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Loads of rendom images filled Casey's mind, coming by like thousands, causing her to have a MASSIVE, and I do mean MASSIVE, headache. What she couldn't understand was what they ment. A few times she caught images that looked like a masked redhead boy with her, other times she saw Tsubasa extremely sad or upset or angry.

"ENOUGH WITH THESE STUPID VERSIONS ALREADY!" Casey screamed as loud as her lungs would let her, only making her headache WORST.

Casey clutched onto her head, grinting her teeth in pain, wanting nothing but relife at the moment. The fact that Yuu was, for some reason, enjoying this didn't help at ALL. At one point, they stopped, leaving Casey panting in the pain they had caused while she laied on the floor, eagle spread.

"UG! Stupid, stupid visions!" She said.

"Er, do you want me to get an ice pack, Case?" Tsubasa asked.

"Yes, please!" Casey went.

One fact was this, she NEEDED that ice pack right now! Tsubasa came back with an ice pack and carefully putted it on Casey's forehead, at which Casey smiled.

"Thank you, Tsubasa..." She said trailing off when she frowned. "I wish these visions would be clearer on what they ment."

"And alot less painful?" Tsubasa putted in questionably.

"OH HECK YES!" Casey went.

"Where would the fun in that be?" Yuu questioned.

Casey too the ice pack off her head, got up, grabbed a squeky toy hammer, and threw it to Yuu's head. The toy hammer hitted Yuu in the face, and when it fell off, he started crying in pain.

"Not so fun, is it Yuu?" Casey asked coldly.

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