The morning light swam through the window of Winnie's bedroom, shining into her eyes as she slowly wakes up. But Winnie noticed something strange that jolted her awake. She wasn't in pain, pains that should be there after a long birth. Winnie felt great actually, too good to be normal.

"oh good your awake. You should not be able to move for a few days." Said Winnie's mother said as she came walking into her room, the little baby in her arms. "Do not try to get up, you may cause yourself harm. Oh and I am sorry about that necklace, you did not have any water so I had to give you some of that."

Winnie's mother continued talking but Winnie was not listening. She felt like ice water had been dumped on her.

Of course, that would explain why I feel so good….. NO! what am I going to do! What CAN I do? I… I can't stay here, ageless, but I can't leave my baby here. I don't trust that man even if he wanted the baby. He would teach my baby to treat women bad but if I take him with me then that will raise a lot of questions as he grows up, both from him and others. I have to take him. I will not let my baby grow up with that monster as his father without me!

"nie! Winnie! God did the birth do something to your head? What are you going to name the child?"

"James, James Foster."

"You mean James Decon? That is the child father after all."

"Mother there is something I need to tell you." And Winnie did tell. She told about what Decon had done to her first, then what happen that summer with the Tucks, and what that water really was.

Winnie's mother took Decon's part with grace, only slightly looking angry on the outside but on the inside she was fuming. When it came to the Tucks, she listened in disbelief, but when it came to the water she looked like she didn't want to believe that she cursed her daughter with eternity.

To drive the fact home Winnie took out a knife, and with slight hesitation she cut her wrist, some blood came pouring out, but when she wiped it away her wound was healed like it was never there in the first place.

Winnie's mother started crying into her hands as Winnie moved to comfort her but her mother pushed her away. "I… I bathed James in the water! What if it affects him? What if he never grows up?" Winnie went and looked down at her baby boy, tears shimmering in her eyes.

"I need to leave, mother I cannot stay here. Tell everyone I died in child birth and that James was still born. Tell them I wanted a close coffin, tell them the baby was disfigured and I wanted to be holding the baby when I was buried."

"Where will you go? How will you live with no money?"

"I will make do. If the Tucks ever come back tell them…. Tell them I loved them. Let them try to find me if they want. I cannot stay here to wait." Winnie started to walk around her room packing when she stopped. "If I am dead I cannot pack. What can I do? I need money but I cannot take from the savings, he will notice." Winnie ran her hand through her hair as she started to put back what she had packed. Winnie's mother watched her daughter as she had a small melt down. She looked down at the last two vials of water. She knows that she had to stay here to make Winnie's story believable, but god how she wanted to help her child!

"Take two hundred from the safe, I will say it is for the coffin. I have 3 thousand saved up for your son's education. I will give that to you. That should keep you a float for several years if you spend it right. Take the water with you. You need to leave tonight. Go a couple towns over and buy a train ticket to where ever as long as it is far from here. Know you cannot come back here, but I still expect letters. I will say you are one of my old friends, but wait a few years until you wright." Winnie's mother started to the door when she was embraced from behind.

"Mother I love you, even though when I was little it did not show, I have always loved you and I will always love you. My son will know of you." Winnie told her mother as she clinged to her mother's waist.

Winnie's mother slowly pulls Winnie's hands off her waist and turned around. She put her hands on Winnie's check. "You were one of the worse kids I had ever met but you are one of the best people I have ever met. And I am so proud that I am the one who gave birth to you. Now get ready to leave."

Dear Dairy….. No Dear Tucks,

At the time I am wrighting this it has been ten years since you left. During the birth of my first child I was forced to drink the spring water.

I am leaving Tree gap for reasons that should be clear. I don't know where I am going but I hope one day we will see each other again. I left this dairy for three reasons. 1) I couldn't take it with me for someone to accidentally find and read it. 2) I couldn't leave it for my husband to read. 3) now you can read what had happen to me since you left.

Soon you later… maybe


Like? Dislike? Anyone there?