Kurosawa Rei had just broken the tattoo curse and she felt the urge to check on her good friend and assistant Hinasaki Miku. She walked into her room. Miku was still lying there in her bed but the curse marks on her body had gone. "Miku wake up it's over now. Please Miku wake up." She pleaded. Miku stirred. "Rei-san?" She said. Rei threw her arms around Miku.

"Thank god I-I was so worried that I hadn't been able to save you but you're okay. We're still here." Miku gently held her back. "We survived?" She asked. "Yes we survived I figured out how to break the curse." Miku smiled. "Thank you Rei-san when I was running to my brother I heard you calling me back but I just had to see him and apologize to him. He told me it was alright and that I should go back." Miku said.

The days of happiness passed. Amakura Kei had lived along with his niece Mio. They kept in contact with each other Miku and Mio became quite good friends and in turn she and Rei had gotten closer. It was a day when they were at the beach that Rei realized that after this she had come to think of Miku as a bit more of a friend. She had sort of known when she saw all the dreadful things that Miku had faced but had taken it in her stride. She was in love with Miku.

Yuu had told her that a part of him would live on inside of her and that she should live on. There shouldn't be anything wrong with falling in love with someone else but this was Miku her young assistant who she shouldn't have feelings for. It wasn't right was it? Something in her mind told her it was right it felt right. And maybe just maybe Miku could return her feelings. 'It can't help to just tell her could it?' Rei thought and she knew what she should do.

Rei turned Miku around to face her. Miku looked stunned. "R-Rei-san d-daijoubu ka?" She asked. "Listen there is no easy way to tell you this but... I-I think that I might be falling in love with you." She said bluntly. "Um wow I wasn't expecting that you could ever return my feelings but I admit we have been getting closer recently but Rei-san are you sure this is what you want I mean after Yuu-san? Could you ever love me as much?" She asked.

Rei held Miku close. "Of course I could! I don't want anything more than to be together with you. I'm not letting you go. I'll protect you from everything for as long as we both shall live and besides I think Yuu would be happier if I got with you than anyone else I mean I've always kinda liked girls and Yuu knew this." Rei said. Miku smiled. "That settles it from now on we'll be together." She said. They both held each others hands and watched the ocean waves.

"I never understood why we survived but now I realize. Why we were allowed to live..."

"I'll go on living, even with the pain..."