Dear Dairy,

Today is my 17th birthday. Yah for me I guess. It has been 7 years scene the Tucks left. I miss them very much and I have thought long and hard about the spring and I now know that I cannot drink the water. I met Jesse when I was 10 I didn't know what love was, I still don't know what it is. Jesse was the first person who likes me for me so i made myself believe that I loved him.

I remember looking into his eyes and seeing the NEED to have someone to love but not actual love. I don't blame him for that. All those years alone, anyone would want someone to hold and love, but I am not that person for him and he is not that one for me ether.

I will not drink from the spring and I have made sure that no one will drink from it ever again. I had my father pull down the Tuck's tree and filled in the spring, but right before that I filled a few good sized vials with the water. I, now wear one around my neck and have the others hidden. I keep them in hopes that if the Jesse and Miles ever find someone that would drink from the spring they will still have a way to do so. I plan on passing them down to my first daughter and so on, along with the story of the Tucks.

I must go now because my mother is calling me to meet my new fiancé. Arranged marriage. I just hope he isn't like the last man I scared off.


Dear Dairy,

I am now 19, and today is my wedding day. I have put this off for as long as I could but I can no longer stall. I was hoping to fall in love with one of the men but they were always only in it for my parents money.

I am to marry an evil man who has told me I am not to speak after the wedding to anyone that is not my parents or him. I am to sit there and look pretty. Smile and nod as he put it. I only wish the Tucks were here for this day. That would make is somewhat bearable.

I have not heard from the Tucks and I wonder if they even plan on seeing me again before I die. Do they miss me? Or was I just a little girl who they can't remember?

I can't think of this right now, I am already sad enough.


Dear Dairy,

Has been a month scene I was married and that Thing has made my life a nightmare. I must wake up in the morning and cook him breakfast before he rises, if I don't finish in time he will beat me. I must clean the house afterwards, the do the cloths, rub his feet, make lunch, do the dishes, do the laundry, make dinner and then I must…. Please him. If I refuse to do any one of those he beats me and I will not be allowed to eat. If I do not please him then he will do it by force and with a lot more pain.

I have given up hope that he will change; though that hope was never strong it was still hope. And hope is the one thing that keeps me going.

I have a new hope now. That Thing has been saying that he wanted a child and I found out today that I am pregnant! Maybe when he finds out he will at least lighten my work load.

I am going to tell him right now.


Dear Dairy,

I am in my last days of this pregnancy. Once I told him I was pregnant he told me I was not doing any work until the baby was born. He started to treat me like a husband should treat a wife but I never forgot how he was, what he really was. He left a few days ago and I believe he will miss the birth of his first child/

The water I once wore around my neck is now in with the rest of the water. I had to do that after my husband tried to break the bottle when I didn't wear one of the necklaces he bought me as a present. The water is now in my bed side table drawer.

I have just turned 20. It's hard to believe it has been 10 years scene I last saw the Tucks. Sometimes I wish…..

"Mother! Urgh. Mother! The baby! It's coming! Help!" cried out a heavily pregnant woman. Her blue eyes shimmered with tears of pain as she called for help.

An older lady came running up to Winnie was she cried. "Hush, child. It's okay. Your father has left to get the doctor." She said as she helped Winnie into her bed. "Let me go and get you some water." The older woman rushed out of the room to the kitchen. But when she got there she found that there was only a little water left. She scoped up what she could and ran back to her only child.

"Here you go Winnie, I am afraid that is all the water you have though." She handed Winnie the cup and Winnie gulped down the whole thing.

A couple of hours had passed but the doctor still hadn't come so Winnie's mother delivered the baby by herself. Winnie was panting for the hard labor and was so tried. As she looked at her little boy she was so glad it looked nothing like his father.

"What is his name?" Winnie's mother took the baby from the tired mother and put him into his crib. As she turned around she saw her daughter pale with a hand on her throat. Winnie's mother suddenly remembered that Winnie has a necklace that has water in it. It may not be much but it should help her. She dug through the drawer and found it. She uncorked the bottle and slowly tipped it in to her daughter's mouth. Winnie was so out of it she didn't even notice what her mother had done all she knew was that the water felt good on her throat.