Chapter 4 Safe House

Later That Evening

Leonard struggled up the last flight of stairs with Penny in his arms. He had been careful the whole way up not to bang her pink cast on the stairwell walls. Penny's head was against his shoulder in her arms was her purse. Leonard stepped onto the 4th floor landing and headed for the door to 4B.

Leonard was out of breath, "Penny, Penny I need the key."

Penny looked up a little groggily, "They're in my purse sweetie"

Penny laid her head back on Leonard's shoulder and was back asleep. Leonard rolled his eyes then looked over at the door to 4A. He walked over to it and kicked it with his foot several times.

"Sheldon open the door?"

The door opened and Leonard was faced with Amy Farrah-Fowler standing on the other side.

Her eyebrows shot up and her hand went to her mouth, "Leonard what have you done to my bestie?"

Leonard walked past her toward the couch, "She broke her foot, Sheldon get up."

Sheldon in his spot looked up with a more than agitated look then saw Penny in Leonard's arms and jumped up.

"You could take her to her apartment Leonard. What happened?"

Leonard laid Penny down as gently as he could with her head on the pillow in Sheldon's spot. He then sat on the coffee table and pulled his inhaler out of his pocket. Leonard took two quick puffs and was trying to catch his breath. He scowled at Sheldon for several seconds still huffing and puffing.

"Her horse stepped on her foot and broke it. She going to be fine and I'll take her back to her place once I catch my breath."

Amy was beside him now, positioning Penny's head on the pillow and stroking her hair. She looked over at Leonard.

"Did you get to ask her first?"

Leonard looked at Amy with his eyes bugging out behind his glasses, "You knew I was going to propose today too? Is there anybody that doesn't know?"

Amy looked over at Sheldon and then back at Leonard a very analytical look on her face, "I only told Sheldon when I got here. I'm pretty sure Bernadette told Raj. Howard should know, they had their video call a couple of hours ago. So no everyone that you know is aware of it. Oh and I believe Penny called her parents yesterday."

Leonard sat back and slumped on the coffee table. He'd stopped huffing and puffing but was frowning at Amy exasperation in his voice, "You want to tell me how you guys knew?"

Sheldon sat on the arm of the couch above Penny's head uncomfortably, "I believe they read your essay book with the proposal plan in it. Really Leonard you shouldn't leave private things like that lying around."

Leonard looked up at his roommate his eyes narrowing, "There has got to be something in the roommate agreement about protecting the privacy of your roommate."

Sheldon looked stricken for a second, "My apologies"

Amy still stroking Penny's hair looked at Sheldon then Leonard, "It's not his fault Leonard I distracted him with a trip to the train store."

Sheldon suddenly had a look of vindication, "See the wiles of a woman were to blame"

Amy proceeded to fill Leonard in on their mission.

Still later that evening

Penny woke up and lifted her head. She was in her bed her head propped up on the pillows. Penny still felt groggy but comfortable. Whatever that shot was they gave her at the hospital they should sell it in six packs. Penny raised her head and looked around the room the lights were dim. Leonard was asleep in the bedroom chair with it pulled up close to her bed.

Penny reached over with her left hand to touch Leonard and saw the ring on her finger. It was a lovely gold ring with a pretty large diamond. She could see writing etched all around the band in tiny scripted letters. This better not be Klingon she thought but whatever it was it looked beautiful.

Penny touched Leonard's arm, he stirred and looked over at her.

"Hey you, I see I've collected some bling while I've been asleep its beautiful Leonard."

Leonard smirked for second, "Well you had to have at least one surprise today miss nosey. Amy told me everything."

Penny could feel herself blushing. Well at least she could turn back her new leaf a little. She smiled up at Leonard.

"I was surprised when Gumdrop stepped on my foot?"

"Not exactly what I was aiming for but it will have to do."

"Leonard what does the writing say on the ring, it's not Klingon right?"

Leonard laughed and gave his big smile, "Oh little miss nosey you'll have to figure that out. By the way I called your work to let them know you'd be out for a while."

Penny suddenly felt panicked tears welling up in her eyes. Things had been tight enough as it was, "Leonard what am I going to do?"

Leonard continued to smile and reached over to wipe a tear from her cheek, "We will do just fine why you're laid up, don't worry about it. I'm sure your fiancé can handle it."

Penny felt safe suddenly not alone against the world anymore. How would it feel when they were married she thought. She might have a bit of regret for losing her independence perhaps? She felt none of that right now. She did realize that one thing had not been said today.

Penny took Leonard's hand in hers and looked down at the ring and then back into his brown eyes.

"I love you Leonard"

Leonard leaned over and kissed her softly, "Thank you I love you too"

Penny scooted over in the bed and patted the spot she'd left.

"Come here you"

Monday mid-morning

Penny was laying on the couch her crutches beside it. Leonard had actually carried her into the living room before going in late today. Bernadette was going to be by with lunch in a bit. Penny got her laptop open and started looking for the right page. She twisted her engagement ring around her finger slowly typing in the inscription.

'"Amabo te, semper fidelis semper amica"

She hit the translate key and it came back, oh it was Latin. Penny felt tears in her eyes as she read the translation out loud.

"I will love you forever, faithful forever, my love"

This being for stealing away the proposal from you all. Enjoy.