Author's Note: Hello folks, I am Zero011, an avid fan of almost all things anime. Well, I've been wanting to do this fic for a while for two reasons. One: to add another character to the roster of a massive crossover between my OCs. Two: because when I came up with this idea, I couldn't stop laughing. I know some folks don't care for an OC story, but I wanted to try to bring something new to this section of the website (with only four fics, ya gotta do something)And yes, I am using the English version of the title of the anime.

(BTW, this fic takes place right after the last episode of the anime's second season. And I think the time of year is around winter, I believe since culture festivals [Season 2, episodes 6 and 7 I believe] usually take place around November 3rd, thanks to my research) Also, fair warning, I don't like using honorifics but I will substitute them with their equilavents. Also, don't expect Japanese words in general to show up other than the obvious (Bakayumu, Masou Shojou).

Is this a Zombie? Readaptation

Chapter 1: New Territory

There are certain secrets in this world people are never supposed to know. My dad said this to me when I was a little kid. Though there are some truths to that, I have to say that I disagree. What's wrong with a little curiosity? Humans are always so cautious about the unknown. I wonder why? Well, that's not important. What is important, is that today, my dad is taking me to a human city!

My name is Koga, and I'm…let's say I'm not human, okay? I come from a rather large family of 35, though most are not blood related. We travel around the world, living amongst nature and hiding from humans. Although due to modernization issues, we've been forced to adapt; much like today. My dad promised the pack that we'd be able to hunt normal food a few hours ago by him and myself but…not so much luck. So, he's going for the alternative: the legendary "Super Market"! Right now, we're traveling in the human city called "Tokyo" and heading for a "shopping mall".

I've only heard about these kinds of things from Pack Uncle Deroi, so this should be fun! Since we're out on business, we didn't need to dress too fancy or anything. My dad's name is Victor, the leader of our pack, the Central Wind. He was born in Russia, and got the title of Pack Leader from his dad before him. He is standing to my right wearing a brown coat with blue jeans, neck long brown hair and blue eyes. He's rather skinny, but our people have several special skills unique to us to cover that up. I myself am rather lean, wearing simply a plain white long sleeve shirt and blue pants with sandals. Human shoes are too constricting; I like a little air for my feet. Dad begins instructing our mission.

"Okay Koga, we need to find a place that sells food. Find the section selling meat, and just grab as much as you can."

With a smile on my face, I reply. "No problem dad. By the way, what does '50% Off' mean? Do they cut the stuff in half before selling it? Isn't that really unproductive?"

For some reason dad looks at me very confused. I think he's not getting my point.

"Actually, you think they have 50% of a cow with them? If possible, can I get one of the stomachs; probably one of the ones not cut off."

"Yeah…sure son…"

This is just too cool! This is my first trip inside an actual mall in a human city! I've always wanted to see what they look like! Frankly, I'm surprised. There are all sorts of amazing pictures and signs and odd looking people walking around. I'd like to talk to them, but I don't think dad's in the mood for touring unfortunately. Dad seems to know his way around here, so I'll just follow him. He stops just before we go into the deeper section of the mall, and sighs.

"Is something wrong, dad?"

"No son, I'm just preparing myself."


"Well, you see, humans tend to have things that may make our senses go nuts. Just before the super market is a store that sells small bottles that contain liquids that magically turn to gas, and disrupt everyone's sense of smell!"

"Holy cow…are you serious?"

"YES! Which is why, I've come prepared!"

Dad digs with his right hand into his coat pocket and pulls out two small cylinders of wax. I think they're candles.


"Not just any candles! These candles have a distinct smell to them; as created by the humans. I've take the liberty of finding candles that are the scent of a forest in the fall. Now, follow my lead…"

Dad uses his thumb to nub a very small piece off. He presents it to me to hold, and digs out another small piece. He breaks it in two, so I follow and do that as well. He takes both really small pieces and shoves them up his nose.

"And there you go! We maintain our smell of the forests and not be affected by the chemical weapons of man!"

That's…genius! I take both pieces of the candle and stick them up my nose, placing them so that they don't fall out.

"Okay dad, where to?"

"Follow me Koga, and stay close. Humans are known for finding people of their own kind and taking them away from their families to force them to dress up in weird frilly dresses!"

I gulped nervously. Humans are scary…

"Yes, sir."

Dad and I started walking deeper into the mall. Dad was right, humans are strange. The first thing that caught my eyes was a store selling clothes, and a woman of completely white skin and standing still wearing some of these odd clothes on display.

"Dad, who's that white woman?"

Dad glances over, and looks scared and disgusted. "That Koga, is a Weeping Angel."

"A 'Weeping Angel'?"

"Yes, I read about them in a book during our trip to that English country. They are a special race of creatures like us who have a special form of defense to remain frozen in that plastic form whenever someone looks at them. This Weeping Angel happens to be a slave, forced to stand out here to display the clothing of others for humans to observe what they sell."

"Humans really are scary."

"No, just the ones in politics. Anyway, let's keep going son."

Dad led me further into the mall until we reached some stairs. But these stairs were metal, and moved upward one way and downward another.

"What's that dad?"

"These son, are the trials known as 'Escalator'. Here, humans ride these to go either up or down. It is a test of balance; to maintain one's self on these steps without falling up or down along the way!"

"Amazing…humans really are brave!"

"And now, we must take these trials as well. Come along, son."

Dad stepped onto the mechanical stairs first, and ascended like an angel. I stepped on one as well, careful not to lose my balance. Humans…everything has a purpose to make one's self better in some way. They truly are great. When I reached the top, I almost got my left sandal caught in the stairs. Even a challenge at the top! Dad and I continued to walk until we reached out destination: the mystical super market. I've never been here before, but dad has plenty of times. We walked in, and the temperature shifted to partially cold.

"Hey dad, why did it get cold?"

"Because humans lack the ability to adapt their bodies to a specific temperature without getting annoyed by it soon. So they designed the mechanical device known as 'Air Conditioning'; AC for short. AC adjusts the temperature inside a large area to either hot or cold, forcing the humans to adapt to a new temperature before getting annoyed by it."

"Humans never rest when trying to get stronger, do they?"

"No. That's why they are one of the few things on earth that scare me. Right along with mouse traps, your aunt, and fried eggs."

"I understand dad. Now, where's the meat?"

"In the coldest section of the store. Stay close; these markets are almost designed like mazes."


Dad led me through the various and trial like aisles of this strange and wonderful place, until we eventually reached an almost freezing part of it. Dad led me to a glass window he called a 'freezer'. He grabbed several large packages of meat; enough to feed 35 people, and shoved them all in his coat pockets. That's a special spell dad has. He can make the interior of any close space, like his pocket or even a building, and make it appear huge on the inside. Saves time packing on several occasions. He had a magic using mother, so he inherited several skills of such practice.

My mother wasn't a magic user, so I just got physical strength to use. But I'm happy for it. Dad looked around and headed for the door. I saw that several humans were looking at us strangely as we reached the exit. As we passed the doors, something from my left and right started screeching and beeping.

"KOGA, RUN! THEY WANT THE FOOD!" Dad screamed in panic like a little girl.

"Gotcha!" Dad and I ran as fast as we could back toward the stairs we came. We have no time for the trial! We jumped over the stairs,

landing 30 feet to the ground. Dad just hit the ground with his feet and ran while I rolled on it first then stood back up. We ran for a while longer until we reached an open area with a glass ceiling several floors above us.

"Koga, you take the ceiling out. I'll head out a door! Remember, the pack will start moving soon. Try to be back by five o'clock!"

"Got it!"

Dad ran off as several humans dressed like official showed up from where we ran. I jumped to the top of a cart selling food, and then jumped up to the concrete railing of the next floor. An easy 20 foot jump. That's the advantage of being one of my kind: great physical abilities. I jumped railing to railing until I saw a large balloon floating in the air held down by long lines of string. I jumped from the railing and landed on it.

"These sandals are getting in the way of my footing!"

I kicked up my feet and shot the footwear off. Why do humans wear those, anyway? I looked up to the ceiling and realized something. If I just smash through it, then I might get cut by glass! Then, I'll break it with sound! I stepped back and inhaled a large breath. Another skill of my kind: ear shattering howls and roars. I let it loose, letting my howl out and proud. The resounding noise shattered the glass above me within seconds, giving me the opportunity to jump. I took it, and landed on the ceiling. I ran for several moments until reaching the edge. The only thing I can jump to is another rooftop several floors shorter than this one and a whole street cross away.

Not a problem. I jumped upward and went forward toward the targeted roof. I then jumped off of it and landed in between it and the other building. This must be called an 'alley'; neat. I looked around and didn't see dad anywhere. Luckily, I happen to remember where the park is from the mall. I ran out to the concrete 'sidewalk' and began my traveling. Dad said to meet back with the pack before five o'clock. Pack protocol calls that a pack can't stay in one location for more than two days. That counter's almost up, so I better get moving.

Once they start moving, no returning to that location for an entire months. Its a matter of security. We can't afford to let humans find us. But here's the bad part: dad has absolutely horrible sense of direction. We got lost for an entire year walking through the frozen lands of his own home of Russia. Regardless, I have to make it to the pack before five. But this city…humans are the most interesting creatures I have ever met.

Maybe I can hang around for a little longer, maybe? Oh, why not? I mean, it's not like the pack is parked very far. At best, I may trail behind just a tad bit. Okay, I'm doing it! I'll hang around these humans for a little while longer. What's the worst that can happen? I've got several hours to kill. This whole city…so full of wonder and the like, filled with things unique to it and to very few. Almost anything I can think of, and odds are that it's here for anyone to find. Well, where to start?

"Oh, I know! One of those stores that sell my cousins!"

I began my journey by going to a local 'pet shop'. I believe the tradition I am participating in is 'window shipping (not a mispell)'. It's amazing what kind of animals humans keep as pets. The closest thing I ever had to a pet was a robin that happened to understand the words coming out of my mouth. I even saw my cousin species, the common dog, sitting in a few cages themselves. I left the store and looked up to the sky. Clouds were starting to cover the area. Doesn't look like rain; just cloudy. Our weather shaman didn't predict any weather.

His special "weather rock" is never wrong. Next stop: a sweet shop. I'm amazed by the kinds of foods humans eat, especially. Everything from their own kind, to sugar filled blocks, to even the grass we step on. The whole, eating each other part is not that surprising. We usually eat the weakest member of a pack if they royally mess up, but it's completely optional to eat them. I know I haven't eaten a meat besides other animals. I even saw a 'cake' about MY height in the store! Amazing! Well, that's over with. I'll head for the exit for a new place. Wait, a thought occurred to me! I've always wanted to see a 'movie' my entire life! But, I don't have the money to pay a ticket… Wait, I can just sneak in through the vent system inside the building!

Several Hours Later

Now this is how someone lives life! I was able to sneak into a seat in the far back of the theater by crawling through the ventilation system. I swear, if humans don't realize what kind of design flaw that is, they may end up losing business entirely. I was even able to let a small family of mice sneak their way in. The movie I watched was considered an 'action flick'. The movie was filled with cool characters, machines, guns, and a lot of explosions! Personally, I'm more impressed with the people who made the movie! I mean, who is actually brave enough to put themselves in danger and record these factual moments in history for the entertainment of others, really?

Maybe I'll become one of those movie directors when I grow from the pack. Well, I think it's about time to head home. I look up to the sky to see the weather. Its cloudy, but they look a little darker than a few hours ago. I headed to the last place our pack parked its movement: the forest in the outskirts of the city. After a long while walk, I finally made it to the forest. The fall season is quickly approaching, and the leaves were starting to show it. Some were falling off, others were close to "Man, it feels so good to have my feet back where they belong!" I'm not kidding; the scorching concrete out there can get a little annoying honestly. I treaded my way until finding my Pack Aunt Grettle's cooking pot on the ground.

"Guys, I'm back! I got a little sidetracked, but I've returned!"

Wait a moment, something's not right…where is everyone? I don't see any of the tents around here, I don't hear anyone from my pack.

"Hey…is anyone still here?"

Oh no, this is bad; really, really bad! I've never been separated from the pack before!

"Wait, Pack Grandma's clock!"

Pack Grandma always forgets something like a local clock wherever she goes. I look around the remains of the camp site and found her clock.

"Okay, it says…7:43!"

OH CRAP! I MISSED THE PACK! No-no-no, no-no-no, NO! This has never happened before! I've never been away from a member of the pack for more than a few hours!

"Hang on! I can still smell them out!"

I dove to the ground and began desperately sniffing it, searching for something, heck, ANYTHING to lead me back!

"But, all I can smell is…a forest in the fall!"

The candles! I never took the bits out! I blew my nose as hard as I could until I finally shot them out.

"Okay they're gone, let's try again!"

I sniffed the ground again, but all I can smell is the dang candle! It must've imprinted on my sense of smell from the inside of my nostrils!

"NO! Dad, Grandma, Aunt Grettle, cousin Krauss? Anyone?" I screamed while spinning around in a circle.

No one answered but the creatures of the forest.

"Maybe if I get to higher ground…please!"

I jumped as high as I could from the ground and grabbed a tree branch. I began climbing until I reached the top of the tree above the leaves. I turn around again and again, and all I see is the lights of the city in the distance.

"I can't see anything! Maybe if I howl…"

That's the only thing I can do right now. My howls can be heard for miles if I let my true form out vocally. I looked up to the almost filled moon, and howled. I let it rip as thunderously as I could, letting everyone know: "I am here!"

I stopped howling after a few tries to hear a response. All I hear is…the forest and the distant city. I don't hear anyone or thing reply to my howl.

"This can't be happening!"

I began jumping from the top of tree to try, letting more tremendous howls out.

"They have to be near, they have to be!"

But before I could howl again, I lost my footing and fell. I'm falling…that's never happened before…! I first hit a large tree branch, then went plummeting towards another branch and hit it. This time, I got several scrapes and got my shirt torn. I fell again…I fell for what seemed like forever. After hitting several more pieces of trees, I landed on a large, hard rock and fell for a few more feet before hitting the dirt ground. I feel…groggy.

My vision is a little blurry and all of my other senses feel a little out of whack. I sat up against the boulder, letting my body settle. I raised my left hand to scratch my face, but I felt something warm and…sticky, covering it. I looked at it, and froze in horror. My hand is bleeding slightly. I've never seen my own blood before.

"This is…absolutely horrible! I can't…I can't believe I'm all alo-…alo-…"

It finally sets in.

"I'm…all alone."

I can't help but whimper like a pup. That's all I am without my family…I'm just a pup. I need to go back to the city until my nose works again. Once then, I-I-I'll find dad's scent back at the mall! Y-Yeah, that's it!

"I mean, it's not like so many feet on that floor may throw off my smell, but I can still find him if I tried!"

I didn't walk back to the city; I ran. I ran like my life depended on it. Mainly because, it does! If I don't find my family, then I'll never survive in this city without help! I can't adapt without a little help first! I need to find my family soon… I ran all around town, looking for some sign of the pack. I found nothing. I walked into a residential area, exhausted and covered in sweat along with my scars and scrapes still bleeding slightly. A clock on the corner of the sidewalk before the home area said that it was 9:25.

"Man, I need to find someplace to sleep soon."

I continued walking down the street, passing house by house until I eventually reached one to the left side with a large pile of garbage outside of the little wall separating the house from the street.

"It's not much but…I have no choice."

I walked over to the pile of trash and stepped into it. I began settling in; moving around the trash so that it could act very much like a blanket fort. I'm sure the garbage is absolutely revolting to smell, but since my nose is busted I can't smell a thing other than woods. Plus, being the winter months, the temperature at night can get a little low.

"…I'm cold."

This has never happened to me before. All my life, I've always had someone to rely on to help me. But now that I'm alone I don't know what to do, where to go, or even who to trust. Tomorrow, I'll see if there's anyone here who can help me. Maybe some other non-human creatures live here? I hope so. All I can do for now is just…sleep.

"…I'm hungry"

Third Person

As the young boy Koga drifted to his sorrow filled sleep, another figure of the night walks this street. A tall man wearing a black trench coat, a black stetson hat, and black boots. As he walks through the street, the street lights above him wear flickering, and shut off entirely as he passed directly under them. But as the light flickers back on, one could see something on his back. Strapped cross ways on his back are two long black scythes, the blade ends up towards his head. He marches through this street in the night, seeking something. He stops at the front way to a simply two floor house.

The name plate on the house says "Aikawa".

"I've found it. Now all I need is-"

Before he complete his thought, he heard something move behind him. He turned around in a flash and placed a hand on the handle of one of his scythe, ready to kill. But what he saw was merely a large pile of the neighbor's garbage, arranged to be almost a form of fort. He brought out his left scythe, and lightly pushed the blade end into the trash. He swiped it to the left, sending away a large amount of the garbage. He was surprised to see what was inside it. There was a young boy, covered in scars and scratches, wearing lightly tattered clothes. His sleeping expression was covered in sadness, and several tears were drying on his face. The man kneeled down to one knee and watched the boy for a moment, analyzing him. Then, the thought stuck him.

"So, you're the one Naota warned me about. Koga, the Enforcer."

He stood back up and placed his scythe back onto his back. "You act like a child, but no one knows what you really are." He turned around to face the Aikawa house again.

I can't strike now. He thought. If I go in now, then Koga will wake up. I'm still unsure if he's able to transform completely. He looked up to the cloud covered sky. He raised one hand into the air.

"Move" The clouds in the sky began moving, and revealed the moon.

It is only almost full, but not completely.

Too risky. He thought.

He began walking down the street again, leaving Koga in the cold air.

In two days time, a full moon will appear. Counting from there, I'll strike when the New Moon comes…

The man continued walking, not even batting an eye to the young boy he left in the garbage. The boy began shaking slightly, his makeshift blankets gone. The man continued walking, vanishing into the night…

Koga's POV

"…I'm cold."

Last night was horrible. In the middle of the night, I somehow moved myself in my sleep enough to knock off the very garbage keeping me warm. After that, I tried finding a place to clean up. I found a large fountain in the park and took a quick dip and got out. The chilly weather however, made things worse for me. Now I'm sitting here, on top of a "billboard" and shaking my limbs around trying to dry off. The sky still looks a tad cloudy, and the chilly factor has been kicked up again. Man, this sucks. Well, there is SOME good news. My sense of smell is finally back to normal…but I can't pick up a trail of anything. But the various smells of the city is a little soothing. Now…what to do?

"Maybe I can get one of those things Cousin Yurine calls a 'job'. I need to find a home while I'm at it, too."

A home…I had one not too long ago.

"Hang on, what am I thinking?" I slapped myself in the face. "I can't give up now! I just need to find some stable ground first!"

Maybe I can find some magical creature to help me? Are there any magicians in Tokyo? Are there any left? Last one I heard of lived in Egypt and he was digging beneath those pyramid things while some people people called "Germans" were moving in.

"Hey, Uncle Taizo once said that he knew a village of Vampire Ninjas around this region! Maybe I can find it and try to get some tracking!"

I can't do tracking, I wasn't bred for it. I also can't learn any form of magic besides that what our kind is born with. I can only adapt my skills to certain magic.



I jumped from my light post to land on top of a tree.

"What was that?"

The noise occurred again.

"Wait…I'm hungry."

Maybe I can find some food around here? Well, I think the stores are on high alert after Dad and I stole meat.

"Hang on, what's that smell?"

With my sense of smell back, I began sniffing the air. That scent…can it be?

"No way, are you kidding me? How lucky is that? There's a Megalo around here!"

One the most delicious delicacies is roaming around Tokyo?

"Hot damn!"

I jumped from the tree to land on top of a small building and jumped up from there to higher ground. I kept jumping for several minutes until I finally reached the goal.

"There it is!"

I saw the Megalo in a human disguise walking around the neighborhood. Not much of a disguise, really. A really ugly man wearing a black trench coat and hat; nothing really hiding the fact that it's a Megalo. I landed on top of a water tower overlooking the area. Man, I haven't drained one of those since my last birthday. If I'm going to get one, I'm going to have to do this right.

"Time to let myself out a little."

I kneeled on all fours, getting into a pouncing position. I let a few extra parts of my body. Within a few seconds, my tail sprouts from my VERY lower back (right above the 'crack kills') and my wolf ears grew from my head. I hate it when people confuse my wolf ears for cat ears; gets annoying really easily. The Megalo stops walking and turns right, facing a house. I think he's hunting a target. Well, not for long…!

Third Person

The Megalo turned right, and faced the building before him.

"This must where its located." He said in a dark, deep, voice. "Lord Nebra was not lying when he mentioned this place. There is definitely a Masou Shojou in there…!"

Just as he was about to step forward to the premises, the front door opened. The Megalo stopped moving, and saw his target.

Standing 5'8, wearing a yellow t-shirt and grey slacks, with grayish white hair, is one of the house's residents: Ayumu Aikawa. Just as he stepped out, Ayumu noticed the Megalo. The Megalo stepped forward and was prepared to attack. That was until…


In one fell swoop, the Megalo suddenly vanished from Ayumu's sight. From where he stood, he could hear what sounded like cloth being torn apart.

"What was that?" he asked aloud.

He cautiously walked forward from his house grounds and turned right. It seemed the struggle was over. The Megalo was completely gone, and all that was left was its trench coat and hat being folded neatly by a boy his age and height wearing torn cloths, having several scrapes and scratches, and sitting on his knees. When he finished with folding the coat and placing the hat on top of it, he sat up and clapped his hands together.

Koga's POV

"Thank you for the wonderful meal, innocent Megalo."

That was delicious! I mean, it's only energy buts it's enough to get some repairs and the like done. I let out a large burp to dispel the Megalo's remains. The gold dust Megalo give off when they die came out of my mouth and evaporated into the air. I stood up and looked over the damage to me. First, I hid away my tale and ears. Then, time to fix myself up!

"Not too bad. I can fix this right up."

This is yet another special skill of my kind: we can use magic to heal light wounds and repair things on us. Again, this is magic passed down normally, not special magic like some cases. Just gotta-

"Um, excuse me…" someone called out to me.

"WHOA!" I jumped back in surprise. I looked left to the direction of the voice to see some kid standing there about my height, with grayish white hair.

"But, who are you?" he asked me.

"Um…who am…I?"

I can't believe I didn't detect him before! My senses must still be whacked. I guess I'll smell him at a distance while talking to him.

"U-U-Ummm…my name's Kog-WAAAAHHH!"

That smell! He isn't human! I back flipped in the air and headed upwards. While upside down still in the air, I grabbed the light connected to the post to my left with my feet and completed the back flip by arranging myself upward to stand on the post with my knees bent.

"Forget who I am, who the heck are you?" I screamed.


"Don't 'huh?' me! You don't smell a single bit like a human! In fact…"

I quickly jumped down from the post and landed a foot away from him I leaned my head down to his neck and sniffed. WOW! The moment my feet hit the ground, I back flipped again into the air and landed on the light post again.

"I smell roses and pink lilies on you! Are you a cross dresser?" The guy suddenly looked like his soul was punched. Did I sit a sore spot? Oops.

"Um, sorry about that. If that's your thing, I understand but…"

The guy raised his hand in front of him. "It's no problem. But anyway…" He looked back up at me with a blank expression on his face. "Who are you?"

I still think this guy smells odd, but he doesn't seem hostile. I scratched the back of my head nervously.

"I'm Koga, and I'm…not from around here."

"Clearly" he stated blankly.

"So, you're not surprised to see someone jump out of nowhere, tackle a giant guy in a trench coat, and the tackled guy suddenly vanished?" He shook his head no.

"By this point, I don't anything will surprise me." He stated blankly. Man, this guy sounds like a bore. "Hey, did you eat that Megalo?" he pointed to the disguise coat the Megalo was wearing.

"Oh, no! Not at all! Well, technically, yes."


"Well, its complex. Let me put it this way: my people have a unique bond with the Megalo. We're the only species that can directly kill Megalo by draining them of their own magical energy. We do this in times of emergency. We don't physically 'eat' Megalo, we just drain them of so much power that they just kinda…die off on their own."

"What's the extra magic for?"


I snapped my fingers, and the natural magic took its course. My body was covered in a blue light, and when it vanished the scratches and scars were healed in an instant, along with my clothes being repaired.

"Auto-repair and heal in an instant."

He nodded his head.

"I don't mean to be rude, but what's your name?" I asked him.

"Oh, sorry. My name's Ayumu Aikawa."

"Um…cool. N-Nice to meet you…"

This is the first time I've ever introduced myself to someone . This is a whole new experience. I'm a little nervous again. "Are you okay?" he asked me. "

Um, yeah, kinda. I'm still, new, around here so…"

Oh come on, there's no point in lying Koga. You need help and this guy, even though he smells weird, is the only person you've been able to actually talk to in forever! Pride? What's that? I need help here!

"Actually, Mr. Aikawa, I'm lost." I took in a deep breath, trying to relax. "The truth is, I'm part of a pack that travels the globe as part of life. I got so entranced with your culture, that I got separated from my pack. I've been alone and afraid ever since then. If it's not too much trouble…could you help me, somehow? I know it's asking a little much, but all I'm asking for is some minor assistance, and then I'll leave you alone. Please?"

I almost got down on my knees and begged for a little help. Aikawa held his chin with his right hand for a moment, before nodding his head.

"Alright. I'll help you."


YES! I found some help! I lunged toward him and hugged him.

"Thank you-Thank you-Thank you-Thank you!" I jumped off and saluted Aikawa.

"I'm an eternally grateful to you, Mr. Aikawa."



"Just call me Ayumu, okay?"

"Um…sure…Ayumu. So…what do I do first, since I'm in the city?"

At that moment, my stomach growled tremendously loud. Oh, I forgot. Eating a Megalo's magic doesn't count as physically eating, but there is a wonderful taste to them.

"Well, from the sound of it, I think you need to eat."

"Um…I guess so."

"Do you wanna have lunch at my house?"

"Oh, no! I couldn't! I don't want to impose on your Sunday..."

"It's not imposing." He grew a slight smile on his face. "I'm insisting. Besides, you're not the first person in my house who isn't human."


He turned around and started veering toward a house with a nameplate on it. Before he passed the wall, he turned back to me.

"By the way, what are you exactly?"

"You…really wanna know? Okay. I'm…"

Okay, this is gonna be hard to spit our but, I have no choice. The guy's giving me lunch, how the hell do I agree to that for free.

"I'm…a werewolf. A child of the nature of Gaia."

His eyes widened at first from surprise I'd guess, but slowly returned to normal.

"Huh…I should've guessed there'd be one of you around."

"You mean, you have other non-humans in your house."

"Essentially. I'm not human either."

"You're not? So, if you don't mind me asking, what are you, anyway?"

"Hm? Oh, that's right, I'm a zombie."

"Oh! I had no idea. I heard about your kind. Wait, why aren't you eating brains and getting your head smashed open with a cricket bat?"

"Cricket bat?"

"Not important. So, a zombie, huh? That must be why you smell odd. But what about the roses and lilies?"

He suddenly looked like he got a cold shiver up his spine and the atmosphere suggested he was ashamed of something.

"Let's…not talk about that…please."

He looks like someone kicked him in the soul with a chainsaw. I wonder why? Ayumu started walking towards the entrance to a house. I followed after him cautiously. Hey, I'm still a little suspicious of this city, okay? I can't let my guard down for even a moment. Hang on.

"Hey, Ayumu, what's that smell?"


"I smell a strong odor coming from your house. Is not something, it's someone." I sniffed the air again. "Correction. Some people. You said you don't have any humans in your home , right?"


"Oh…that must be it."

Ayumu opened the door and looked back at me for a moment.

"Welcome. Make yourself at home."

He turned back around to enter the house while I followed cautiously. "Hey, I'm back."

He entered completely, and I stepped a foot inside, expecting a-


I heard a girl scream in anger. Ayumu froze for a moment, and I looked over his shoulder.

All I saw was a short girl with short brown hair with a single part sticking up from the back like an antennae wearing a pink shirt with shorts holding something. It looks like a pink chainsaw.


"Duck, Koga!"

The girl then threw the chainsaw at us. Ayumu ducked immediately. I don't think I can dodge this!



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