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Bleeding Storm

Bobby looked at the bodies of his two boys, lying on the ground, ignoring the sounds as someone tried to move behind him. Sam and Dean, both dead, and this time with no way to come back. This time they really were gone. His reason for sticking around, the reason he had stayed behind, the ones he had avoided heaven for, were now gone. They had left the world, and where did that leave him?

"Sam? Dean?" Jody asked as she came to, looking down the ruined building and seeing the two of them lying on the floor, unmoving.

"They're..." Bobby said softly, but found himself unable to continue, ignoring her as she dragged herself down to their side, shaking her head as she did so.

"No, they can't be, there's no way they can be gone." She said stubbornly, dragging herself desperately to the boys sides.

Behind them, Missouri got to her feet, gasping in pain at the pain in her leg, and slowly started making her way towards the fallen boys.

"That isn't right, Dean was supposed to die, but now both of them, no, we could have, could have stopped it." She protested getting closer to the boys and sinking to her knees beside them.

Jody reached their side and saw the bullet wound to Dean's head, shaking her head grimly, knowing there was nothing they could do. He was gone. And when she saw Sam's unmoving body, protectively and lovingly held by Dean before he was killed, she shook her head, realising that they had lost him too.

"Sam was struck by lightning fired by Raphael. Dean was, he was holding him, and Charlie recovered and shot him in the head." Bobby said darkly, wishing he could have done something, done anything that would mean the boys would still be alive, but as it was, he couldn't.

He had failed, and they were both gone.

"No, they've come back before, it's bad enough all the others are dead, but the boys can't be dead too, not now, not after everything." Missouri said stubbornly, and Jody picked up the scythe that Dean had dropped when he had rushed to his brother's side.

Bobby looked around the room. The pile of rubble that Garth was under was moving slightly, a sign that he at least was still alive. Marion was still breathing, though his breaths were hitched, though he did appear to be waking. Meg was also trapped in a pile of rubble and was beginning to stir. Bobby closed his eyes in defeat. They may have stopped the Apocalypse, but it cost them good people to do so. Reynolds, Cox, Tamara and Aimo were all dead, and that was along with the boys also being dead. Bobby closed his eyes. All because of Cas letting people loose, all because angels didn't like humans, all because demons were power-hungry, the endless waste only led to this.

Missouri swung the scythe, looking at all the others as Jody pulled herself up to sit on a pile of rubble.

"We need to get out of here." She said, but Missouri shook her head.

"No, we've got something to do first. Crowley!" she yelled, and Bobby and Jody looked at her in surprise, and Marion looked at her in surprise as his eyes opened.

"Missouri, he can't hear you, it's over the boys are gone..." Jody said, shaking her head, tears flooding her eyes.

"No, I'm not willing to accept that. And besides, this was about making sure Lilith was dead, trust me, he's floating around." She said darkly and as if by magic, Crowley suddenly appeared beside them, looking smug.

"You rang?" he asked, his voice bored as he looked around at the carnage, smiling widely as he beheld certain bodies.

"Bring them back." Missouri demanded angrily, glaring at the reinstated king of hell.

Crowley looked at the fallen bodies of Sam and Dean, smiling slightly as he did so.

"Bring them back? And why on earth would I want to do that?" he asked, and Jody glowered at him, her face colouring with anger.

"You bring them back you son of a bitch because if it weren't for them, you would still be on the run. They saved you. And you know it. They got you back your throne and they saved your ass from Lilith and Raphael. Now bring them back." She intoned, and Crowley gave her a small smile.

"Do you have any idea how good a day for me this is?" he asked, and Marion, face pale with pain, gave him a hard stare.

"I don't care how good a day it is. Missouri has the scythe. So either you bring the others back, all of them, or we start chopping." He said warningly, and Crowley looked apprehensively at the scythe in Missouri's hand, not wishing to go the same way as Lilith.

"The others, your doctor friend, your FBI agent and the other hunter I can bring back. The boys, they're non-negotiable." He said, and Bobby looked around, puzzled.

"Wait a minute, where is Aimo?" he asked, and Crowley shrugged.

"Not a clue. So, if you want the other three back and are willing to deal, we have things to discuss. If not, I'm a busy demon. Lilith wrecked the joint down there, and I'm still redecorating." He said dismissively, and Missouri hobbled towards him, readying the scythe.

"Bring them back. Now." She ordered, ready to kill the king of hell.

And he suddenly vanished before she could swing, and before she could even turn to look for her, he had appeared behind her, taking a hold of the scythe and wrenching it from her grip, kicking her wounded leg as he did so. Missouri gave a cry of pain as she stumbled to the ground, and he looked triumphantly down at her.

"Now, because I'm in a good mood, and because you're distraught, I'll ignore the fact that you threatened to kill me. Like I said, you have no idea how good a day for me this has been. Raphael is dead, and his Apocalypse is averted. Lilith is also dead, the throne is mine again and everyone who supported her are being placed on the rack as we speak. The vampires, troublesome little gnats that they are, are now all dead. And some irritating hunters are also now dead. To top it off," he said, picking up the chain and tying it round the scythe, "I now have weapons to combat both angels and Leviathans with, and what is more, the cherry on the top of the sundae, the Winchesters are also dead, and with the end of those denim clad nightmares comes by ultimate victory." He said, admiring his reflection in the bloodied scythe.

Bobby glowered at him.

"You owe those boys Crowley, you fix them, you fix them all!" he yelled and Crowley looked at him disdainfully.

"Yell all you want Casper, it's done. Any of these three remaining alive souls want to do a deal to bring back the others, then we talk. If not, I've got hell to paint. I was thinking a nice beige, beige is always good for driving people stir crazy." He said musingly, and Marion shook his head.

"You're a bastard Crowley."

"Thank you. But even though flattery usually will get you everywhere, with your leg, not so much. Too good an opportunity you see, for one of my underlings to make a decent deal. But, I won't have it said that I'm not a gentleman. I'll put the fear of, well not god obviously, but fear of something into the doctors at the local hospital and I can almost guarantee a new leg by the end of the week, how's that sound?" Crowley asked, and Marion nodded, teeth gritted in pain as he did so.

"So you won't bring any of them back?" Jody demanded, and he looked at them.

"Give me ten years, I'll give you your doctor back, from either of you. The other hunter, I'll want five years, hunters are a nuisance, mess everything up, as Raphael here," Crowley said, kicking the dead angel's head in delight, "can attest. Fifteen years and you can get the FBI agent back. What do you say?" he asked, and Bobby looked at him in disgust.

"You really can't sink any lower can you? They aren't going to make the deal, and if you aren't going to bring anyone back, you might as well clear off, we've got nothing more to say to you. So go on, clear off." Bobby said grouchily, and Crowley smiled.

"Pleasure doing business with all of you." He said, and was about to leave when suddenly Death appeared beside him, and Crowley leapt about a foot in the air at his unexpected appearance.

Death looked around the room, clicking his tongue in disappointment. He then turned to Crowley and fixed with him with a bored look.

"Now, I'm assuming you were just on your way to hand that back to me?" he asked, and Crowley looked at him in shock, his breath faltering as he took a hesitant step back away from the entity, a trace of sweat appearing on his forehead as he looked uncertainly back at the others, then back to Death.

"Um, yes of course your worship, here you go, I was going to clean it up and have it sent on, but seeing as you're here now, you may as well just take it!" Crowley said brightly, hurriedly passing the scythe to Death, who nodded slightly at Crowley and dropped the scythe into his bag.

"No offence but the last time I leant the scythe to a demon, I didn't get it back for the better part of a year and I do tend to miss it when it isn't around. Bobby, I see you're dead again. For the record, the control Lilith put upon you would have been broken through a ritual, a sort of cleansing. Just so as you know." He said, and then surveyed the scene, looking musingly at the dead enemies and friends.

"Death, your honour, can you-?" Jody began but he ignored her, pacing over towards Raphael, frowning at the dead body.

"You know, the angels never really grasped why God preferred humans. For a start, humans follow the natural order of life. They don't. Humans, while arrogant, don't as a species think they are the best at everything and their every whim should be obeyed without question. They also, despite the capability, haven't decided to obliterate everything they were entrusted to protect. And also, they don't faithfully listen to their father even when it is painfully obvious that he couldn't give a flying crap about them. Angels as a species are arrogant, power mad, indulgent, spoilt little fools who would all like to follow Lucifer's example and throw a temper tantrum to get their daddy's attention, but because they are all weak, pathetic and cowardly, they go the way of ones like Raphael and make themselves believe better things are around the corner. I truly do disdain angels. I can tolerate demons, I can accept humans, I can cope with the existence of creatures likes witches, werewolves and vampires, and I can even tolerate the existence of ghosts and zombies despite their obvious disdain for my profession, but I cannot abide angels." He said sniffily.

"Speaking of angels, do you know what happened to Aimo?" Missouri asked softly, and Death shrugged.

"I do not know what happened to Aimo. He is for all intents and purposes dead I suspect. But then again, it wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong about angels being dead." He commented idly, and Crowley looked at him curiously.

"What does that mean?" he asked, but Bobby powered through, forcing Crowley to drop it.

"You don't even know if the kid is alive or dead?" he asked, and Death looked at him, irked.

"What, do you think that just because I'm Death I automatically know who dies, where they die and how they do it? I'm good but not that good. I can sense deaths as they happen, but my attention at the time was on other things when Aimo disappeared. So, take what you will. He may be dead, he may not be, but as he has totally vanished, I suspect that he used up all of his power and faded away. Pity, considering how Sam and Dean need them now." He said mildly, walking over towards the two boys.

"Crowley won't bring them back." Bobby said darkly, and Death nodded.

"Indeed. Explain why Crowley." Death ordered, and Crowley smiled.

"Firstly, because them being dead suits me better than them being alive. Secondly, they've to put it mildly, gone on." He said, and the full implications of what he was saying hit Bobby.

"Wait, what? They went on? They let Tessa reap them?" Bobby asked in shock, and Death nodded.

"That is correct. It is for that reason that she is currently now screaming for joy and cart wheeling through the realm between life and death. Very improper for a reaper, but I can understand her enthusiasm. The amount of times these boys have died compared to the amount of times she's actually reaped them, three times each, she is the butt of all the jokes at the Christmas and Halloween parties. Now she's gotten rid of her most frequent customers, I suppose she is allowed to celebrate." Death supposed.

Bobby shook his head, unwilling to believe it. The boys had gone on. They hadn't stayed. They had let Tessa go on, and now they were in heaven where they belonged. Bobby shook his head. They deserved it after all, after everything they'd done, they were allowed to go on to heaven, but, both boys suddenly deciding to go on, something about that just didn't seem right. At least now they got to reunite with their old friends, like John, Mary, Ellen, Jo, Rufus, Ash, Sam could see Jess though after last time he wasn't entirely sure he would still be keen on her, because some of her issues were definitely left over from being a human. Bobby sniffed. He supposed it was time they moved on, but the fact that he was now here, all alone, with no one to even be here for, was slightly sobering.

"But...but both boys, they never gave up, why would they give up now?" Marion asked through the pain, and Death looked sympathetically at his leg.

"Because Charlie did something only two other people have ever been able to do." He explained, and suddenly it clicked why they had done what they had done.

"Huh?" Jody asked, and Bobby whispered the answer.

"He killed Dean after Sam was already dead. He let them be together, only it was on the wrong side of life. They basically died together, and so, because I'm dead, they didn't really have much to stick around for anymore, no matter how fond they are of you guys. Without each other's main reason to keep on living, they just...went on." He explained sadly, and the others all looked at him in surprise.

"They're gone?" Missouri asked softly, and he nodded.

Crowley gave them a superior smirk as he beheld the two brother's bodies.

"Like I said, can't and won't. They're dead, and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it." He gloated, swirling the chain through the air cheerfully.

Death outstretched a hand and the four rings appeared in it, which he then slipped into his pocket.

"They've really gone on? All of them?" Jody asked, and Death nodded.

"It was their time. Cox, Tamara and Reynolds had all reached the end of their natural life and as such moved on." Death said, and then Bobby looked at him, his face not quite trusting, either that or not believing enough to trust.

"Wait, you only mentioned the others, you didn't mention Aimo or the boys." He said, and Death shrugged.

"I'm as old as God remember Bobby, sometimes I forget things." He said elusively, but Marion shook his head.

"No, that wasn't it, you didn't mention them for a reason." He challenged, and Death sighed.

"Damn the ears of the young. Perhaps I did, what of it?" he asked, as if unconcerned, which was a sharp contrast to Crowley who was suddenly looking at Death in alarm.

"Hang on, wait. Sam and Dean are dead. Sam's body has been fried, his organs have shut down, his brain and heart have ceased to be, and much of his body has been evaporated off. Dean has a bullet wedged into his brain, some more of his brain is decorating the side of his skull and there's a massive hole in his head, and if I was feeling melodramatic, I would also say he has a broken heart. The Winchesters are dead." He intoned, emphasising the last word.

Death nodded.

"Indeed they are." He said, and turned as if to leave.

"But?" Bobby asked hopefully, and Crowley shook his head.

"No, no buts, they aren't allowed buts. They are dead, and you, you aren't allowed to interfere remember?" Crowley asked, pointing at Death who raised an eyebrow as though bored with his interruption.

"Are you actually telling me what to do when I could kill you before you even thought about thinking about defending yourself?" Death asked mildly, and Crowley seemed to deflate.

"Um, no of course not your honour, I was just pointing out that others might have a problem with you getting more gung ho in the activities of the all and sundry, but not me, I'm all for it." He assured him, and amusing though it was to watch Crowley crap himself, Bobby was more interested in what Death was saying.

"For the record, you are correct Crowley. I am not meant to interfere. However, as you may have noticed there is only one in the universe who may order me around, and as he has disappeared and no one knows where he is, and as he clearly doesn't care about this tiny little world anymore, he really can't stop me. However, I have no wish to interfere with the natural order of things, rest assured." Death said softly, and Crowley breathed a sigh of relief.

"Good. Well that's all settled then. Sorry folks, the show's over, the Winchesters are dead and I can't or won't bring them back. So, toodles!" Crowley said, about to vanish when Death raised a hand.

"I said I had no wish to interfere with the natural order of things. However, I find myself, in a bit of a bind. You see, the Leviathans were never meant to be set loose. They were meant to remain incarcerated in Purgatory for all eternity. And then that bumbling, arrogant, power hungry little fool Castiel, who betrayed those nearest and dearest to him and then slaughter thousands of angels to boot, comes along and sets the things lose. Now, while I consider them slightly amusing, they are not part of the natural order of the universe, nor were Castiel's actions. I did tell God not to give people like you lot free will but he didn't listen and now look at the mess we're in. But, it seems to me that the Leviathans are trying to subvert the entire natural order. So, as that is the case and it is technically my job to ensure it remains unbroken, I have myself a problem. And on top of that, if the Leviathans succeed, not only will they mess up the established order, but they will give me a hell of a lot more people to deal with than I want, which is simply unacceptable." He said, frowning as he did so, and Bobby and the others were waiting with baited breath while Crowley looked at Death in disbelief.

"Meaning what exactly?" Marion asked hesitantly.

"Meaning that while it's very sad that they're dead, everyone has to move on and worry about the Leviathans." Crowley answered quickly, but Death shook his head.

"I'm afraid not Crowley. These boys are linked to the Leviathans. It was that arrogant little soldier friend of theirs, Castiel, who set them loose. As such, due to him being unable to clean up his own mess, it has fallen on them to deal with the Leviathans and put them back in the box. And believe me, events are beginning to accelerate towards an ending with Leviathans. Things are on the move. And while I couldn't really care less what happens to this world, I do not want those poisonous little creatures taking over the world and upsetting the natural balance. So, it seems to me like I have but one choice. Castiel brought the Leviathans into this world and he can't put them back. And the boys here are already determined to stop the Leviathans, Roman in particular, because of what he did to Bobby. They are also the ones who know the most about them and will hence be able to fight them. As such, as it is my duty to ensure everything keeps running smoothly, and they are the best chance of ensuring that it continues to do so, the natural order of things must keep ticking over and as such, the only ones who may be able to ensure that it does continue to work the way it is supposed to are the Winchesters."

Crowley shook his head urgently, his face a mix between fury and horror.

"No, you can't!" he protested and Death sent him a steely glare.

"Are you trying to tell me what to do again?" he asked irritably, and Crowley shook his head.

"No, but, isn't this against the natural order too? Can't someone else kill Roman?" he begged, and Death rolled his eyes, bored.

"I have made my decision Crowley. Now, as thanks for what was I'm sure an attempt to return my scythe immediately to me, I suggest you leave now." He said, and Crowley gave Death a look of irritation before coiling up the chain.

"Fine." He said, and after sending the dead boys a last exasperated look, he was gone.

"So you're really going to bring the boys back?" Bobby asked, and Death nodded.

"Yes Bobby I am. It is not something I do lightly, but circumstances have forced me into this situation. The Leviathans are dangerous to all life on this planet, and the Winchesters are now all that stands between this world and extinction. And while it is irritating to have to intervene, as I usually do not do such things, circumstances have forced me into this predicament. It is my job to facilitate the transition of the natural order, and that cannot happen if the Leviathans take over. Their time has passed, passed many long millennia ago. But make no mistake, if the situations were reversed I would be helping the Leviathans to stop the humans. And if the Winchesters should fail, then the natural order will change, and the Leviathans will reign supreme. However, I am giving humanity a chance, that some would say it doesn't deserve. Do not mistake this for sentiment." He warned, and they all nodded.

"Will you tell the boys that they are the last hope for mankind?" Jody asked, and Death shook his head.

"No. They've had enough pressure put on their shoulders, and they're going to try to stop the Leviathans anyway, so there is no point. I will resurrect them. Tessa will be most displeased but she'll get over it." Death said, but Missouri raised a hand.

"Yes?" Death asked politely, and she looked at the boys hesitantly.

"Well, if they've already moved on, then...won't they remember heaven? Won't they go all Buffy and hate the fact that they were ripped out of it?" she asked, and Death frowned thoughtfully.

"I hadn't considered that. Very well. I will resurrect them, and they will have no memories of heaven. They will remember dying, and Tessa trying to reap them as always, but the next thing they will know is waking up. They will remember nothing of their time in heaven, though their conversations while they were between worlds will be remembered. And it would be best if they weren't told that I would like them to fight the Leviathans." He advised, and Bobby looked at him.

"Do we need to keep it quiet that you resurrected them?" Bobby asked, but Death ignored him and splayed his hand towards Sam and Dean.

Dean sat up instantly, hand flying to the side of his head, watching as the bullet dropped out of it, and shivering. After checking he was alright, before he even considered turning to the others, he looked immediately at Sam, who sat up with a gasp and looked uncertainly at his brother.

"Sammy!" Dean cried in relief and pressed Sam to him in a hug, holding him close, rocking him slightly in relief, smiling as he did so.

"Dean..." Sam whispered, and then saw the bullet that had killed his brother.

Shivering slightly, Sam reached out and picked it up, holding it tight in his hand before returning Dean's vehement hug.

"You're welcome." Death said with a brisk nod.

"Death, why...?" Dean asked, and Death looked at the bag in his hand.

"I did this to thank you for taking good care of my scythe, the last time I lent it, Alastair started killing my reapers, which is understandably bad for business. So, thank you. However, I must warn you that I will not interfere like this again, Crowley is right about one thing. I have gotten far too involved with the workings of the world of late, my place is in the background. So, as of now you are officially on your own, and we will be seeing slightly less of each other I suspect. It is not my place to interfere, I am willing to do it just this once as it is not good for any of us if the Leviathans win. So, do not take this the wrong way but I hope it is a long time before we see each other again. Good luck." Death said, and both brothers looked at him.

"Thank you for bringing us back." Sam said with a slight smile.

"And thanks for the scythe." Dean said, and he nodded.

"You are quite welcome. Until next time." Death said, and left just as Sam wrapped Dean in a fierce hug once more.


"You resurrected them? I had finally reaped them and you resurrected them?" Tessa demanded angrily, and Death nodded.

"Yes Tessa that is indeed the case. They have a chance of stopping the Leviathans, and as the Leviathans are perverting the natural order it is technically my duty to protect it." He told her, but she glowered at him.

"This isn't anything to do with the natural order, you did it because a part of you is fond of them." She challenged, and he arched an eyebrow at her.

"You are fond of them too." He reminded her, and she scowled.

"Considerably less now that they aren't dead like they're meant to be. I had finally reaped them, I was off probation, and people were treating me with respect again. It's very embarrassing being the Winchesters reaper considering the amount of times that they've died and they won't stay dead!" she wailed, and Death had to hide a smile.

"Never mind Tessa. After all, they are trying to stop the Leviathans, there is no guarantee that they will survive that for long. And you are no longer on probation, after all you did reap them it was just your misfortune that I had to bring them back." He said and she nodded stiffly before disappearing.

Death pondered her words after she vanished. A small part of him had become quite fond of the Winchesters in the last few years, he admitted that. And he also didn't want the Leviathans to take over. While he did find them amusing, the last thing he needed was another arrogant creature running around with grandiose plans for conquest, he had enough of that with angels. And besides, they were perverting the natural order, and if they succeeded in wiping out humanity as they planned then there would be no need for reapers, which meant he had really done nothing wrong.

However, he did have a reputation to uphold, and he was out, as he had told them. He belonged in the background, not getting constantly involved because of the actions of arrogant little angelic tyrants or monsters from the abyss. This was the last time he would interfere for a good while.

But, he would keep a casual eye on the Winchesters regardless.


After the boys had assured themselves that the others were alright, it was time to deal with the dead. Meg, bruised and bloody, helped them pile the demon bodies in a heap, while Jody and Missouri excavated a moaning and beat up Garth from the pile of rocks he was in. Marion was laid against the wall, still struggling through the pain. The angel bodies were then thrown on the same pile as the demons, and the other bodies soon joined them, and with liberal amounts of petrol, they were ready to be burnt and sent on. And that only left their own dead to deal with.

Sadly, the boys built a funeral pyre for Tamara, Cox and Reynolds. As they did so, Sam looked at Dean curiously.

"What do you think happened to Aimo?" he asked, and Dean looked at the pyre where they had placed the others.

"I don't know Sammy. We saw Raphael stab him, and he said he was going to give us the last of his strength. He saved our lives by doing that, saved everyone's lives, stopped Raphael and Lilith. I wish I knew though Sammy. He was a good kid." Dean said, and Sam looked at him hopefully.

"Cas escaped every time he was meant to have died, he always came back. Aimo could have too." He said, and Dean smiled at the hopeful tone his brother's voice took.

Only Sam could still be hopeful after everything they had been through. Shame he didn't share his brother's optimism. Aimo's body had vanished, and while Sam was hoping that meant he had somehow escaped, Dean wasn't so sure. After all, his body had vanished, and Dean had a horrible suspicion that that meant that Aimo hadn't had enough energy anymore to keep himself together and as a result he had just faded away, he had just dropped out of existence. And that hurt like a kick in the gut. Losing the people they had hurt enough. Losing the youngest member, a kid and by all rights the only decent angel they knew hurt even worse. And Sam was hoping that the kid had survived somehow, had somehow escaped to die another day.

Dean pondered what he should do. Sam wanted to believe Aimo was alive, and that would make the blow less hard to cope with. But, just like Sam had when Dean had been hoping that Bobby had stuck around, he didn't want to give his baby brother false hope, because that would only make it hurt more in the end.

But, considering they had lost other friends, and Sam was still regretting the death of Diamond, and also his encounter with Jess, and losing Dean on top of all that, he decided to go with the less painful route.

"Yeah maybe." He said softly, fearing that would bite him in the ass eventually, and he stepped back, lighting the pyre, and consigning the bodies of their friends to the flames.

They all stood in stony silence watching as their friends, who had gotten mixed up with them, and had helped them prevent the Apocalypse, were sent on, their lives lost all because of the hubris of one damn angel who had set this entire lot loose. Yes, Dean and Cas were going to have serious words the next time he saw the angel, insane or not.

Sam looked at Dean hesitantly and Dean wrapped an arm around his shoulder, pulling him close as they watched the flames burn their enemies and their friends alike, tears in their eyes as they did so. Bobby was looking at the scene grimly, while Meg looked on stonily. Garth's eyes were downcast, and tears were spilling down Missouri and Jody's cheeks, while Mario, holding his stump of a leg, shook his head sadly as their friends disappeared.

"Thanks guys." Dean said, and Sam looked at the scene sadly.

"I'm fed up of seeing these Dean." He whispered softly, and Dean rubbed his shoulder gently.

"Yeah, me too Sammy. Me too." Dean said in response, tears filling his own eyes as he watched as their friends vanished forever.


They loaded themselves into the coach, for what would be their last trip together. A while later, they arrived at the hospital, and while Dean helped the others get checked in, Sam for some reason remained in the coach, and Dean was too busy to worry about that at that time.

True to his word, Crowley had indeed sped up the process, and the doctors there told a fairly upbeat Marion that he could get fitted for a new leg first thing the next morning. Missouri's wound needed stitches, but the doctors said she would be able to go home after a stay overnight. Meg, due to being a demon, was soon on the road to recovery, her various bumps and bruises already beginning to heal. Which was more than could be said for Garth, who now had a broken rib, a broken arm and a broken leg, and he was considerably less than happy with that turn of events. Jody was also annoyed that she would have to spend a couple of days in the hospital while they checked to see nothing vital had been damaged by the bullet. After they were all settled in and sorted, Dean decided it might be a good idea to go and find his brother.

As he made his way away from the room where all the others were (they had asked to all be put in the same room) and leaving Meg to watch them in case Charlie went looking for the others, Dean headed through the hospital, his mind on recent events. The Apocalypse was averted, Valente and his friends were dead, Crowley was back on the throne and the biggest threats in the cosmos were once again in Purgatory where they belonged. But that didn't mean it didn't hurt. Tamara, Marge, Diamond, Billy, Cox and Reynolds were all dead, and he suspected Aimo was dead too. Marion had lost his leg, and the others would be recovering for a while from their injuries. And what was more, both brothers had died several times in the past few weeks. Sam had died four times, twice by the hand of his own big brother however accidental it might have been. And Dean had died three times himself, and he knew that Sam had issues with that too, which could only mean more trouble. He frowned. Was Dean's death while he was crying over his baby brother's dead body the reason that Sam had decided to stay in the coach? He wouldn't put it past Sam to be blaming himself for his big brother's death, indeed, he suspected Sam would have said as much had they talked more before Tessa had appeared to try and reap them again.

Slightly worried by his brother's odd behaviour, he entered the coach to see Sam sitting at the table, a summoning bowl in front of him, looking miserable, his eyes slightly teary.

"Sammy?" Dean asked softly, deciding to sit next to his brother and peering into the bowl as he did so.

The ingredients were used to try to summon angels. Damn it, he knew this would bite him in the ass.

"I...I tried to summon Aimo, and it didn't work. He's gone too Dean." Sam whispered sadly, hints of tears in his eyes, and Dean sighed sadly.

"I thought he might be. He's gone Sammy." He said gently, and Sam sniffed.

"I just hoped that someone else had survived, that we hadn't lost yet another friend. I mean, I know the others survived, but let's face it, we lost just as many, all because of Cas and Raphael and Lilith. I'm fed up of watching our friends die Dean, and I just hoped that Aimo might still be alive, make this slightly better. We won and everything, but it still cost us good friends to do it, and I just hoped that we would be able to cheat death, we did it before." He said sadly, and Dean looked at his brother understandingly.

"We did though, Death brought us back. That's literally cheating Death." He said softly, and Sam shrugged.

"I know I just sort of hoped that we might be able to get one more friend to survive, I'm fed up of losing people we care about." He said miserably, and Dean nodded.

"I am too Sammy. I am too." He said quietly, as Sam threw everything into the bowl.

"So you tried summoning him and it didn't work?" Dean asked, and Sam shook his head.

"No. I even prayed for him to come, first time I've sincerely prayed in years," he said, and Dean cut him off, looking at his baby brother curiously.

"Do you still do it? You know, pray?" he asked, as he had been surprised to learn years before that his brother prayed.

Sam shook his head.

"No. After finding out what assholes angels were and that they were trying to kill us all and that God didn't give two hoots about us, I stopped. I only do it now when we needed Cas or when I was trying to call Aimo." He said, and Dean looked sadly at his brother, he hadn't wanted Sam to give up on praying, on believing in a higher power, in believing that there was a basic force of good in the universe. Now it transpired he had given up on it and become just as cynical as his big brother was, and that saddened Dean greatly.

"Either way, Aimo didn't come. He's gone Dean." He said miserably, and Dean looked at him, eyes crinkled in worry and curiosity.

"What's wrong Sammy? Aside from our friends being dead again?" he asked, and Sam shrugged.

"I don't know, I just think I became a lot fonder of Aimo than I thought I would. And I feel guilty, it's all because of us that the others are dead too, just like..." Sam said, his voice wavering and Dean shook his head, getting it, at least partially.

"Sammy, Jess wasn't your fault, we've been through this. Aimo wasn't your fault, neither was Tamara, Reynolds, Cox, Billy, Marge or Diamond. And Jess wasn't your fault either, Raphael only used her to get to you ok? It had nothing to do with you, and you can say it was because of you all you want, it doesn't make it true. Jess was killed by Brady, pure and simple. Him and Azazel, they killed Jess. It wasn't you." He said earnestly, and Sam looked downcast.

"She wanted me dead Dean. Dad, when we stopped him being a witness, he went back to normal. Jess did too, and she still hated me." Sam whispered, and Dean shook his head.

"That isn't your fault Sammy. People dying aren't your fault. And get your own party piece." Dean said fondly, poking Sam in the shoulder, trying to cheer him up.

"Huh?" Sam asked in confusion and Dean smiled a little.

"Blaming yourself for everything is my thing, not yours. And if you're going to moan at me to stop doing it, damn right am I going to do the same to you." He said, and was vindicated when he saw a reluctant grin appear on Sam's face.

"I'm sorry I'm so down Dean, it's just..." Sam said, and Dean nodded.

"I know." He said, and then his eyes were drawn to a strange, small box that he hadn't seen before.

"Hey, what's that?" he asked, stretching for it but Sam clamped his hand around it before he got there.

"Nothing." Sam said defensively, trying to move it away from Dean, but his attention was immediately attracted by Sam's furtive nature.

"Sam, what's in the box?" he asked, wondering why his brother was acting this way.

Sam looked away from his brother, staring out the window.

"Nothing." He repeated, and Dean was starting to get worried, and a little annoyed.

"Sam, why aren't you telling me what's in the box?" he asked, and Sam continued to stare out of the window.

"You'll only laugh at me if I tell you. Or yell at me." He said, and Dean was even further confused as to why he was acting like this.

"Sam, what's wrong? Why are you so afraid to show me what's in the box?" he asked, and Sam relented, opening the box to reveal a bullet.

"It's a bullet." Dean said, bemused, feeling a little let down by how anticlimactic it seemed.

Sam said nothing, and Dean picked it up looking at it curiously.

"Sam, it's just a bullet. We don't even use this sort of gun, why would you think I would laugh at you or be mad at you because you have it?" he asked, and Sam looked at him fearfully, and suddenly it clicked.

"Oh. Right." Dean said weakly.

Sam looked at the bullet fearfully.

"I don't know why I kept it, it was just lying there, and I kept it. I wanted to remind myself of how close I came to losing you again, how you were nearly gone, and it was my fault." He said morosely, and Dean shook his head.

"It wasn't your fault Sammy. And remember, you're talking to the guy who kept the trenchcoat of an arrogant, backstabbing attempted murderer for months on end, I can hardly judge you." He said, and Sam sent him a slight smile.

"Never usually bothers you." He said and Dean swatted at him.

"You understand why I kept it though?" Sam asked, and Dean nodded.

"Yeah. It reminds you of losing me, and I like to think you wouldn't want that to happen. So you keep it, to remind you to look after me or something? To remind you what happens if we lose?" he asked, and Sam nodded, and Dean smiled a little.

"Keep it then. I get it. And for what it's worth, I don't want to lose you either." He said, and he watched as Sam dropped the bullet into the box with a look of revulsion.

"Thanks." Sam said, and Dean smiled.

"I seem to remember some little smartass telling me that I didn't have to look after him so much anymore." He said, vowing never to let his brother know how much that comment had stung, hearing that his brother didn't need him anymore.

However, he couldn't get much past his little brother, who looked at him in exasperation.

"Dean, just because I don't need you to look after me as much anymore doesn't mean I don't need you dummy. I always need you. I just don't need a babysitter anymore, I need a brother. A big brother, who's privilege it is to mollycoddle me, but not someone who does it all the time because they think I can't look after myself. I always need you. Do you think I would be so devastated every time you died if I didn't need you? I need you, all the time. We're a team and you're my big brother. I just need to be able to do my own things every so often, and if you want to look after me, that's fine. Just don't let that be the only reason you want to keep me around." Sam said softly, and Dean smiled.

Even after all these years, it still felt good to be needed by his baby brother.

"Ok. I get it. You want me to stop mollycoddling you, but still be your cool big brother. You do realise it's hard for me to do that right?" he asked, and Sam smiled.

"Yeah. I know. Just be my brother Dean, not my keeper, that's all I'm asking." He said, and Dean shrugged.

"Ah I'll give it a try." He said, feeling triumphant at the look on Sam's face.

"I didn't mean to upset you when I said that you know." He said sadly, and Dean shrugged.

"You didn't upset me." He said easily, not looking at Sam because he knew he would see a triumphant grin there.

"Liar. Dean...thanks." he said softly, putting the bullet into his duffel while Dean watched intently.

"I'm not going anywhere Sammy. I think over the years we've established pretty well that bad things happen when we go off on our own. I won't leave you." He said, finally understanding what Sam was truly getting at.

He was afraid of the same thing as he was, the thing that drove him. Fear of his brother leaving him behind. It sucked. And while Sam did want him to back off a little bit, and relax, all Sam wanted was for Dean to be there. That was why he was keeping the bullet, to remind him of how much he dreaded losing his brother, of how scared he was of it. Dean smiled to himself. Yeah, he was apparently an awesome big brother, but he had just an awesome little brother.

Seeing Sam look sadly out of the window, he pulled Sam into a hug, holding him tightly against his body.

"Don't go away Dean. I need you." Sam said softly as Dean stroked his hair.

"I need you too Sammy. And don't worry, I'm not going anywhere." He assured him holding his brother tight and he heard his brother sniff, shivering slightly as he remembered his brother's death. Dean rolled his eyes in loving amusement. As usual, he didn't care what had happened to him, he was only concerned that his big brother had died, which Dean knew he would still blame himself for, despite what he said. He shook his head and held his shivering brother close.

"Promise?" Sam asked as the coach darkened around them.

"Promise little brother."

"Thanks. Jerk." Sam said teasingly, and Dean smiled.

"You're welcome Bitch."


"Yay more flowers!" Missouri said happily as Sam handed her a bouquet.

"That's all very well for you and Jody, but why do they keep giving me and Garth flowers?" Marion asked from her bedside as he was passed another bunch of flowers from Dean.

"Because it's a deal, four for twenty dollars, and besides, they were out of grapes and you're out of bed anyway." Sam explained with a grin, sitting down beside Garth and giving him the paper so he could read Marmaduke.

"I am indeed. Hey, Dean, see what I can do." Marion said excitedly, and took off his brand new fake leg, scratching his stump as he did so, and then pulling a bottle of whisky out of the artificial leg.

Dean looked at him enviously.

"I want one of those!" he whined, and Sam grinned.

"It's bad enough that I got you a bazooka, you're not getting a false leg now too. And besides, I would severely damage your libido if you started wearing an artificial leg." He said, accepting a chocolate from the tray Jody passed him.

Dean pouted, and the others all smiled. Marion had easily taken to his new leg, and was ready and willing to get back to work, claiming he had had more than enough contact with the supernatural for a while.

Jody was almost all healed, however they'd had to patch up her leg a few more times due to a slight knick in the artery, but she was getting out soon and was raring to go. Missouri was also nearly fully healed, and would be leaving the next day as well. And Garth, despite his leg and arm not being all better, was also determined to leave.

Meg, who had stuck around for a few days, looked at them all and stood.

"Well, it looks like you don't need me around anymore. I'm off." She said, and they all looked at her in surprise.

"Really?" Dean asked in surprise, he had actually forgotten that she had to get back to her job.

"Yes, really. I suppose someone ought to look after poor catatonic Castiel, just in case Crowley heard he was still going, and now he has his hands on the Reficul chain, he would be even more inclined to go looking for Castiel. So, I suppose I better get back to him." She said, and made her way towards the door.

"You know, you aren't bad for a demon. What time do you finish?" Garth asked hopefully, and she looked at him in surprise while the others all looked at him as if he were crazy.

"No time a little boy like you is up for. See ya." She said, waving to them as she left.

"Bye Meg." Sam called, and received a casual wave in response before she was gone.

"You know, despite being a demon, she has kind of grown on me." Missouri mused, and Sam turned to look at her.

"You sure you want to keep the coach?" he asked, and she nodded.

"Yeah, I'll take it home, maybe do some work on it. I kind of like the thing." She said, and Dean nodded.

"Yeah, it was a pretty cool home I suppose." He admitted, and Jody looked at the two boys.

"So what will happen next?" she asked, and Dean and Sam looked at each other.

"We disappear. We went back to the convent and brought it all tumbling down, the entire things just a pile of rubble, so as far as Mueller knows, we're dead underneath it." Dean explained, and Jody sighed in relief.

"Good. Means we don't need to worry about you boys. So now that you're officially dead again, what next?" she asked, and Dean smiled.

"We go after Roman." He said, and after giving the others an amused smile, she let the matter drop.


"It seems the Winchesters were buried in the rubble sir, it'll take weeks to dig out their bodies." The agent reported, and Mueller frowned.

Reynolds was dead, that much was clear. And it seemed as though the boys had followed him into death. Which was a slight nuisance. He had had plans for those boys. But...they had been declared dead before, that didn't mean it stuck.

"Keep an eye on any of the things they get involved in. If we're mistaken, and Sam and Dean do live, then I want to know about it. And while you do that, prepare a press conference. We'll see if validating them in public doesn't bring results." He said, and the agent looked at him in confusion as Mueller nodded.

Interesting indeed. And also very convenient that they were suddenly dead. No, there was more going on here than he knew. And as a result, he would continue to watch things carefully. Very carefully indeed.


"Well it was good seeing you boys again. Don't leave it so long until your next visit." Missouri said fondly, hugging Dean.

"We won't." He assured her.

"And you three better not be strangers either." Missouri said as she hugged Marion, a limping Garth and Jody.

"We'll keep in touch Missouri. Thanks for everything." Jody said, hugging her friend firmly.

"Bye Missouri. Thanks for all your help." Sam said happily, hugging her after she had hugged Marion and Garth, as Garth took Billy's truck, insisting he would take it easy on his way back to Seattle.

"Call us when you get there!" Jody called as he drove off.

"You're welcome Sam. Don't let Dean boss you around too much." She said, patting his cheek fondly while Dean looked at her in shock and Sam grinned.

Sam and Dean climbed into Tamara's jeep, with Jody and Marion in the back. Waving to Missouri, they were once more bound for South Dakota, Bobby humming to himself as they did so.


The Apocalypse was averted. And now it had to stay that way. He looked to her partner, and she nodded back. They had dropped the ball on this one, and that couldn't be allowed to happen again.

He looked at those under his command, saw their unseeing eyes gazing back at him, and he nodded to himself. They had nearly failed. Next time they might not be so fortunate. Next time, they would do whatever it took.

But for now, they had to clean up the mess of this failure.

There was work to be done.


"Thanks Jody, we couldn't have done all this without you." Dean said, hugging her.

"Oh you're welcome sweetie, but after all this I'm looking forward to dealing with old fashioned human bad guys." She said, and Marion scowled.

"Not Charlie I hope. He's mine." He said darkly, and Sam shook his head.

"No he isn't. He's ours." He said in a dangerous voice which broached no argument.

Jody smiled at the uncertain expression on Marion's face as she hugged Sam fondly.

"You two boys better keep in touch or else, you're in deep trouble." She said warningly, and Sam grinned.

"Don't worry Jody, we'll keep in touch. You're one of the few friends we have left." He said, and she patted his cheek fondly as they all climbed back into the jeep so they could take Marion back to Brandon.

"Bye Bobby. It's weird, but I sort of miss you." She said softly to the ghost, and he grinned at her joyfully.

"I sort of miss you too. Thanks for all your help with the boys, we couldn't have done it without you." He told her, and she smiled as he flickered inside the car, and with a blast of the horn, the boys waved and were gone.


Marion was less than happy when he stomped back out of the police station, his face the very picture of fury.

"That treacherous, scummy little bastard is now the sheriff! He's had me pronounced dead and had swanned in and taken over!" he said indignantly, and Dean narrowed his eyes.

So, Charlie was in Brandon, alive and well, apparently at ease with his murder of Dean, and now he had taken over the police station, the filthy traitor.

"If something were to happen to Charlie, could you become sheriff again?" Sam asked, his voice tight, and Marion nodded.

"As long as I get myself undead, then yes. Do you boys think a tragic accident is going to befall poor Charlie?" he asked grimly, and seeing the dangerous look in Sam's eyes, he didn't need an answer.


"So, you aren't in fact dead? Huh, we heard you had been killed when that FBI agent killed all the other officers here." A new recruit, a young woman said, and Marion shook his head.

"No, I'm not dead. But my dear, I wonder if you could keep it quiet from Charlie? I want my return to be a surprise." He said, and she nodded.

"Of course sir. Will, will you be coming back to work?" she asked, and he gave her a small smile.

"I briefly investigated another line of work. It's not entirely to my liking. So yes, I'll be coming back here." He assured her, and she smiled.

"I look forward to it sir." She said earnestly, and he smiled as he hobbled out of the station.

There was a good crop of officers in there that he could turn into an excellent team. Once he had his job back. He frowned, once more reflecting on how much his life had changed since meeting the Winchesters. Risking his career, fighting the supernatural, losing his leg, and even realising that there were some nasties that just needed to be put down, all because he had taken a chance and believed in a boy accused of the murder of the one he loved the most. And he didn't regret it for a second. Smiling, he at long last headed home to rest his leg, and wondered just what sort of fate would befall Charlie sooner rather than later.


Charlie sat in his armchair, drinking scotch. Everything was going his way again. His wound was mostly healed, he was sheriff, his brother was avenged and even better Dean was dead, taking with him all of the various monsters he had encountered ever since Valente had entered the station those weeks ago. Everything was fine again, and now his brother could finally rest easy.

Smiling to himself, he was just about to go and pour himself another scotch when the light suddenly went out.

Charlie cursed, he ought to have called the electrician the other day, the place had rather fallen apart in his absence. He was about to get up when he found a blade at his throat and, suppressing the sudden surge of fear, he sat back in his armchair, and the light flicked on to reveal the hateful face of Sam Winchester.

"Impossible." Charlie breathed as Sam glowered at him.

"No, not for us as you know. I'm still alive Charlie." He said and Charlie looked at him in fear.

"That's impossible, you were struck by lightning, I heard your brother crying over your body, there's no way..." Charlie protested but Sam slammed him in the face, making him bite down on his tongue, shutting him up instantly while Sam glared at him.

"Shut up. You know Charlie, I didn't think you were particularly clever, but then...then you murdered my big brother. When he couldn't even defend himself. You murdered him in cold blood." Sam growled dangerously, and Charlie looked angrily up at him.

"Like he murdered mine!" he yelled, and Sam shook his head.

"No. Your brother was a werewolf, and he had already killed three people. Dean and I went after him. Dean took the lead. You see, I'd fallen for a girl who happened to be a werewolf and it killed me to kill her. So he wanted to spare me from having to kill another werewolf so soon. Your brother ambushed us, knocked me out, and Dean had no choice but to kill him to save me. He was a monster who was killing people and he had to be stopped. Dean was doing his job. And you, you come along, all arrogant and judgemental, listening to a fricking Leviathan and suddenly you know everything? And so you work with them, and a bunch of murderers, to try and kill Dean. And then, you don't even have the guts to do it properly. You're the scum of the earth." Sam spat, and Charlie found himself shaking in fear.

"He killed my brother, surely you of all people understand..." Charlie said desperately, finding it hard to breathe, and Sam nodded.

"Yeah I do. I understand more than anyone what it's like to lose a brother, the desire to kill the one who took him from you eating away at you. I get it, I really do. Thing is though...you took away my brother. And generally, people who do that, they don't last long." Sam said in a soft deadly voice and Charlie shook his head urgently.

"What are you going to do to me?" he begged and Sam gave him a smug grin.

"Kill you. I've already started, we broke in earlier and laced your scotch with tranquiliser. Never try and kill a friend of a sheriff, you never know when they might be looking the other way. Marion doesn't even care what happens to you, he's so disgusted by what you've become. And now Charlie, you're going to pay for what you did to my brother. You tried to leave me alone without him. Problem is, we have friends in very high places. Don't we Dean?" Sam asked, and Charlie was terrified, his heart pounding like a train as a grinning Dean came up beside his brother.

"No..." Charlie said weakly, losing control of his body in his fear and feeling wetness spread through his trousers.

"You tried to take me away from Sam. We don't like that. And we really don't like you. Now, here's how this is going to work. The drugs we gave you earlier are going to make you as immobile as I was when the gorgon got me. And then we're going to make it look like you left and never came back. And no one will think about you, no one will care and no one will even think to look for you, and even if someone finds you, it'll be too late." Dean hissed and Charlie was shaking in fear, trying to get his body to move, but he couldn't, he wasn't able to move anything.

"No, please." Charlie said as Sam put a bag over his head and the world went black.


They didn't drive for very long, and with no signs of a struggle, as he could hear that the boys had been very methodical, and he knew that this was the end.

"You sure about this?" Dean whispered and Sam sent him a look, shivering, and he could see the fear in Sam's eyes, a fear that Charlie had put there by killing him. As soon as he saw that look, his doubts were quashed.

They pulled up to a wood, and after stuffing Charlie's mouth to stop him screaming, they dragged him all the way up the hill, ignoring his cries and moans as they did so, and when they got to the top, they entered a small copse of trees, crossing a deep burn to do so, dragging him with them the entire way. And then Dean began to dig as Sam pulled the bag off of Charlie's head, glowering at him.

"Please, no!" Charlie said as Sam took out the gag.

Dean then walked over, as if he had spotted a friend and was coming over for a chat. He passed the shovel to Sam who continued to dig the hole while Dean crouched down beside Charlie's trembling form.

"You know, even though you killed me after Sammy died, he still knows what happened. You see, the same thing happened to a friend of ours, the ghost, the closest thing we had to a father. Now, he hasn't said anything, but I know Sam's scared because that's twice now that I've died the exact same way as people who were father's to us. I'm also willing to bet that you killing me is the reason he hasn't slept properly for the last couple of nights, because he keeps having nightmares. You see, Sam's always had nightmares. And when I was a kid, I vowed that I would make sure to hunt down and kill whatever gave my baby brother nightmares. That would be you." Dean said calmly, and Charlie was shaking in fear.

"No, please don't!" he begged, and Sam glared at him.

"You know, we get it. We really do. You wanted revenge for your brother. We understand that. But getting it by working with things like the Leviathans and people like Emily, that wasn't the right way to go about it. And Dean killed your brother because he didn't have a choice, he was being someone who stops bad guys. Just like you're meant to. Thing is, you worked with them, then you killed my brother. Thing is, we came back. And I vowed to kill anyone who tries to take my big brother away from me. That means you." Sam said, and Charlie was shaking his head desperately.

"No, please, no. Don't, I made a mistake, I swear I'll do anything you want, just don't kill me!" he begged, and Sam glowered at him as he pulled a gun from his pocket, complete with silencer.

"You see this here? This bullet? It's the same one you used to kill Dean. I kept it, to remind me of how close I came to losing him again. But, the thing is, this time, the one it gets used on will stay dead. I don't need to remember what it's like to lose Dean. Because I have him and he isn't going anywhere. Unlike you." Sam growled and Dean watched as his little brother cocked the gun.

"Please, no, I made a mistake, I didn't mean to, please!" Charlie pleaded, and Dean watched in grim satisfaction as Sam squeezed the trigger.


Marion, three days later, smiled as he received another handshake from one of the new officers. After the disappearance of Charlie, and now that they knew he was alive, the commissioner of the state had called him and had asked him to take his old job back, which he had happily agreed to. And now, he had to focus on getting the station back to his exacting standards considering the mess that had been made of it recently.

Sam and Dean had come to say goodbye first however.

"Thanks Marion, for everything." Dean said, shaking his hand.

"You're welcome Dean. Now, I hope you two keep in touch. Give me a call if you're ever in South Dakota, I always have a spare room available." Marion said as he shook Sam's hand.

"Thanks. We'll keep in touch, keep you up to date." Sam said, and Bobby smiled at Marion.

"You're an alright sort for a cop. I had the boys leave something at your place, a book of mine, a basic who's who of the things that go bump in the night. Figured you could use it." Bobby said and Marion chuckled.

"Thank you Bobby. It was good getting to know you boys. I better see you soon." He said sternly, and Dean grinned.

"Yeah, probably wanted for something else we didn't do." He laughed and Marion chuckled.

"Alright. Be careful, and good luck. I'd rather not be turned into a nutritious Leviathan snack." He said, and the boys grinned.

"Don't worry, we're on it." Sam assured him, and with a last smile, the boys and Bobby left, and Marion turned to the station.

It felt good to be back again. And now, he had work to do, and a station to get whipped back into shape.

Time to go to work.


"I'm sorry sir, but our hackers are completely unable to figure out who was behind the attacks on the other seals. Whoever they were, they're gone now." Suzan reported and Roman shrugged.

"Not a problem. They helped, now they're gone. Either way, they can't stop us. Any luck breaking into Devreaux's hard drive?" he asked, eager to know exactly what the aged old conspiracy theorist had known about the Winchesters, who he didn't believe were dead for a second. The death toll on the other side was much too high for that. But at least Valente and his friends had been dealt with, allowing him to focus once more on more important matters.

"Well, there is a girl who frequently hacks our systems, Charlie Bradbury, in Illinois. She might be able to crack it." Suzan said, and Roman grinned.

"Good. Get my helicopter ready. Miss Bradbury is about to get the most important assignment of her life." He said, smiling maliciously.


They were once more in a crappy car, once more headed for Rufus' cabin, the three of them pondering how to defeat Roman before he turned America into a sushi bar.

"Sammy?" Dean asked, and his brother looked at him, jerked from his reverie.


"What do you say after we stomp Roman, we just go off and relax somewhere for a while, have a holiday, maybe go to Grand Canyon?" Dean asked, and Sam smiled.

"And eat food that's bad for us, drink and hook up with girls?" he asked teasingly, and Dean grinned.

"Obviously." He said smugly, and Sam shook his head.

"Yes to it all but the girls part. You're still banned." Sam said, and Dean looked at him in devastation.

"Wait, what? After saving the damned world again, I'm still on probation?" he demanded in a whining voice, and Sam, grinning widely, nodded.


"Aww Sammy!" Dean whined, and Bobby and Sam began to laugh.

Dean turned and harrumphed out of the window, pouting as he drove.

"Dean..." Sam said, his voice amused.

"I'm not talking to you." Dean said stubbornly, and Sam poked him gently on the arm, making a whining noise in his throat, which he knew would get Dean's attention, and sure enough, afraid he saw something that scared him Dean immediately turned to Sam.

"What?" he asked sullenly, still pouting and even more irked that his brother had manipulated him yet again.

"The ban ends when we stomp Roman." Sam said, and Dean grinned suddenly.

"Really?" he asked excitedly and Sam rolled his eyes.

"Yeah. Really." He said in amusement, pleased with the smile he'd put on his brother's face.

"Score. Thanks Sammy. So, coming up, one roast Leviathan king, and then sea, sand and sex!" Dean yelled excitedly and Sam and Bobby both laughed.

"I can't tell what's made you happier, the thought of having sex again, or giving you the bazooka." Sam said in amusement, and Dean grinned.

"Both. Come on Sammy, we've got a world to save. Purely for selfless reasons of course." Dean said, and Sam scoffed.

Dean grinned at his brother's response.

"Bitch." He said teasingly.

"Jerk." Sam responded with a grin, and as Dean stepped on the gas, both him and his brother grinning in the front, Bobby smiled in the back.


The end!

So, the Apocalypse is stopped, the angels and demons and Leviathans are dead, Sam and Dean are alive, and the story is set up for the rest of season seven! Pretty rotten considering what happens to Dean at the end with their talk and him promising not to leave Sam.

And i'm afraid that is the end of this story arc, and for now I must leave Supernatural (though I may do a one shot not involved in the series I'll see). However, as you can see, there is a curious force out there, just who are they? And Mueller isnt all convinced that the boys are dead and that could cause trouble for the boys later on. Another arc is planned, but I should warn you now, I won't start until we know whats happening in season eight (but Garth is coming back and with a bit of luck we may get the boys in tuxedoes again!), and even when it starts there's a good chance I wont start the story until the mid season break, but we'll just have to wait and see!

RIP to all our friends who didnt make it over the course of the series: Billy, Diamond, Tamara, Cox, Marge, Reynolds and poor Aimo. But, it is Supernatural, and let's face it, the boys are living proof that the dead sometimes dont stay dead for long, so we may see at least one of them again in the next arc.

And also, a BIH, or BIP as the case may be for all the enemies we've faced: Dean's inner demons, Walt and Roy, Nick the siren, Euryale the gorgon, Zachariah, Becky, Raphael, Lilith, Gordon, Valente, Emily and Charlie!

Apologies for the mushy stuff, but after the stress of the last few weeks for the boys I felt they needed a reconnect, and Sam had to confront his Jess problems, and I suppose I couldnt resist the cruel irony I put in. Also, apologies if you didnt like what Sam said about not praying anymore, I didnt mean any offence to anyone. And I sort of figure Death has to keep things spinning, hence the logical justification for resurrecting the boys, if nothing else, but I'm convinced he rather likes them, Dean especially. And apologies if anyone thought Sam was a little brutal in dealing with Charlie as he deserved to be dealt with.

So, now we are truly at the end. Thank you all so much for reading my stories, I've had a great time writing them, and also, thank you for making Bleeding Storm my most reviewed story, it finally beat Harry Potter and the Second War and Digimon 04 The Covenant Strikes Back, so thank you very much for all of your lovely reviews, they do make my day to read them.

Thank you again for reading them all, I would like to know which one was your favourite out of the lot too, and for the last time, please read and review review review, and I hope to see you all soon after the start of season eight!