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Zander's POV

I walked into school that Friday looking for my girlfriend Stevie.

"Hey where's Stevie?" I asked Kacey

"I don't know." She shrugged, and continues to text. Just then I got a text from Stevie.

Zander, I'm sick no school today ):

I quickly texted her back and headed off to my first period class.

The day seriously couldn't have gone any slower. I guess I didn't realize that when Stevie was gone there wasn't much that interested me. So as soon as the last period bell rang I headed to my car and went to get some things before driving off to Stevie's house.

"Hey Steves?" I questioned in a whisper as he opened the door to her house. I heard something fidgeting and the background noise of the TV turn off. I walked up the stairs and to Stevie's door and pushed it open and there I saw a puffy eyed Stevie in flannels with a baseball bat in her hands prepared to attack.

"Easy Stevie it's only me!"

"Sorry." She says embarrassed, "Thought you broke in or something…"

"Its finefine just lay back down." I say, and she does.

"What are you even doing here?" she asks cuddling up to her blankets

"The doctor didn't tell you I was your nurse?" I say with a smile

"You're so lame." She sniffles and attempts to punch me

"I know you're really sick when you don't hit hard, so here." I said and opened the container of hot chicken noodle soup and handed it to her.

"Zander you didn't have to do this I'm fined"

"Stevie, when you put a d on the end of the word fine, you're not fine." I smirk

"No really I'm fined, fined." She trys, "It's a really hard word to say."

"Okay." I agree sarcastically and she glares at me

"So what else is in your bag of target?" she jokes referring to my giant target bag

"Oh, I brought some movies, and video games, cards, some board games…" I start but she cuts me off

"Zander shut up, just shut up." She says smiling as she uses her hand to cover my mouth and I can't help but smile wider. The only thing I wanted at that moment was to kiss her. So I leaned in.

"Zander!" she says pulling away

"Stevie!" I mock wine back

"Seriously I don't wanna get you sick."

"But I really want to kiss you right now." I admit

"What turned you on most the fact that I keep sniffling or the part where I told you to shut up because you are just too much Zander Robbins?" she smiles

"All of it." I grin, because it was true.

"Yeah uh huh." She says unconvinced

So I catch her off guard and capture her lips into mine.

"Zander, you're going to get sick!" she scolds

"I don't care." I say and lean in again