuck its way into my Loveless playlist a while back, thus resulting in this AU 8D

Warnings: Talk of sex, use of alcohol, strong language, minor violence, minor shota, and OOCness due to AU

Genre: Romance/Crime

Summary: It was no secret that Ritsuka had had a crush on his older brother's friend Agatsuma Soubi. When Soubi offered to run away with him he didn't hesitate to leave his abusive mother, even if Soubi's motives were questionable. They now work together as bank robbers, traveling and balancing their lives precariously on a thin stack of bills.

Chapter One

"Which pedal?" Ritsuka squealed, the words slightly muffled by his black mask. It was smothering him – he wanted desperately to take it off. "Soubi! Which pedal? They're coming-!"

"Left. Ritsuka – left!"

The car sped forward a bit then stopped, putting for a moment before Ritsuka got control of the car and they were off.

"Where are we-?"

"Turn right."

Ritsuka didn't question him, speeding around the corner despite the red light, almost colliding with another driver. Soubi hissed a curse under his breath, leaning over and tapping the horn irritably.

"Soubi! Don't distract me!"

"Sorry, Ritsuka."

"Which way?"

"Right again – go in a circle then ditch the car out in that wooded area behind our house. The movers should be there in an hour."

"Only an hour?" Ritsuka asked, his face red with anxiety and his fingers shaking on the steering wheel. "Do we have time to clean up and hide everything?"

"Of course. Don't we always?"

Ritsuka made a soft noise that could've been agreement or annoyance as he turned the next right.

They couldn't hear the sound of police cars anymore, so Soubi pulled down his mask and yanked the ribbon that held his ponytail out of his hair, dropping it in on of the cup holders of the "borrowed" car. "I can't breathe in that thing," he hissed, running his fingers through his hair. "Turn left here."

Ritsuka nodded, turning a bit too sharply and almost running the car into a tree. He caught himself with a sharp gasp, veering back onto the road.

"Pull over whenever," Soubi said, looking around for police cars or bystanders. "Be fast though."

Ritsuka nodded, parking the car on the side of the road and climbing out. They left the keys, but gathered all their other things – guns, masks, money, even Soubi's hair tie in fear of leaving and proof. Soubi pulled out a can of black spray paint, covering the car with fake graffiti and blocking the license plates from view as best as he could.

"Let's go," he said, dropping the can onto the road and pulling off Ritsuka's mask. "I know where we are. The walk won't be long."

"Okay," Ritsuka said, feeling a bit relieved when Soubi grasped his hand, leading him across the street and into the trees. If they walked long enough he knew they'd come out by the back fence of their house. They'd have to repair the broken board they'd been using as a place to sneak in and out, get all their things into Soubi's car, then change before the movers got there.

As soon as they were back in their house Soubi dropped off his coat and helped Ritsuka out of his. "Hide these in the bottom of the Halloween box, okay? I'm going to fix the board while you change and finish packing our things – you know where they go, right?"

Ritsuka nodded dutifully, tail swaying behind him as he went to do as Soubi asked. Once the coats were hidden he put the bags with the money and other stuff into a box of their own and buried them in bed sheets. He put them in the back of Soubi's car with their suitcases of clothes and the boxes with holiday decorations. He almost ran right into Soubi as he went back into the house.

"Did you change?"

Ritsuka shook his head and Soubi leaned down to kiss him. "You'd better get on that. We've got twenty minutes."

He was about to pull away when Ritsuka wound his arms around him, looking up at Soubi through thick black lashes, violet eyes sparkling. "Can you help me?" he asked timidly.

Soubi sighed. "We don't have time for this, Ritsuka," he said reluctantly. "Bring it up again later."

Ritsuka pouted, looking down at their feet. "You always say that."

Blue eyes examined him carefully. "You're only fifteen."


"Bring it up later." Another soft kiss and Soubi headed off to finish packing, leaving Ritsuka to glare after him.

Ritsuka sat silently in the passenger seat as they drove across the county to their new home. Ritsuka couldn't say he was happy to leave – they'd lived there for a while now and everything was set up nicely and they were used to working out of that house.

"Okay, Ritsuka. You know I start my new job in the morning, right?"

He nodded. "School doesn't start for me until Wednesday, though."

"Good. Will you be fine to stay home and unpack?"

"Yeah." He sat back in the cat seat, yawning. "How much do we have this month?"

Soubi counted on his fingers, glancing away from the road for a moment. "About two-hundred thousand. Not much. We've still got last month's, too."

Ritsuka sighed. "How much of that to pay the movers?"

"Only a thousand or so."

Ritsuka did the math in his head, adding this month's profit to last month's and subtracting the cost of bills and the movers. They also owed one of Soubi's friends for the handmade jackets that were now being smothered by Halloween decorations. Oops.

"Why so little?"

"Do you really want to travel with much more cash than that?"

Ritsuka huffed. "Whatever."

Smiling, Soubi reached over and caught Ritsuka's hand in his, lacing their fingers together. "Are you still upset about earlier?"

"Wha-What?" Ritsuka's cheeks flushed pale pink, his fingers twitching in Soubi's grasp. "Of course not. I'm not that desperate!"

"I never said you were."

Ritsuka's ears flattened against his head in irritation, big amethyst eyes narrowed. "Doesn't mean you didn't think it."


Ritsuka squeaked in irritated surprise, jerking his hand back. Not a single word was exchanged the rest of the drive.

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