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Bleeding Storm

Dean looked at his brother worriedly. In the two days since they had left New Orleans, Sam had steadily gotten worse. His fever was still incredibly high, and nothing he took was making it go down. Dean had rolled down the windows, cranked on the air conditioning, and even then Sam was still incredibly hot, sweating buckets, drinking water like it was going out of fashion, his face clammy and his forehead roasting.

"Sammy?" Dean asked in concern as Sam gave a groan, once more rubbing his temple.

"I feel awful." He said sadly, and Dean didn't like the massive bags under his eyes one little bit.

"You look it too. We need to take you to a doctor, or to a hospital Sammy. You really don't look good, and I'm worried." Dean said in concern, looking at how weak his brother seemed, his eyes detecting the merest trace of a shiver in his little brother.

"No, we can't, they'll find you." Sam protested softly.

Dean cursed. The Leviathans had framed Dean for a murder one of their own had committed, and had also revealed to the world that he was still alive, hence the actions of the Leviathan who had taken on Dean's form were now being dumped on his shoulders. As they had continued across the country, bound for Seattle, news had broken that Dean was also wanted for the attempted murder of his little brother, and the actual murder of his little brother. Obviously, Dean hadn't killed Sam, though he had tried to in Dillimore, and Sam had been resurrected after his death, but now the entire country was on the lookout for Dean, which effectively narrowed the locations in which the boys could flee to.

As it stood, the boys were bound for Seattle, where they would meet up with Marion and Jody, two sheriffs who they were friends with, and once they had done that they would try and figure a way out of this mess. But with Leviathans looking for them, Dean wasn't sure how long they could avoid the authorities, especially when Sam was so ill, and continually rubbing his forehead wearily.

"Sammy, we might have to take that chance." Dean said grimly, but Sam shook his head.

"No, no way. Dean if they find you, they'll kill you." Sam moaned, and Dean frowned at his brother.

He knew Sam was just trying to protect him, make sure nothing bad happened to him. But Dean couldn't take the risk that by him trying to avoid the authorities, he could worsen Sam's condition.

Bobby then flickered into existence in the back seat, disturbing Dean before he had a chance to contradict Sam.

"Look, we're nearly at Seattle, and Jody will arrive tomorrow. If Sam's fever hasn't broken then, she can take him to the hospital, while you go off with Marion and try to avoid this mess. Hopefully if we split you two up, people won't be so suspicious about the two of you, and you might be able to move about a lot better." He said, and Dean nodded, but he didn't want to be split apart from Sam. Sam was seriously ill, his condition was getting worse and his constant rubbing of his head was making Dean uneasy. He wanted Sam where he could see him, where he could look after him.

"No. Still no hospitals." Sam said feebly, and Dean gave him a look, part irritated and part worried, and Sam's resistance seemed to melt.

"Sammy, I'm worried about you, you're getting worse, not better, we've packed you full of drugs and it hasn't had any effect. I'm scared, ok? The last time you had a fever this bad, you nearly died. Yeah, a shtriga might have helped, but you weren't doing so hot even before then, I was terrified back then I was going to lose you, and I'm not going through that again. So, we reach the motel, get you some proper rest, and if you're still this bad in the morning, Jody or not, then you're going to the hospital, got it?" Dean said firmly, his tone broaching no argument, and Sam nodded, his eyes dull, sweat streaming down his face, and Dean could tell that Sam just wanted to cuddle up to his brother and fall asleep, but on the run as they were, they couldn't take that risk. Sam gave a tired groan, and motioned to Dean, and after checking his mirrors, Dean drove the car onto the hard shoulder. Sam clambered out, ahead of Dean, and by the time he got to his brother, he had been sick, and was going again. Dean sidled alongside him, rubbing Sam's back as his brother heaved, not liking how pale and clammy Sam's skin was, or the fact that his entire body was shaking.

"You done?" Dean asked softly, stroking Sam's hair behind his ear as his brother wiped his mouth.

"Think so." He said, swaying as he stood upright, and Dean threw out a hand to steady him.

"Come on Sammy, we gotta get your fever down. Let's get to this damn motel. And if not, you're going straight to hospital." Dean said, his voice firm, but inside he was terrified, he had never seen Sam this weak with a fever before.

But he had to stay strong, he had to keep driving, and they had to get the hell out of here, preferably before some idiot spotted them on the road and realised who he was. He helped Sam back into the car, and as he entered the car, he saw that his brother had immediately dropped off to sleep, and was now shivering.

"Give me a blanket." Dean said to Bobby, and when he was passed one, he wrapped it tightly around his little brother, who's teeth were chattering.

"Aww Sammy, how'd you get into such a state huh?" Dean asked sadly, looking at his baby brother.

"Considering everything that happened in New Orleans, I'm surprised he isn't worse off than he is, there's no telling what sort of creepy ass voodoo Becky put in the hex bag she zapped him with." Bobby said darkly, and Dean's lip curled.

"If she did anything to make him this ill, I'll resurrect her and kill the crazy bitch all over again." He vowed, starting the car once more, as Sam shivered weakly beside him.

"He doesn't look good Dean. As in really not good." Bobby said darkly, and Dean looked at his brother in concern.

"Yeah, don't I know it." He whispered, and took a grip of Sam's hand, which had escaped from under the blanket.

"Hang in there Sammy. Don't give up on me yet." He whispered and put his brother's hand back under the blanket as he gunned his engine and sped them up the motorway once more.


Valente had the scent, and Charlie was blasting them up the motorway. Soon now, they would get to the Winchesters. Valente smiled as he considered the trap the two brothers were now in. With so few of their friends remaining, and the entire country after them, the Winchesters had nowhere left to run, and soon now they would have them run to ground. Roman would finally forgive him for losing them the last time, and when he called this time, it would be with good news, and he would be hearing of promotion rather than bibbing.

Dean and Sam were cornered, unable to escape. With everyone believing they had committed those mass murders the previous year, and with Dean now being accused of murdering the Brandon police force and his own brother, the two of them were trapped. Dean wouldn't be able to go anywhere, and as it was clear that they couldn't function without one another, Sam would be unwilling and unable to leave Dean behind.

Their love for each other would be their undoing, and they would finally be destroyed by the enemies that they had so unwisely challenged.

Beside him, Charlie was smiling in grim satisfaction. Valente had picked up their trail, and it was fairly obvious that the boys were heading towards Seattle, probably hoping to escape into Canada. He despised Dean, who had murdered his brother. Dean, the arrogant little thug who thought he was hurting when it was clear he just had a guilty conscience because he had gotten caught red handed. And Charlie couldn't abide those who murdered their own kin, especially when his own brother had been murdered and they had never found the culprit. It made him incredibly driven in hunting down such scumbags, those who would kill the ones they're meant to love the most.

And soon Dean Winchester, courtesy of Valente, would be in his grasp. True he had to figure out a way to escape from Valente, who was a murdering monster, but at least Dean would be dead.

The continued on up the motorway, getting closer to the boys all the time.


Gordon Walker, now the leader of a nest of vampire trackers, smiled as he ran a red felt tip in a cross over a picture of Bobby Singer. They were in his old friend Kubrick's RV, which he had found upon his return from Purgatory, had killed the owner and converted it to his own use, and now, his nest, despite how small it was, was hurtling along on the trail of the Winchesters.

Gordon looked around at his small nest. He had killed the leader, Clive, a couple of days ago, pleasing Clive's powerful employer, and offering his services in finding the two Winchesters, which the employer had accepted. Usurping control of the nest, he had led them after the two Winchesters, and now, they were closing in on them, catching up with the boys as they blazed towards Seattle, Washington.

"What about the angel friend they apparently had?" Gordon asked, and Grant, his best tracker and the second in command of the nest, shook his head in delight.

"He's dead too, they're all alone I tell you." He said cheerfully, and Gordon smiled, crossing out a picture of Castiel.

The Winchesters were completely on their own. And now, he would finally get to kill that little monster Sam, the one he blamed for his own turning into a vampire, and for good measure, he would kill Dean too. Actually, he would kill Dean first, and watch the demonic little shit scream and cry and beg as he slaughtered his brother before he finally turned on to him.

And the nest was behind him. When they learned that Dean had been responsible for the death of an entire nest of vampires, they had eagerly joined forces with him. Grant, dressed in a business suit, had naturally accepted Gordon as leader of the nest. Verity, dressed as a schoolgirl and vicious along with it, had eagerly accepted, wishing to join in on the bloodlust. Niall had long black hair to his shoulders and a stubbly beard, and he was dressed in farmer dungarees. Peter was a well built man, with grey hair and even greyer eyes. Jessie was a beautiful girl, albeit with a large claw mark down her face, and she had red hair that fell past her shoulders. And Ramoa was a woman of foreign descent, and ever since Gordon had taken over she hadn't said two words, which Verity indicated was because Clive, who Gordon had killed, had been her mate.

Niall was currently driving the RV, while Gordon narrowed down the list of friends of the Winchesters (traitors, all of them) that the boys might call on. At least, that was until he scented something on the wind, and called a stop, forcing Niall to pull in to a hard shoulder.

Gordon got out, and sniffed the air. Despite hating vampires all his life, he had to admit, their powers came in handy. Powers he would be sure to pay Sam Winchester back for.

The traitor had turned demonic, using his powers to kill hunters and start the Apocalypse. It also turned out that he was Lucifer's true vessel, big surprise. Something as obviously evil as that couldn't be allowed to live, it had to be killed like the cancer it was. Gordon knew that many hunters, himself included, had died all because of Sam and his brother.

Gordon had tried to warn Dean about Sam, told him he was evil and ought to be stopped, but he hadn't listened, and now, it transpired, was just as evil as he was, going around performing mass murders with reckless abandon.

It would be a civic duty to exterminate them.

He scented the air, and caught a whiff that was unmistakably Sam Winchester. Gordon prowled along the road, and found a pool of vomit that reeked of Sam.

"Yes, he was here. We're on the right track. And we're getting close." He said with dark glee, and they headed back to the RV to continue the pursuit.


"Why not attack them now?" one of his retainers asked, and he shook his head.

"No, not yet. I want Dean to suffer a bit more first before I make my move, it's him that I want to suffer most. Sam is much less to blame in the entire affair. And as the days go on, unless Sam gets medical attention, Dean will suffer more than he ever has as he watches his brother's slow, inexorable slide towards death." He said with savage satisfaction.

"Won't that, well, alter your plans?" his most timid retainer asked, and he shook his head.

"No, you don't know these boys the way I do. Sam will not die, and even if he does, it will not be permanent. There is time left, but either way, Sam is effectively off the playing field for the moment. Which means Dean is our only obstacle."

"But you said he isn't. Remember, there are others hunting the boys, and we don't want to confront any of them." A woman retainer said nervously, and he waved his hand irritably.

"Dean is the only thing in the way of what I want. And as to the others hunting the Winchesters, they had all better take note...anyone getting in my way will be summarily executed." He growled viciously.


Gordon's employer smiled as the driver took them north towards Seattle, where the Winchesters were meant to be going. Soon now, they would be run to ground, and then, their revenge would be complete. Rumours had reached them that they weren't the only ones looking for them, and they had no intention of letting anyone else steal their prize. And if that blasted vampire got in the way, he would be obliterated.


Reynolds looked at the report, indicating someone matching the description of Dean Winchester had stopped at a gas station, refilled their car, and had bought several medicines before heading on again. And that station they hadn't long passed, and it was relatively obvious where they were heading. They were heading towards Seattle. Reynolds smiled grimly, knowing the chase would soon be over.


Jody looked at Marion in concern as he drove them into the big queue that was wishing to cross the Canadian border. He'd had a rough couple of days, learning that virtually everyone he worked with had been murdered, and even more so when he learned that one of their friends was the one getting the blame.

It was Dean and Sam, after Sam's murder, who had driven Marion to abandon his station to help Dean stop the angel Zachariah for his murder of Sam, and also the one who had been driving Dean insane with visions. And Marion didn't regret it. The brothers had been reunited after Sam had possessed Zachariah and resurrected himself, and then they had persuaded Marion to go to ground with Jody, fearing the Leviathans would come after them after they were arrested under the names of Winchester, which automatically would have triggered alerts in the FBI databanks. And they had done so, only to learn a few days ago that the police in Brandon had all been murdered.

Now, the two of them were heading to a small motel, to meet up with Sam and Dean so they could try and figure out a way to sort all of this, and also bring the real murderer to justice for his murder of Marion's colleagues.

"You ok?" she asked softly, and he shrugged.

"I don't know Jody. Those kids, I trained them, i looked after them, showed them the ropes, and now they're all gone. And that really bothers me." He said, and she patted his arm.

"Well of course it does." She said kindly.

"I don't blame the boys if that's what you're wondering, I just, worry about it that's all. And ever since they released the list, I've been worried about Charlie, I can't reach him and its making me uneasy." He said, and she looked at him curiously.

"Really? Why? Surely him being alive is a good thing?" she asked, and he nodded, but his eyes remained clouded just the same.

"Yeah, it is. Problem is, I don't know how he survived, and that's what's bothering me. Could he just have escaped? Because from what the boys said, they don't seem the sorts to leave witnesses. Or, was he let go?" Charlie asked darkly, and he couldn't help it, something was niggling him about Charlie still being alive.

"You can't think like that." Jody told him as they neared the passport booth, and she got them both from the glove compartment.

"I know. So where are the boys?" he asked as they got closer.

"Heading to the motel, we'll meet them there. They're in a big range rover, we should find them pretty easily. But I'm getting worried, I haven't got an answer the last few times I called Sam." She said in concern.

"It's probably nothing. One of them will most likely be driving, the other will be sleeping, and I doubt Bobby can answer phones." He assured her, and she nodded.

Still, she couldn't help but shake the feeling that something was very wrong as they were cleared to cross the border


Getting into the motel had been difficult. Sam, whose condition had further deteriorated, had struggled into the motel and asked for a room, and the man behind the desk, seeing how bad Sam looked, had just waved him towards their room. Dean had been watching his brother intently, and Sam was only a few feet from the car when he collapsed.

"Sammy!" Dean cried in alarm, rushing out of the car to his brother's side, looking on in panic as Sam clutched his left temple.

"Sammy, talk to me." Dean pleaded desperately, looking up and seeing the owner hadn't even noticed.

"Ugh, I'm fine." He croaked weakly, and Dean hugged him to him.

"Alright, we'll get inside, then you're going straight to a hospital, you hear me?" he asked, hating how much his brother was sweating and shivering at the same time, and Dean exchanged a dark look with Bobby.

He'd been worried before, but now he was seriously terrified. Something was seriously wrong with Sam, and he needed a hospital, or at least a doctor, and he needed it now. And the Leviathans trap be damned, he was going to get his brother a doctor. It didn't matter if every law enforcer in the state descended upon him, or if he attracted every Leviathan from George all the way up to Roman himself, he had to get Sam medical help, because now, he may be being stupid and irrational, but he was seriously concerned that his brother might die.

"Dean..." Sam said weakly as Dean helped him to his feet, and supported him to their room door, banging it open.

Dean immediately set Sam on the bed the furthest from the door, and, still keeping an eye on him, he dashed across the room, throwing open the fridge to find bottles of water, and to his great relief, a small ice box. Wrapping the ice in a face cloth he found in the bathroom, he hurried to Sam and laid it on his head, and smiled a little at Sam's yelp of surprise, and smiled even more as his brother let out a relaxed sigh.

"Hmm, that feels good, thanks." Sam said wearily, pressing the cloth to his forehead in relief.

"Good, that'll cool down the rest of you. Come on bro, lose as many layers as you can, we need to cool you down, you're burning up. I would fill the bath with ice if I could." Dean said, worried that his brother was still sweating incredibly, but at least his head was cooling down.

Sam slowly took off his jacket, his muscles aching, his left temple pounding, so he moved the cloth a little to try to alleviate the pain. He was so tired, so hot, yet still shivering, his teeth were chattering, his eyes were sore, his mouth was parched, everything ached, his stomach hurt from the few times he had vomited coming up the road, and he still had that maddening pain in his left temple.

"Want me to fill the bath?" Dean asked worriedly, and Sam shook his head.

"No, I don't think that'll help, it won't be cold enough. I'll just lie here." He mumbled, flopping back, but Dean shook his head.

"Sammy, come on, you know better than this. This is one bitch of a fever, and you're burning up. I need to get you as cool as possible, so strip." He ordered, and Sam didn't even have the strength to glower at Dean as Dean started to help him out of his jeans, and Dean recoiled at all the heat that was coming off of his brother's legs as he did so. Sam was still fumbling sleepily with his shirt, so Dean undid it for him, and left his brother, still sweating buckets, lying in his boxers on the bed.

"Sammy, you need a doctor." Dean said grimly, fetching him some ice water, which his brother gratefully drank.

"No Dean, you can't, if you do, they'll get you. I need you." Sam said weakly, flashing puppy dog eyes at him, and Dean struggled to do the right thing, he never had been able to resist that look.

"I know you do Sammy, I need you too, but that means you need a doctor, you're really sick. I'm on the run here remember? I sort of need you on side." He said, his voice one of forced calm, but Sam still looked up at him, hurt.

"I'm sorry. You've got enough problems without worrying about me." He said sadly, and Dean shook his head, sitting beside his brother. He'd always done that, felt bad whenever he did something as human as get ill, ever since their damned father had yelled at him for giving him and Dean a cold when they were hunting an ogre, and their dad had had to get Joshua to do it instead. Ever since, Sam had always hated it when he was ill, thinking he had failed, or caused trouble and was just an all round inconvenience.

"Hey, this isn't your fault. And you're my only problem ok Sammy? I need you well, it's the only way I'm going to get through this. So, you need a doctor, and I don't care that the entire country is after me, I can cope with prison, I just need to know you're alright." He intoned, and Sam still stubbornly shook his head.

"But Dean, the Leviathans..." he said, and Dean growled in frustration, and Sam cowered slightly, which made Dean feel even worse about their present situation, seeing the same terrified look Sam had had on his face in that hospital room in Dillimore, thinking he might hurt him.

"Aww Sammy, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that. It's not you I'm mad at, it's this damn situation. You're ill, and I can't get you seen to because of what the damn Leviathans have done, they've made me more bloody wanted than Osama, and I'm pretty sure if someone so much as glimpses me in the street, the authorities are going to descend on me en masse. It's just frustrating, seeing how much trouble you're in and not being able to do a damn thing about it, I can't even call out a doctor, because if I do, there's a chance they'll recognise you, no matter how crappy you look, and then we'll be in a worse mess." He complained, and started slightly as he felt Sam's hand, which was astonishingly cold compared to the rest of him, squeeze his wrist.

"This isn't your fault Dean. I know you didn't murder them. I know you didn't murder me." He whispered with a smile, and Dean smiled, brushing his brother's sweat slicked hair behind his ears.

"Thanks. I just feel helpless, seeing how bad a mess you're in." He said in concern, and Sam nodded slowly.

"Dean, Jody and Marion will be here soon. When they get here, one of them can take me to the hospital. You can't, and I won't have you going to jail because of me. Please Dean." He said imploringly, his puppy dog eyes made all the worse by how weak and sad he looked, and Dean crumbled even quicker than usual.

"Alright. Fine. We wait until Jody gets here. But one sniffle, one sneeze, and you're going straight there, no matter what you say. Got it?" he demanded, and Sam nodded slowly.

"Good boy. You still boiling or do you want a blanket?" he asked in concern, and Sam shook his head.

"No. But can you open the windows? I'm dying here." He whispered, and Dean shot him a reproachful look.

"That wasn't funny." He said, and Sam looked up at him, embarrassed.

"Sorry." He said sheepishly, as Dean opened the windows as wide as they would go, turned on the air conditioning, made sure the radiators were off, opened the door to the bathroom, and began filling up the ice tray once more.

"Dean..." Sam croaked, and Dean was at his side in an instant, and Sam smiled.

"You know, carry on like this, I'm going to get you a nurses' uniform." He teased, and Dean poked him, grinning slightly.

"And you know I'd be the best looking nurse on any ward." He said, making Sam roll his eyes.

"Sure. Dean, you need to rest." He said pleadingly, and Dean shook his head.

"Sammy, no, I..."

"Dean, you've been driving three days straight, you've had about eight hours sleep the last three days, and we didn't get much in New Orleans either. Get some rest." Sam pleaded.

"Sammy, I can't, i'm too worried about you, and Jody might need help to find us, and I haven't unpacked the car..." he protested, but Sam shook his head stubbornly.

"Dean, I'm not going anywhere. Jody can phone if she needs us, the car can wait till morning, and you're dead on your feet. Please!" he implored, his puppy dog eyes brimming slightly with sweat or frustrated tears, Dean didn't know.

Either way, he still caved.

"You know, one of these days I'm going to grow a pair, and refuse you when you do that." He said petulantly, and Sam snorted and closed his eyes as Dean swapped his ice cloth for a new one.

"Thanks Dean. I don't want you getting ill too." Sam said kindly, and Dean smiled.

"Alright. I'll get some sleep. But you make one noise, and you're off to the doctors buddy boy." He warned, but it was futile as Sam had already drifted to sleep.

Dean eyed his brother's sweating body worriedly, wondering what the hell was wrong with his baby brother. But, Sam was right, he was exhausted. Totally exhausted. He hadn't slept since the night before he'd been turned back from a voodoo doll, and since their rather abrupt departure had left them tired and drained, and Sam becoming ill on top of that, meant Sam hadn't been able to take the wheel, and so Dean was tired, cramped, stiff, worried, and scared. He was exhausted. And worried about Sam.

But, he supposed, he would be no use to his brother if he worked himself ill too. And he was very tired. Figuring he would get Bobby in the morning, Dean leaned back on the pillows. Sam seemed quiet for the moment, even though he was still dripping with sweat. So, maybe he could rest. Dean faced is brother, and as soon as he turned to his side, he was fast asleep.


Valente smiled as Charlie brought the car into the motel car park. The scent was strong, he could feel it.

"We have them. They're here." He said in triumph, and Charlie grinned.

"Good. Where?" he asked, looking around the rooms of the motel.

"That's the benefit of being an FBI agent. You don't need to waste time looking in them all. You can just ask the owner." He said, climbing out of the car, and pulling out his phone, texting Roman.

'I have the Winchesters'.


Jody pulled the car into the motel car park, and smiled in relief as she saw the range rover Sam had described to her.

"I think that's them." She said in relief, poking a dozing Marion awake.

"Thank god. Now, all we need to do is find them." He said, looking around the rooms of the dingy motel.

Jody was squinting at the rover, and shook her head.

"No need, they've left Bobby in the car. Come on." She said, not noticing as two people headed for a specific room.


Bobby watched as another car rolled into the car park, still grumpy. He knew Dean had been terrified when Sam had collapsed, but he still could have taken him inside with him. Or at the very least left the radio on for him to listen to.

Bobby did have to admit though, even he was worried about Sam. The kid had never looked so bad, and Bobby had seen him at his worst, and he would gladly take any of them over how bad he looked now. And Dean was scared. Both boys had been backed into a corner by the big mouths, and had immobilised them to the point they couldn't function, and it looked bad however you span it. Everyone was after Dean, and everyone thought Sam was dead. The Leviathans had them good and cornered, and he couldn't see any way out.

"Hmm, busy night at the end of the world." Bobby said, watching as two people approached the room the boys were in.

And then his attention was drawn to two people approaching the car, and he grumbled.

"Oh, just try it boyo, if you're about to try and rob us, you're going to get a hell of a fright." He said grouchily, preparing to scare the daylights of the one coming towards the car in the darkness.

Well, he was until the two walking towards the room, and he went pale, even for a ghost. One was the deputy who actually thought Dean had killed Sam. And the other was a man dressed in an FBI suit, and Bobby put two and two together, realising who it must be.


"Balls!" he cursed, just as the door to the car, which Dean hadn't locked in his haste to get to Sam, flew open.

Bobby turned to snarl angrily, then his face broke into a grin.

"Jody!" he cried in relieved delight.

"Hi Bobby. Good to see you." She said with a smile.

"Heya Bobby." Marion said, waving.

Bobby had never been so happy to see anyone.

"Alright, sappy reunions later. Pick up a big knife. Your deputy Marion, and an FBI Leviathan just went into Sam and Dean's room, and Sam really isn't in the position to have a fight." He said, and Jody looked at him in alarm, grabbing a long knife.

"We're on it. That room with the door wide open?" Marion asked, and Bobby nodded.

"Yeah. Hurry!" he urged and the two of them ran for the room.

"Balls, should have got them to take me with them." He cursed, and hoped for the best.


"Dean!" Sam's panicked voice cried, and Dean was awake in an instant, and his heart went cold as he saw Charlie, the deputy from Brandon, standing opposite him, his brother, still looking awful, trapped in a headlock.

"Well, I didn't believe it when you told me that Sam must be alive, but consider me convinced. What the hell are you?" Charlie demanded, his gun pointed at Dean, who couldn't do anything except look at his ill and terrified brother, who was too weak to even try to prise himself free.

"Look, we can just talk about this." Dean said in what he hoped was a soothing voice, but the truth was, he was terrified, as Sam was in no condition to fight, he looked worse than he had, and Charlie had Dean in his sights.

"I don't think he will want to talk to you Dean somehow." A voice said, and Dean turned to the doorway, to see another man standing there, grinning smugly.

And then he tipped his head back and roared, showing massive teeth and a bifurcated tongue.


"Crap." Dean grumbled, and heard the click of Charlie's gun.

"You know, I didn't believe it. I didn't think anyone could come back from the dead, but here's the little brother you killed, right in my arms." He said in wonder, glaring at Dean.

"He didn't kill me." Sam protested feebly, kicking his legs slowly, to no avail.

"Look, if you're here to kill me for killing Sam, you can just forget it, I didn't kill Sam. And I'm willing to bet your buddy here is the one who slaughtered everyone in your station. Right? In case you're really thick, that makes him the bad guy." Dean said, wishing he would free Sam from his grip.

"Ah, but does it Dean? While he may be a little mixed up about his intentions, he has every right to want to kill you. After all...he's been looking for many years for the man who killed his brother." Valente said smugly, and Dean, Sam and Charlie all looked at him in shock, before Charlie turned back to Dean, snarling, raising his gun to point at Dean's head.

"He killed my brother?" he demanded, and Sam was looking at him questioningly, and Dean shrugged, not having a clue, he'd killed a fair few bad guys.

"Yes, he did. You remember Dean. It was the first werewolf you encountered after the one Sam slept with." Valente purred, and Dean went pale as he remembered.

Come to think of it, the man had looked a little like Charlie. He'd been bitted and had become a savage werewolf. Sam, who was still a bit shaky considering he'd fallen for Madison then had to kill her when he found out what she was, hadn't liked the hunt, and Dean had volunteered to actually kill the beast. In the end he would have had to anyway, as he had knocked Sam out, but still, he had been trying to spare Sam additional pain.

"Crap." Dean muttered, and Charlie's face turned into a furious snarl.

"Yes Charlie, he is the one who killed him. Now you can avenge your brother. Kill Dean. And it's dinner time." Valente said, roaring and showing his teeth, and Dean looked desperately at Sam, there was nothing they could do, they were both about to die.

When a bullet rang out and hit Charlie in the shoulder, freeing Sam from his grip and sending him to the floor. Valente turned, only to have his head nearly cut all the way off by a swinging blade.

Dean looked around to see Jody and Marion, their faces grim, standing in the doorway.

"Come on!" Jody cried, as Valente's head started to rise, supported by a few remaining sinews.

"Dean, I can't go far." Sam said, and Dean leapt off the bed, hoisted his brother up, and the two of them dashed out of the room, just as Valente reattached his head and gave a roar.

"I'll drive!" Marion declared, leaping into the front seat, and Jody went into the passenger side.

Bobby hastily shoved the bags to the side to allow Deana and Sam to clamber in, and Dean was worried about how much Sam was shivering.

"Dean..." he mumbled sleepily, as Valente left the room, glowering at them furiously, followed by a bleeding and angry looking Charlie.

"Drive!" Dean cried, as Sam rested his head on his shoulder, and Marion gunned the engine, blazing out of the car park.


"No, he can't escape! He won't!" Charlie spat, running for the car, and Valente joined him, leaping in.

"Do not lose them, or my dinner will be you." He warned darkly, and Charlie sped after the escaping car.


Marion blazed up the dark country roads, intending to aim for Seattle but shoot right past it.

"Thanks for the save you guys." Dean said in relief, as Sam shuddered beside him, and Dean pulled him close to keep him warm while he searched one handedly for Sam's hoodie in his duffel.

"You're welcome. Oh it is good to see you boys." Marion said fondly.

"But Sam could look a lot better. You look dreadful Sam." Jody said worriedly, noting how bad he looked.

"I don't know what's wrong with him, he has an awful fever, we can't break it." Dean said anxiously, and Sam grunted in pain as his temple throbbed again.

"I reckon he needs a hospital." Bobby said darkly, and Marion nodded.

"Agreed. If we can get into the city, Jody or I can take him in, and you can just skulk around in the car, ok?" Marion asked, and Dean nodded, finally finding the hoody and helping his suddenly freezing, shirtless brother into it.

"Dean, I feel crap." Sam moaned, leaning his head in between his bare knees.

"Sammy, keep it together, come on kiddo, we're on the run here. You aren't going to hurl are you?" Dean asked worriedly, as he passed Sam some joggers, and managed after a few minutes to get him into them.

"No, I just feel worse, my headache's worse, my neck hurts, my bones and muscles hurt, I'm too hot, I'm too cold..." Sam said in exhaustion, leaning his head back onto Dean's shoulder tiredly.

"Sammy." Dean said anxiously, and as Bobby turned to look at him, he saw a car right on their tail.

"Marion, they're following us!" he cried in shock as they passed under a streetlight and he saw Charlie driving, a furious Valente beside him.

"Piss sticks! Hang on!" Marion said, shifting up a gear and the range rover blazed along the motor way, the Leviathan close behind.

Sam was shaking and sweating, and Dean was getting more and more worried by the second as Marion drove the car along the winding roads outside of the city.

"He really needs a hospital." Dean said, as Sam began to breathe heavily.

"That's second on my to do list after we get the hell out of this." Marion said darkly, and Jody shook her head.

"This is all my fault, if I'd sliced his head properly, he wouldn't be chasing us." She cursed herself, clambering for a gun in her belt.

"It wasn't your fault Jody, you did good for your first Leviathan battle. Besides, I don't think we'd have gotten away even if you had, Charlie's kind of pissed with me." Dean admitted, and Marion looked in the mirror at him, screeching the car on two wheels as he turned a corner.

"Charlie's lost it, he has to know the Levi is the guy who killed the other officers, and he's working with him! And why's he pissed with you?" he asked in interest.

"Probably the same reason he's working with it in the first place. I'm betting the Leviathan dangled the identity of his brother's killer in front of him, and now, he knows who it is." Dean said sheepishly, and checked Sam's forehead to find he was burning hot, to his great concern.

"You I take it? Was he a monster?" Jody asked, and Dean nodded.

"Yeah, werewolf." He answered, and he shook Sam slightly but received no response.

"Sammy?" he asked sharply, and got no reply.

"Sammy!" Dean cried.

The car thundered along the road, but the other one was catching up, and Charlie was beginning to shoot out of his window at the car, and each spark made Marion swerve the car.

"Can't you do something about him? He is so fired when I get back to the station!" Marion declared angrily, wincing as a shot took out his wing mirror.

"I can't get a good angle." Jody cursed desperately as they span around another corner, hurtling through a tunnel, high above the speed limit.

"The luggage is at the other window, and I can't get past Sam to shoot out of the window." Dean said, and Bobby grinned wickedly.

"I can help. Hang on." He said, and projected himself into the car behind.

Charlie's eyes bulged as Bobby appeared right in front of him, and Valente roared in fury at his appearance, turning to try and bite the ghost.

"Hey what does this do?" Bobby asked, avoiding Valente (he wasn't entirely sure if he could survive a Leviathan bite even if he was dead) and pulled the handbrake.

Charlie swore as the ghost disappeared, the car screeching along the road, burning out the tyres as it did so.

"What the hell was that?" Charlie demanded, shunting the brake free and once more floored the accelerator.

"A ghost. Roman will be most displeased to learn the old fool stuck around, he thought he'd gotten rid of him for good. Hurry!" Valente snapped, and Charlie pressed the car harder.

Bobby flared back, and shook his head.

"I doubt that'll hold them for long." He reported grimly, and Marion checked the distance between them and nodded.

"It's good enough Bobby. We'll get out of this yet." Marion said, burling the car around a corner and pelting up the road.

However, the small lead they had acquired quickly closed as the other car sped up, it clearly coped better with the small inclines in the road than the range rover did. Marion cursed as the other car began to close, banging the back of the car with its bumper, and the range rover wobbled.

Dean looked out of the window worriedly, and gently lowered Sam down to the seat before grabbing his gun and spinning around, firing through the window towards the car. The glass shattered and the bullets started to ping off the bonnet, and the car wobbled slightly, falling back a little.

Marion drove them off the side road, hurtling down onto a more major road, Dean still firing towards their pursuit, but while he had nicked the windscreen, he hadn't done nearly enough damage to slow them down, and as they descended the hill towards the next road, the smaller car was picking up speed, and slammed into the back of the range rover, knocking Dean backwards and trapping him between the front two seats. Jody helped him out while Marion struggled to get the car under control, swerving off onto the hard shoulder before he managed to.

They descended onto the main road, surrounded by thick trees, the lights illuminating their path. But now that they were on a major road, the other car was gaining on the flat stretch, and was getting closer and closer to them, about to slam into them at any minute.

Marion smiled as he saw a cut off, and slammed his brakes on just before it.

The other car blazed past, and he quickly spun the wheel and sent them up the incline, taking them back onto a country road. However, at this late hour, there was no one to stop them coming up the opposite side, and their pursuit quickly drove over the road, determined to stop them.

Sam's breath was still coming in ragged gasps, and Dean sat back down again, his weapons spent and lifted his brother up to check on him, and didn't like what he saw at all. Sam was still incredibly hot, his hair dripping with sweat, and he was groaning a little in between breaths, and his hand seemed to be glued to his left temple, his eyes closed in pain.

"Sammy!" Dean barked desperately.

"It hurts." He moaned, and the entire car shook as they hit a pothole that made the car swerve.

"Stay with us Sammy, we'll fix you soon." Dean promised, though he didn't even know if they were going to survive this.

"Don't these guys ever die?" Jody wailed as Marion sent them hurtling up a hill road, making for the top.

"Apparently not." Marion said, waving from side to side in the middle of the road as Dean clutched Sam to him and Bobby looked on in helpless panic.

Sam was shivering again, and Dean was getting seriously scared. The Leviathan was right behind them, and Sam was getting worse, and he didn't know which was worse.

"Come on Sam." He pleaded quietly into his brother's hair as they rose the steep hill as fast at they could.

Marion looked down to the side, nodding. It was a relatively steep drop, but survivable, but if he could get the Leviathan to lose control, he might get rid of them. He pinwheeled around the sharp bend and rose to the top of the hill, heading for the tunnel that would balance out before heading back down the other side.

"Sam!" Dean cried in shock, and Marion looked in his mirror, to see Sam screaming and clasping his temple, and fall into a seizure, shaking around on the back seat.

"What's wrong?" Jody asked, leaning back to help restrain him as Sam cried out.

"I don't know. Sam! Sammy!" Dean pleaded, and even Bobby concentrated to try and hold Sam still, and Marion was finding it harder to control the car, his elbows kept hitting Jody.

"I can't drive a car nowadays without a Winchester having a seizure in the back." He grumbled, and Jody glared at him, as Sam continued to thrash.

And then, she heard Marion swear, and she sat back in her seat, just as Marion swerved the car around a corner.

Just in time.

A massive freight hauler turned around the corner, going faster than it ought to have, and it just missed them, its runners scratching the side of the car.

"SHIT!" Marion yelled, taking the car to the edge of the road, as close to the wall as possible.

But the car following them wasn't so lucky, and the truck ploughed right into them, crushing the front of the car and sending it spiralling into the wall, black blood spurting all over the windscreen as it did so.

"Yes!" Bobby cried in triumph, and Marion grinned slightly, gunning the engine, and slowed down, sending the car at a leisurely pace down the hill, while Sam continued to seize in the back, to the worry of the others.


Charlie staggered out of the car, his forehead bleeding, his arm aching. The Winchesters had escaped. That damn fool truck driver, who had been going too fast, had allowed his brother's killer to escape!

"You idiot!" Charlie bellowed at the man as he climbed out of his dented truck, and the old man looked at him, worry and apology written all over his face.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, is your friend alright? Hang on, I'll call an ambulance!" he said, heading for his truck to get his phone, but Charlie thought with slight satisfaction that it wouldn't do much good, Valente's head had been smashed in.

He heard a clunk from behind him, and looked wide eyed as Valente climbed out, his head dented but regaining its usual shape.

"Impossible..." Charlie breathed.

"You're alive! My god, thank god, I'm so sorry!" the old man said, running towards Valente.

"So you should be, you've just let them escape!" Valente roared, and revealed his true form and began to devour the old man in fury.


They were speeding down the hill, Sam still shaking, and the others were all seriously worried.

"Sammy, please stop, what's going on?" Dean pleaded, tears in his eyes, and Sam groaned suddenly, before he gave one last jerk, and finally went still.

"Oh thank god he's stopped. What brought that on?" Jody asked, sitting back in relief as Sam went still, still clasped tightly by Dean.

"No clue." Dean said, his voice tearful, and then he felt panic rise in him again.

"Sam. Sammy!" he called, and Bobby looked at the other two worriedly.

"He isn't breathing." He said anxiously, and Jody and Marion both turned to look at Dean as he desperately tried to make his brother breathe.

And as they did so, a pick up truck plummeted down from a small incline that led to a farm at the top of the hill, and slammed into the side of the car at great speed, smashing into the right hand side of the car and sending it into an uncontrollable spin. The right hand side crushed, the car spun ever closer to the edge of the road, the occupants screaming as the car slammed into the fence.

"No!" Marion screamed, and the car broke through it, and with a lurching feeling, the car tipped off the high road, carried by momentum, and fell out of sight.

The car spiralled in the air as it rolled down the hillside, the front and rear becoming crushed as it bounced, items and parts falling off of or out of the car as it plummeted down the hill. It hit a rock on the way down and the car twisted in the air, landing on its wheels and heading down the last part of the small, steep incline head first, jerking uncontrollably as it rolled down the hill, items littering the small incline they had come crashing down.

And then it slammed into a large rock at the bottom of the incline, and came to a final stop, its lights flaring and going out, steam emitting from the bonnet, the windscreen smashed, the right hand side crushed, the back door hanging off, the front crunched up, one of the wheels hanging off, and the smell of gasoline in the air.

And inside, there lay four bodies.

Marion was slumped over the steering wheel, his leg at an unnatural angle, blood pouring from a head wound, his entire body unmoving.

Jody was unconscious, her head slumped in her chest, blood trickling from many cuts and abrasions, her right leg trapped by the smashed side, her arm pinned against her, and something was digging into her gut, making it bleed slowly.

Dean was still holding Sam somehow, but he himself had the duffels leaning against him, some of their contents having cut or snagged him. Blood was pouring from a wound above his eye and from his cheek. His head was slumped to the side, his ankle bent at a bizarre angle, the arm around Sam twisted and limp, and flecks of glass had embedded themselves into his arm and face.

And Sam lay across his brother's knees, masses of blood gushing from his left temple, his body stiff, his arm dangling limply over the seat, his head facing the ceiling, trapped in Dean's groin, his hair lank about him, covered in blood and sweat, draped over his eyes, and he was unknowingly trapped in his big brother's loving, desperate, protective grip, and Dean's last act had been to try and protect his baby brother.

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