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"Oh crap." Speedy, Kid Flash, and Robin whispered.

"Who is it now?" Beast Boy whispered.

"Get off me, Baywatch!" one of the people yelled. Kid Flash blanched.

"Then get your foot out of my face, Blondie!" a familiar voice replied.

"Shut up!" another growled.

"Who is on top?" someone asked. Aqualad stiffened at the voice.

"I am." a girl said. She had dark skin, short hair, and was wearing a gray and blue costume. She got up and the others followed suit until only a raven-haired guy was lying on the ground.

"Hey," a Kid Flash-look-alike said, "where's Robin?" The Titans eyes widened.

"Mmmmmmpphmmmmphmmm!" Muffled cries could be heard from beneath the raven-haired guy. He got up and you could see a much smaller raven-haired boy lying on the ground. The boy got up and the Titans gaped. He was dressed like Robin, but differently. All of the green was replace with black, and his hair wasn't spiked.

"Man!" Robin-look-alike said, rubbing his ribs, "You guys are heavy. So not asterous."

"Are you calling me fat?" a girl dressed in green yelled. Robin-look-alike seemed to roll his eyes, though they couldn't see it.

"You do realize that there are eight of you and I was at the bottom, right?" the girl in green blushed.

"Uh, guys?" a green-skinned girl asked. Beast Boy's eyes widened. He knew that girl, "We're not alone."

Everyone seemed to freeze, and then were suddenly in fighting positions. The green-skinned girl stared at Robin, Kid Flash, and Speedy curiously.

"Woah, they look just like us!" Kid Flash-look-alike said.

"What did Klarion do?" the girl in green growled.

"He probably sent us to the future or an alternate universe." a raven-haired girl said. A ginger guy wearing a black and red shirt holding a bow and arrow scowled.

"It must be an alternate universe. I would never go back to wearing that." He spat the last part.

"Hey!" Speedy said. Robin sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"You guys are in the future. Three years, if you're the ages that I think you are."

"How do we know you're telling the truth and you're not just some bad guy trying to kill us or something?" Kid Flash-look-alike asked.

"Prietene, castorii took your Nutella." (Friend, beavers took your Nutella.)

Kid Flash-look-alike blinked and then muttered, "Stupid beavers.". The others, besides Robin-look-alike and the guy with the bow and arrow, gave him weird looks.

"Come again?" the girl in green asked.

"Look." Robin said, "Klarion probably used a spell and sent you to the future. Speedy, Kid Flash, and I know you and remember you. We can name all of your hobbies and likes and dislikes."

"Prove it." the girl in green challenged. Robin smirked.

"Fine, Artemis." The girl's eyes widened. You're name is Artemis, you fight with Wally all the time, you call him Baywatch, and you polish your arrows when you're bored. I also know all of your secrets." Her eyes widened further.

Robin turned to the raven-haired girl, "Your name is Zatanna, you're a magician, your father became Dr. Fate to save you, and judging by the looks you keep getting and receiving, you are currently in a relationship." Zatanna blushed a dark red.

Robin turned toward the dark-skinned girl, "Your name is Raquel aka Rocket, you met your mentor when you were breaking into a house, and you have a crush on Kaldur." Rocket blushed.

Robin turned towards the green girl, "Your name is M'gann aka Miss Martian, you're dating Superboy, and you like to cook though you keep burning whatever you make."

Robin turned towards the raven-haired guy, "Your name is Connor aka Superboy, you're the clone of Superman, you have anger issues, you're dating M'gann, and you like to watch the static on the TV."

Robin turned towards the dark-skinned boy.

"Ok! Ok! I get it!" Artemis said, "You're Robin from the future! We're in the future! I get it!"

"And I'm Kid Flash from the future!" Kid Flash exclaimed. Everyone rolled his or her eyes except for Kid Flash and Kid Flash-look-alike.

"So can everyone just introduce themselves." Raven said, "This is starting to get boring."

The new arrivals stared at her for a few seconds, then Robin-look-alike stepped forward, "I'm Robin! The one and only Boy Wonder! Lord of awesomeness, whelmedness, and asterousness of Gotham and Mount Justice!"

Kid-Flash-look-alike stepped forward, "Do you have to keep slaughtering the English language? Oh, and I'm Kid Flash! Fastest Boy alive! And most charming." He flashed (no pun intended) a smile. Artemis smacked him upside the head.

"As Robin told you, I'm Artemis." Miss Martian flew forward.

"Hi! I'm Miss Martian! But you can call me M'gann! And that's Superboy, but you can call him Connor." Connor grunted. The ginger guy walked forward.

"I'm Red Arrow." he growled, "Or as my future self goes by, Speedy." Titans East gaped.

"Wow!" Bumblebee said, "You're actually muscular. And you don't have stupid hair."

"My hair isn't stupid!" Speedy yelled. Zatanna walked forward.

"Well, as Robin pointed out, I'm Zatanna." she smiled slightly and waved. Rocket walked forward, crossed her arms, and jutted out her hip.

"I'm Rocket." The last person, the dark-skinned boy, walked forward.


"K-Kaldur." Aqualad interrupted. Everyone turned towards him as Kaldur's eyes widened in surprise.

"Garth? What are you doing here?"

Aqualad looked nervous, "I, uh, I'm a Titan."

"Titan? What's that?" M'gann asked. Speedy suddenly groaned.

"Oh no. I just realized that we now have to make a new time machine." Robin, Kid Flash, and Cyborg groaned.

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