Chapter 4


The headcrabs and headcrab zombies seem to have an instict for fighting with antlions, as demonstrated in nova prospekt, all of half life 2 episode one, and most of half life 2 episode two.

There used to be a shield protecting city 17 from headcrabs and antlions, until it was powered down, creating a warm, soft, and cozy, place for headcrabs. Too bad freeman was there.

All of the data and research done by black mesa for the first edition was mysteriously destroyed by a nuke sometime ago. I forgot the date anyways, so oh well.

Vortgaunts barbeque headcrabs during a barbeque.

I'm saying all this crap beause I have nothing else to say.

I WILL be returning after a short break to write life of an antlion, which is pretty muchly like what you have been reading the past five minutes except the stages are different and it will be only one edition, unlike my past work. After that, I will not make any more life of a fanfictions until I find an ideal creature in the half life universe, or decide to branch out into another valve universe (probably portal). Bye!