They say that time heals all wounds, and while not strictly true, it was good enough for Harry Potter.

To say that the bad guys lost and the good guys won would be a lie. For in war there are no winners or losers, just men and women fighting for what they believe in. Fighting for those they'd lost and those that had yet to be born.

Overall though, things had taken a turn for the better. Everyone who survived was encouraged to look to the future, to help the next generation never have a war like that again.

Many people were lost and they were mourned, their lives celebrated, statues built in their honour.

Though people had moved on since then, they would never forget the ones they lost, what they did for the good of the world, muggles and wizards.

People had started to rebuild their lives, mending houses, taking in orphans, the rich giving to the poor, striving for better future. Of course this had all started with the ministry.

The Wizarding world was in need of someone to help them, to be on their side for once. After a month of debates and no closer to an answer, he felt the need to step in. Harry's word was practically law. It would be a long time before anyone saw past the boy's mask. Saw the broken teenage boy he really was. The boy who had seen too much.

So he appointed Kinsley minister. His help during and after the war was outstanding and no one could disagree with his choice.

After intervening, Harry went back to his home with Sirius at 12 Grimmauld Place. Finally though, after much discussion, he and Sirius both decided that the place held too many memories and decided to find a new home.

Remus and Tonks, who needed a place to raise teddy, moved with them. So now, here they were, in the peaceful Lake District living in a slightly large but comfy house that they now called home.

So it was that Harry could be found on another warm, autumn evening, looking across the lake deep in thought. Thinking of the time when they had first moved in. Thinking of the time when he had first sat by the water's edge. Thinking of the time when he had felt truly relaxed, for the first time in years.

To say that the morning they moved was hectic would be an understatement, last minute packing and all. They'd decided to move to somewhere more peaceful, to have a new start away from all the publicity. Luckily Tonks had found a beautiful 6 bedroom house in the Lake District, surrounded by hills, mountains, lakes, brooks, and streams. All in all though, it wasn't her decision on if they bought the house or not, it was Teddy's.

Teddy had had a major role in their lives since the end of the second war. The memories of the final battle were still fresh, and that special baby had been helping them through it. He had been a comfort for everyone. He reminded them what they had been fighting for.

No one could forget the people that were lost though, at least not for long, and sometimes that was worse. Waking up one morning, thinking that they're still with you, and then it hits you. It hits you like a ton of bricks and you feel like you're re-living a nightmare.

Harry frequently has nightmares about the last battle, but he has learnt to live on. To be grateful that he was alive. Teddy had shown all of them that you have to keep going, that you can't be an empty emotionless person, so they've been doing everything for him. Making sure he's the most loved child in the world.

They would never forget the day that they took Teddy to see the house. They'd never forget the way that his face lit up when he first saw it. Fell House, nestled comfortably at the bottom of Scafell Pike, sits next to a lake of shimmering clear water. The location in its self was enough for Teddy, as he seemed just about ready to run from the grip of his mother's arms and explore the country side.

Unfortunately for him, she didn't let go, her protective instinct forbidding it. Back then there hadn't been any charms over the house, making it open to attack from dark wizards, so they quickly retreated into the inside, doing an almost sprint though the solid oak door frame and slamming it shut.

Teddy didn't see much of the outside but what he did see he liked. Vines wormed their way around the three storey building, encasing the beige coloured bricks in a shining mixture of green leaves. The inside was just as beautiful, just as homely and welcoming. Teddy loved it. The house just seemed to be home for him the moment he laid eyes on it. Every single day since then, he was loudly broadcasting to the entire house the countdown to moving day. So it led to this.

The day they moved everyone was running around like maniacs, trying to pack what they missed. Harry, he packed what little he'd forgotten the previous night when everyone else was sleeping. Harry didn't really sleep much anymore, the nightmares that came with it made him scared to do so. He didn't particularly own much either; his relatives weren't exactly the most generous of people and Gryffindor tower was destroyed in the battle, taking some of his possessions with it.

Harry remembered the promise he's made Teddy the day they'd moved. He promised that he wouldn't be sad.

The saviour broke his promise.