This technically a prequel to the Kuroko no Basuke and Area no Kishi crossover, An Exchange of Sports, but can be a stand alone story as well.

Chapter 1

A girl sat on the top of the bleachers and watched the Enoshima Soccer Club practice below on the field. She had an iPod resting next to her with the headphones in her ears. A sports bag was sitting on the other side of her and she had her feet up on the bench in front of her. One arm was resting carelessly across her knees and the other supported her head as she watched the players.

Without moving her head, the girl scanned the width of the field and saw three people standing off the field, watching the practice. One was an older man dressed in a suit and the other male was a younger man in a white and blue sweat suit with Enoshima written across the back. The short, brown haired girl standing in between them was also dressed in a sweat suit, but this one was red and white instead of blue and white.

The girl gazed at the trio for a moment and then turned her eyes back to the boys in the field. They were doing a passing drill with cones. The girl watched as the boys repeated the course over and over until the man in the Enoshima sweat suit called for a break and the sixty some members of the club jogged over for water.

The girl debated whether she should go down and introduce herself, or sit where she was and continue watching. She decided to stay where she was until the next break. She didn't have to wait long as the coach called for another rest and she saw the girl who had been standing with him and a few others circulate through the players, handing out water bottles and towels.

She grabbed her iPod and her sports bag and descended the bleachers. On her way down, she took the right headphone out of her ear and let it dangle in front of her. She kept the left one in because she liked the song that was currently playing. As she reached the bottom of the bleachers, two of the players finally noticed her.

"Who are you?" A tall, slightly spiky, brown haired boy asked her. At his question, other heads began to turn and they all stared at the short, black haired girl with her long hair tied back in a ponytail.

The girl looked at the boy and guessed that he was a captain seeing as she had seen him give instructions to the other players during practice and had an air of authority around him. She was silent as she scanned the faces that were looking at her. She was used to people looking at her so this didn't bother her one bit.

"Rin?" A surprised female voice broke the silence and all the heads swung towards Nana who was standing next to Kakeru with a water bottle in her hands. She was staring at the newcomer in complete surprise and a little confusion. She walked towards the girl and she asked, "Why are you here?"

Rin's brilliant violet eyes did a quick once over Nana before focusing back onto her eyes. She considered her answer for a second and then opened her mouth. She was beaten to the punch by Kakeru coming up next to Nana and asking. "Do you know her, Seven?"

Nana looked at him and nodded. "I used to play soccer with her in America. I don't understand why you're here though."

"I decided to study in Japan for a while since their soccer teams are getting better," Rin replied slowly. She looked down for a second and paused her music, sighing slightly as she put the device into a side pocket of her sports bag.

"Spying?" Nana asked.

Rin gave a crooked smile. "Half and half?" Rin raised a shoulder and then let it drop.

The coach came over and looked at Rin, who was still standing on the other side of the divider that separated the bleachers from the field. "You are a friend of Nana's?" He smiled at her.

Rin blinked and then thought. She and Nana had only played together once in a while. They certainly knew that each other were strong and talented players, and they were on friendly terms, but to call each other friends was stretching it a little. "I…guess?" She shrugged again, uncertainly.

The coach looked at Nana who was staring at Rin. "Well, why did you come to Enoshima? This school doesn't have a girl's soccer team." Nana told her.

Rin started and her mouth hung open from shock. "Seriously? No girl's soccer team? What the heck?" Rin looked down and scratched her head in confusion. "This was a waste of time, then." She sighed and muttered to herself, "What am I going to tell Coach?" She rubbed a hand over her face and then straightened up and looked at Nana. "I guess...David'll just have to deal." A sinister smirk curved her lips upward.

Nana hesitated, she knew Rin's coach from reputation and knew that he wasn't someone you wanted to cross. "You can be a manager for the boy's team, like me," she suggested.

Rin stared at her blankly. "A what?" She had a totally ignorant face on. A manager, as she knew it, was someone to handle the teams schedule for public appearances and money funds. Nana did not look she did that and frankly, Rin wasn't very good with numbers or talking with other people so she didn't wish to be a manager.

Nana gave a small chuckle. "It's not what you're thinking. A manager, here, means that you just take care of the players, like being…hmmm…" she searched for the word. "Oh, like busboys."

Rin stared incredulously at her. "I do grunt work! Hell no!" Rin shook her head to fiercely that her ponytail whipped her left cheek and she winced at the sting. She hated that idea even worse then the other one she had thought it was. No way was she going to be at the beck and call of these kids.

Nana sighed. "It's not that bad and you get a lot of freedom."

Rin glared at her and then at the boys. Most of them flinched involuntarily at her icy glare. "I'll think about it." Discussion ended. Nana knew better than to press the issue. Rin's short temper was known throughout most of the league Rin was in.

Iwaki broke in to break the ice that had settled. "Well, maybe you can practice with us. Nana, would you like to show her the ropes?" He smiled at her and she nodded.

Rin's eyes lit up at the prospect of playing and she took a step back from the divider and took her sports bag off her shoulder and threw it over. Then she took a running step and put both hands on the top of the divider and did a graceful flip over and pushed off with her hands, landing on her feet like a professional gymnast. She picked up her bag and once again slung it over her shoulder. She then looked over at the Coach's and the rest of the boys' shocked faces. She raised an eyebrow and asked indignantly, "What are you all looking at?" She tilted her head to the side and gave a small smirk.

Nana hid a smile as she turned her head away. Iwaki also looked at the new girl with interest. Rin tossed the end of the ponytail back over her shoulder and stood with her hand on her free hip as she surveyed the group of boys. This just might be more interesting than I first thought.

Just as a warning, this story is going to be updated differently than the other one. The last one I had written out in advance, but this one is going to be as I go along so updates will be sporadic.