Story title: Young Justice Re-Write: #1 Batman and Robin

Rating: M (yaoi and boyxboy) this is slash

Characters: Batman and Robin

Disclaimer: I don't own this *cries as I hold a batman doll*

I would recommend you read this to understand my series

The Young Justice Re-Write Series

This is the first installment, even though I have written one already before this.

That one is the second one part two

This is a poem on the full story


I say this to those who love


What an easy saying

It lives the most glorious lives

It can build

It can break

It can bond

It can scar

It can hurt

But what is love

What is love without sacrifice

What is love without wounds

Would it change us

Would it mend us

Or would they mend us

Would they die for us

Would they cry for us

Would I be asking if I did not know


Such a strong and complex emotion

Yet simple