Loving Annabelle: Catch Me if You Can

Simone B. & Annabelle T.

Summary: What would have happened if Simone and Annabelle hadn't gotten caught by Mother Immaculata?

Disclaimer: Loving Annabelle, its characters and its wonderful storyline is the property of Katherine Brooks. I do not own anything except this story.

A/N: I loved Loving Annabelle and decided to make my own alternate ending of sorts. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Close Call

Sunlight was streaming through the window when Simone Bradley awoke. Her blue eyes roamed over her sleeping lover, who was covered by the sheet, before they moved to the clock. Panic shot through her body as she realized that the clock's red digits flashed. 12:13.

"Annabelle," she said panicked, shaking the seventeen-year-old, "Annabelle, babe, wake up."

The young brunette took one look at the clock and bolted from the bed, "Shit, Simone!"

"I know! I know!" was all the Poetry teacher said as they scrambled for their clothes.

Minutes later, Annabelle was in her school uniform, while Simone wore a pair of black dress pants and a white dress shirt. They exited Simone's room and took a breath, their eyes meeting. They shared a look as they heard the clicking of heels. Simone gently touched the back of her hand to Annabelle's forehead, a thoughtful frown in place. Annabelle's breath hitched slightly at the contact.

"Simone?" Mother Immaculata's voice seemed to startle the two from their investigation.

"Mother Immaculata, Annabelle's still ill."

"Still?" the Head Nun looked confused.

"After I sang last night, I was feeling light-headed. I went outside to get some fresh air, and Miss Bradley was out there."

"It was getting hot inside." Simone clarified, before the question could be asked.

"Why aren't you two at breakfast? Catherine Pegrum was worried about you two."

"Annabelle left the dance after we saw each other outside; she said she was going to go to bed. I left about five minutes later. I was up when everyone got back from the dance. That's when I heard Cat, Kristin and Colins say that Annabelle wasn't in her room. I went looking for her."

"And where was she?"

"The basement," Annabelle answered, her voice a bit unsteady. "I felt horrible and didn't want to go into my room."

"All of the other girls had been asleep, and I hadn't wanted to wake them when I brought Annabelle into her room, so I brought her into my room. She was on the verge of puking most of the night. The storm caused the power to blink. That's why we woke up late." Simone finished.

"You two may go eat. You may miss Mass this once. Simone, I will need you to take Annabelle to the nurse's station after you two eat."

And then Mother Immaculata was gone, descending the stairs. Once she was out of sight, Annabelle turned to Simone and grinned, "Let's go eat."

Simone grabbed her hand to pull her back, "What are we going to do about your 'sickness'?"

"I'll feel better after we eat."


They stared at each other for a moment, before Annabelle found her voice.

"I thought we were going to get caught."

Simone pressed a light kiss to her lips, "But we didn't."

"I'm going to be 18 the day I graduate."

"That's a couple weeks away. Will you still want me?"

Annabelle leaned down and spoke, before claiming her lips in a kiss, "Forever, Simone. Forever. Are you still going to want me?"

Simone grinned into the kiss, "Forever, Annabelle. Forever."