Dear Reader,

I have come to you today to give you outstanding news! I will be indeed publishing a book from my fanficions, but I need your help! My book is going to be a collage of stories an almost Anthology of pure T-R rated sex. This book will be called The Little Rainbow Book, and with it I can publish it through my publishing firm. But as I said I need help. I want you to help me get stories, but not just any stories, YOUR stories.

Here's what you need to do to qualify;

Give me a pseudonym (made up name) to put your story under.

give me a story with a good sex scene

make sure to include a disclaimer to each chapter

get rid of any author's notes

And there you have it, follow these simple rules and you will get a chance to be part of The Little Rainbow Book. If you have the document and will allow me to edit it for you, just email me the document at supervampire1000 and I'll take care of the rest.

Lots of Fluffy Love'