Xx Prequel No. 1 - Misato Katsuragi xX
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Major Katsuragi waited impatiently for the elevator. "Hurry up, I don't have all day," she said.
Finally, the lift arrived. The lift door slid open and Misato walked in.

"Hey Misato," said a middle-aged man known as Kaji. Misato gritted her teeth.
"Hiii," said Misato. "Jerk," she thought. "This can't be a coincedence. Why do I have to be in the same lift as him?"
"You look...more beautiful than the last time I saw you," said Kaji as he smiled.
Misato sweated a big sweat drop and got off at the next floor.
"Ugh," she said out loud. Then she cursed. She had three more floors of stairs to climb.

Asuka Langley stared at her homework. She couldn't understand the kanji. So she walked out of her bedroom, and into Shinji's. Shinji was at his desk doing his homework.
"Hey Third Child, can you tell me what this kanji says?"
Shinji turned around. "Oh, hi Sohryu." he said.
Then he took Asuka's book and read out the kanji.

Halfway through reading it, he stopped. Asuka had a look he had never seen before on her face. It was not of hate, either. It made Shinji blush, but he continued reading.
"Hey Ikari-kun," said Asuka as she interrupted him. "You can stop reading,"
Shinji stopped reading and handed the book back to Asuka.
She smiled and said"Thanks Third Child," She leant closer. "I would kiss you if..."

Misato was home "Hey Asuka, Shinji, I'm home!" She looked into Asuka's room and no one was there. So she walked to Shinji's room and saw Asuka gazing into Shinji's eyes and Shinji blushing as red as Asuka's hair.

"Aww what are you two doing?" she asked cheekily.
"Umm..." said Shinji. Now his face was as red as Asuka's plug suit.
"Oh nothing. Shinji was just helping me with my homework," said Asuka.
"It didn't look that way to me," said Misato.
"It was. Honestly," replied Asuka. Then she cursed under her breath.


"Hey Wondergirl, we are going to beat Shinji this time, okay?" said Asuka as she changed into her plug suit. "There is no need to," replied Rei quietly.
"Wondergirl doesn't have much of a life," thought Asuka.
Rei and Asuka walked out of the girls changing room and met up with Shinji.
"I'm going to get a higher synch score than you, baka, just wait and see," said Asuka loudly to Shinji.
Rei, Asuka and Shinji went into their Eva's entry plugs.

Unit 02 and Eva Unit 01 started towards Tokyo 2. Gendo Ikari stood next to the NERV building. Ritsuko looked worriedly out the window. "Major what is captain doing out there? Its dangerous!"
But Major Katsuragi didn't reply. She was too busy trying to get Unit 00 to move.

"Unit 00 isn't responding to our orders!" said Maya.
Suddenly, Unit 00 ran towards Gendo.
"Unit 00...!" said Rei from the inside of Unit 00. Gendo backed off.
"Father!" yelled Shinji. "Watch out!" Rei fell unconcious after the impact that Unit 00 caused,
when it slammed into the side of NERV's building. "Gendo!" yelled Ritsuko.

"Withdraw the EVA's!" said Misato. "Shinji, Asuka, return!"
Unit 01 and Unit 02 complied with her orders.
Shinji came out of his entry plug.
Unit 00's plugs were terminated, and Rei was taken out of her entry plug.
She was still unconcious.


Shinji dropped onto his knees next to Gendo.
"Father?! Can you hear?!" he shook Gendo. "Get up! Listen to me, get up!"
The NERV medics came. "Father..." said Shinji.

Asuka frowned when she watched Shinji. He looked so helpless,
that she wanted to put her arms around him and comfort him.
And Gendo...did he want to die? Was he really gone?


Rei, Asuka, and Shinji were waiting outside the NERV hospital and they were all silent.
Rei had recovered not a long while ago. Misato walked to the EVA pilots.
She had a serious look on her face.

Misato handed Shinji a note. He read it, then tears of anger and sorrow started flowing down his fave. He scrunched it up and threw it on the ground, then buried his fave into his hands. "I hate you father! Why did you have to leave?!"
Asuka looked sad, and confused.
Rei was wondering, "Why do people cry? What is the meaning of this?"
Misato leant forward and hugged Shinji.


Ritsuko hit the desk. Why did Gendo die? Why?
She walked to the bench (where the eva pilots had once occupied) and cried.
Then she saw a scrunched up piece of paper on the ground.
Ritsuko picked it up. It read:

To my son,
Shinji, I have decided tp join your mother.
I am sorry that I did not tell you sooner,
or you would've stopped me.
Katsuragi will take my place as commander.
Please continue NERV to protect the world.
I'm sorry I never talked to you,
I didn't want to risk losing you,
my son. Goodbye.
From your father,
Gendo Ikari.

to be continued in -
Prequel No. 2 - Rei Ayanami.