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A young girl was rushing through a ruined street, she had a torn shirt and shredded jeans that could now count as shorts, she had deep blue eyes and brown hair. She wanted to get back to the orphanage before curfew. If she didn't either the orphanages' caretaker would be all over her or worse, the kings' police; The Dark Presence. She made it just as the sun started setting, her parents died when she was only four, so the orphanage was the one of the only homes she knew. "KATE RANGER!" That was the orphanages' caretaker who wasn't so caring of the kids. Her name was Laura, she was a Mobian grey squirrel and she was the only one who actually ate enough. That's because most of the food she gets, she has for herself and gives the kids scraps or very small portions of the food. The older kids often gave the little ones some of their food. "You've come back late again!" "B-but I have come back before curfew." The little girl, Kate said in defense. Laura seemed to be harshest to Kate because she was human. Some humans blamed Mobians for the current king, and some Mobians blamed humans. Kate was one of the few humans in the city Portal, the capital of King Shadow's reign. Most Mobians made her one of the main humans to blame, children. Her only true friend was a Mobian chipmunk named Max. Max was black with white stripes on his back, black tennis shoes, and white gloves. He was the oldest one there at the age of thirteen. He helped take care of Kate when others wouldn't.

Kate luckily only ended up getting sent to her room which she shared with Max. "You came back late again, huh?" The girl slowly nodded. The chipmunk got up and walked up to her. Kate was nearly taller than Max because Max was a little short for his age. "You need to be more careful of that, Kate." "I know…" She said solemnly. She thought about why she was rummaging through trash bins. The 'caretaker' let even the younger kids go out to who knows where, which was more proof that she didn't care anything about the kids, she was only in it for the money she makes when a kid is adopted. Max said that he would never be adopted because parents are looking for little kids they can keep for a while before they head off, not teenagers. Kate went to the window and saw the kings' palace. She had heard stories of how the world of Mobius was saved from war at the terrible price of brutality by King Shadow. "I wonder if there is any light in this darkness." She muttered to herself. The sun has completely set and revealed a beautiful full moon. She yawned and laid in her cot and drifted off to sleep for the night.

When she woke up the next morning, Max was already up and standing by the window. She got up and let her brown hair flow to just below her shoulders. "Pretty nice day, isn't it Max?" "Yea." Kate looked out the window and looked at buildings. Closer to the palace were some high-tech buildings, but only higher class citizens lived there. The rest were run-down, barely standing buildings and shacks. "Wanna head down now?" Max asked and Kate nodded hopeful that they would get something worth eating. They got four slices of an apple and bread crust. The both gave up three of their apple slices to the four-year olds. They only got to eat once a day so going through trash bins was necessary to survive.

Some of the kids including Kate left to search for some scraps to feed at least some of the kids. She looked through every trash bin she could find for some food, but found nothing. She sat in an empty alley to think of where to try next. She saw the queen, Sally Acorn come over to her and gave her a basket of food. "Here you are, little one." The queen said softly. "Thank you, my queen!" Kate replied while rushing back to the orphanage with the food.

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