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Jacob and Felix

They were as different as night and day, dark and light. No one would have believed that these two men could have fallen so deeply in love with each other, especially not Felix.

Jacob had shoulder length straight midnight black hair and warm chestnut brown eyes. He's body was all hard toned muscle covered in soft warm chocolate colored silky skin. He radiated sunshine and happiness even when he wasn't smiling, which was most of the time. He was barely six feet tall, a good height for most men but standing next to Felix he seemed shorter.

Felix felt like an oddity next to Jacob. Though Jacob described him as a tall cool drink of water, Felix knew the truth.

Yes, he was tall nearly six inches taller than Jacob. And he supposed his pale skin could be called cool because he looked like a ghost most of the time. He was neither willowy nor was he graceful by any means. When Jacob said his hair was a fucked up mess he loved to tangle his fingers in, Felix knew it was really raggedly cut and was the color of muddy pond water. It looked like someone had combed it with a fork.

It was when Jacob talked about his eyes that he really felt out of place. Jacob's eyes melted you with their warmth and he showed every emotion he had through them. Felix's eyes were a pale washed out blue and lifeless most of the time.

The only time his eyes really shown were when he was in the other man's presence. Jacob was like sunshine and love rolled into a warm blanket surrounding Felix. He had no idea how he had survived all these years without him.

He's been day dreaming again when a large muscular leg landed across both of this and made a thud sound. A deep groan sounded from the body next to him. A huge paw of a hand grabbed his semi and gently groped it, pulling then squeezing. It felt so good Felix couldn't help the soft moan slipping from his throat. Jacob chuckled beside him.

"Good morning, babe," Jacob's still sleepy voice sounded rough and gravelly. It was the same voice he had when he was so turned on he almost couldn't speak. Felix loved that voice.

"Morning, yourself," Felix answered. He loved waking up with Jacob in his bed.

"Must be a test tube baby thing," Jacob said kissing his way across Felix's bare shoulder. They seldom slept in clothes anymore.

"Hun…," Felix asked slightly stunned. "Did you just call me a test tube baby?"

"Yea, you and Jasper are test tube babies. Edward and I were talking about you two the other night," Jacob answered then pushed himself up to rest on his elbow. He had better access to Felix's body that way.

Felix pushed Jacobs hand away from this cock. The other man pouted but Felix refused to give in to the urge to smile at him. He was pissed.

"And why would you talk to Edward about me," Felix asked feeling slightly jealous that Jacob would have such an intimate discussion with another man.

"Oh, he mentioned that Jasper spends a lot time thinking…day dreaming. I guess he does it at the worst times according to Edward," Jacob answered leaning in to kiss Felix.

Felix sat up in bed and crossed his arms over his chest. It was a defiant act to show Jacob he meant business.

"So what's that got to do with me," Felix asked again.

"Well, you do that too and there's the other things you both do," Jacob answered swirling his fingers in the fine light brown hair on Felix's flat stomach.

"Stop that," Felix said pushing Jacob's hand away again.

"Felix, come on, I'm horny and I have a morning wood with your name on it," Jacob answered grabbing his own junk and wagging his eyebrows at his lover.

"Stop that!" Felix was becoming very perturbed. Jacob could see he was getting nowhere until his man got over this mood.

"Felix, you know, I love you but sometimes…well…some things are harder to overcome then others," Jacob said giving over to the other man's present emotional state.

"What "things"," Felix said actually using air quotes. Jacob couldn't help laughing which did not make things better with Felix.

Seeing that he had to have this conversation without the benefit of sex or breakfast, Jacob plunged in feet first, hoping against hope to get it over with quickly.

"Sometimes you can be in the middle of something, a conversation, a meeting or even sex and suddenly your brain goes someplace else," Jacob said pulling Felix's crossed arms apart and taking a hand to hold.

"Not so much these days but for a long time…food…well you would make these moaning noises when you ate", Jacob chuckled. "Edward said Jasper still does it when he eats Esme's apple pie."

A smile tried to pop out on Felix's face. He had heard Jasper do that on more than one occasion. He wondered what food he reacted too.

"You do it when you eat any kind of roasted meat. Like when we have the town cookout or we eat at the Cullen's and Esme makes a roast," Jacob smiled. "Why do you think I'm always so horny after a town gathering?"

Felix laughed out loud this time at that statement and answered, "Oh, please, everything makes you horny at your age!"

"And that's another thing!" Jacob shouted as he squeezed Felix's hand again. "All that worry about age."

"Age?" Felix questioned.

"It seems like everyone born in the city is concerned with age in one way or another. Edward says Jasper talks about it too and even though there really isn't that much of an age difference between the two of them, Jasper still acts like a much older man at times. But you," Jacob didn't finish his sentence.

"I what," Felix turned to Jacob to face him and answer the quest ion. "I what, Jacob?"

"Not all the time…but sometimes you act more like my father or an older brother than my lover," Jacob said dropping his eyes. "I know I'm younger than you but I am a man; old enough to make my own decisions, old enough to know my own mind."

Jacob tugged away from Felix's grip and stood from the bed. He paced the floor beside it.

"When you call me out in front of others or worse, tug on my ear…it makes me feel like a little kid," Jacob's voice was rough. "People laugh."

Oh hell no! No one laughs at his man because of something he does. Felix leapt from the bed and came around it to stop Jacob's pacing.

"I'm sorry. I didn't realize. I didn't even know I was doing any of those things. I guess some things are still hard for those of us raised in the city," Felix tipped Jacob's face up so he could look in his eyes.

"I do not nor have I ever thought of you as a child, EVER," Felix stated placing a searing kiss on Jacob's lips.

"Finding you changed my world, my life," he added hugging the other man to him.

Jacob's stomach growled then gurgled loudly. Both men let the tension go and laughed together.

"I've got an idea," Jacob said pulling Felix from the bedroom.

"Does it involve food or sex?" Felix chuckled and let himself be pulled.

"Both, of course! But food first," Jacob grinned at Felix and headed for the kitchen.

Several hours later Felix was following Jacob on a path through the woods. Felix wasn't sure this was such a good idea but he couldn't convince Jacob otherwise.

"Would you stop worrying? Jasper is still out of town and there's no reason Edward would go there by himself, not anymore," Jacob said.

"But he thinks that it's his own private oasis from the world. His personal meadow. His swimming hole," Felix answered trying to slow Jacob down.

"Look. It's a gorgeous day. Hot for a change. The water is going to feel so good," Jacob paused as they suddenly stood together in the meadow with sun shining down on them. "And you owe me for this morning. I want you naked and I want to push you up on that big flat rock over there and fuck you senseless."

Felix swallowed and adjusted his now growing bulge. His cock had perked right up at Jacob's description.

"Well, I suppose since you are sure they aren't going to come around," Felix answered pulling Jacob close and pressing his growing problem into the other man's hip.

"Oh, yes this is going to be so good," Jacob said, trapping Felix's lips with his own.

Felix loved the way Jacob always seemed to crave him, acted like he couldn't get enough of him. It was good for his ego. The way the man kissed him…drove him insane with lust. Suddenly Jacob pulled his lips away from Felix's mouth.

"Felix! Stop thinking," Jacob chuckled then he eyed Felix's body up and down. "Just feel, let it all go and feel. Now, strip!" Jacob demanded.

Jacob wasn't patient and he helped Felix quickly disrobe, removing his own clothes along the way. Standing in the open meadow bare assed naked had an arousing affect on both men. Felix couldn't help eye fucking the man before him. All that silky skin stretched taunt over bulging muscle made his mouth water. Jacob attracted him like no one else ever had. He could feel a drop of precum gather in his slit and watched as Jacob knelt down in the soft grass and caught it on his tongue. Jacob closed his eyes and hummed his enjoyment of the sweetness.

"Oh, shit!" Felix cried out at the sight.

The tip of Jacob's tongue lapping at the head of his dick stirred something deep, something primal in him. It made his desire climb higher. He had to close his eyes and fight the overwhelming need to thrust and cover Jacob's face with his cum.

"I'm your, Felix," Jacob whispered. "Always yours."

Jacob opened his mouth again but this time he pulled the entire mushroom shaped head inside his warm crevice with his tongue; licking the underside with slow precise strokes. Damn if felt amazing. Jacob's eagerness always increased Felix's own desire, he got lost in the feeling. Suddenly the warm wet feeling was replaced by cool air blowing across his heated damp meat even that felt erotic.

"Come on," Jacob said leading Felix to the water.

Jacob jumped in the pool of water causing a huge splash to shoot up into the air and rain back down. The little droplets reached where Felix stood and tingled where they landed on his skin.

Felix opened his eyes to see Jacob standing waist deep above the waterline. His long hair thrown back over his head. Water cascading down his muscled chest glistened in the sunshine. Jacob opened one of his hands, palm out to Felix. He was holding a tiny jar of oil and offered it to his lover.

"I didn't want to hurt you, babe," Jacob said smiling at Felix.

An ache spread through Felix, one he was growing to need. Jacob said he loved Felix, told him all the time. Felix had never said it back. Was the feeling he was having now…love? This all consuming need to comfort and support and protect…was that love? Was it that queasy feeling that started in his stomach and crept its way up to grab his heart like a vise?

"Felix, what's wrong? You look like you are in pain," Jacob said his face filled with worry. He started to climb from the water to the ground where Felix stood.

"Stop…I…I don't know how," Felix stammered but pushed himself to go on.

"I don't know if I'm saying this right…but…I love you," Felix said softly.

The look on Jacob's face was pure delight. He raised himself from the pool of water. He walked slowly to stand in front of Felix, eyes full of some deep emotion Felix now recognized for what it was.

Kissing Felix softly, he whispered, though they were completely alone in the meadow, "I…know." Jacob smiled triumphantly at Felix.

"What?" Felix asked his mind not expecting that response. "How could you know when I didn't even know myself until just now?"

Jacob's arms wrapped around Felix's waist drawing him closer. He sighed deeply.

"Because it was in every touch, every stare, and every word you spoke and when you yanked on my ear," Jacob murmured against Felix's neck, leaving tiny kisses between each word he spoke.

"I never said it," Felix said. A sense of awe and wonderment settled over Felix. He hugged Jacob closer.

"I love you," Jacob said and Felix could hear it in his voice.

"I love you, too," Felix answered naturally. He could feel the heat of those words melt his heart completely.

They stood there in the meadow, sunlight streaming down holding each other. Time didn't seem to matter. Finally, Jacob's hands began to rub small circles on Felix's back and work themselves down. He found both of Felix's ass cheeks and gave each a hard squeeze. He moaned. Felix could feel Jacob's cock start to harden again against his hip causing his own cock to respond in kind.

"Felix," Jacob practically purred his name.

"Hun?" Felix responded intelligently. Jacob snickered.

"Now that you love me, can I get back to fucking you," Jacob said still in that tender sweet voice.

Felix felt the laughter in his soul before it bounced out of his throat into the open meadow from his mouth.

"Oh hell yes!" he stated knocking Jacob's feet out from under him.

Felix landed on top of Jacob. He ground his cock in the Jacob's with renewed intensity. They rooted against each other, hands groping and mouths tasting any inch of exposed flesh near. When they finally came up for air, Jacob cursed.

"Damn it! Where'd the oil go," He asked frustration filling his voice.

"It's right here," Felix reached for the bottle. It glistened in the sunlight a few inches from his left hand.

With slow even strokes, Jacob's oiled fingers probed Felix's entrance. Thrusting in and out, scissoring back and forth. Both men were large but Jacob's cock was very thick. Three fingers width would help but Felix knew Jacob was larger. The pain and the burn only lasted a little while and were quickly replaced with a fullness that couldn't be described and felt like nothing else. Today it was even better because Felix recognized and finally returned the love shining in Jacob's eyes as he entered him.

Each thrust brought them closer to the edge of their passion, closer to the moment when stars couldn't compare to the intensity of their release.

Jacob was always very vocal. This time was no different. Felix could feel the other man's cock swelling and his channel tightened around him.

"So tight…damn…Felix…so hot…ohhhh," Jacob moaned. He thrusts becoming more erratic.

"Almost there…oh God…yes…right there…Jacob," Felix screamed as his release rushed from his body causing the chain reaction of Jacob's own release.

Jacob fell forward, his hair draping Felix's chest and shoulders like a silky wrap. Felix didn't mind the weight. It felt right. He soothed Jacob's panting body with gentle hands until his breathing evened out.

"Have I ever told you, I love your hair," Felix told his lover, finding it easier to say the words now.

Jacob rose up on his hands, threw his hair back over his head and smiled, "No but thanks."

Jacob licked a straight line up the middle of Felix's chest. Felix quivered at the sensation his tongue created.

"Come on," Jacob smiled. "We both need that swim now."

Together they laughed and played in the water. Only when Felix began to get hard again did Jacob push him out of the water to stretch out on a huge flat rock; the one where he'd seen Edward so long ago.

Jacob thought he'd been in love with Paul back then but he had no idea what love really felt like until Felix came along. That day in the city when everything was coming down around them, Felix had been the one to help him after he'd been shot. He'd stayed with him while Carlisle dug the bullet out and stitched him up. Jacob ran his hand down Felix's long leg while his man dozed in the sun. Felix's cock, which lay against the leg Jacob was massaging, began to fill, grow under Jacob's innocent touches. His mouth watered at the thought of the unique flavor that was just Felix. He heard a chuckle come from the man laying on the rock.

"So who's the one day dreaming now," Felix asked, eyes still closed. "So are you going to suck it or just watch it?"

Jacob laughed, grabbed Felix's cock and swallowed half of it all at once. Felix thought he heard a noise from behind them but Jacob's ministrations felt too good to give a fuck if someone was watching.

"Jacob Black what in the hell do you think you are doing on my rock!" Edward screamed as he ran across the open meadow.

"Shit! Jacob, I told you he would be pissed," Felix yelled pushing Jacob's mouth away from his now growing soft erection. "Let's go Jacob, now!"

"Oh, come on Edward. It's not like it's really your rock. I mean really it's out here in the open," Jacob said standing beside Felix and stopping the other man from running away. "I mean we can share can't we?"

"NO! Now run and you better pray I don't catch you," Edward yelled just as Jasper called out behind him.

"Edward, sweetheart, don't do something you are going to regret later on," Jasper chuckled as he jogged up beside Edward.

"Yea, Edward, you don't want to regret anything," Jacob said as he inched his way back with Felix pulling on his arm.

"Edward, we're leaving. I mean this was his idea and I wouldn't dream of…well goodbye," Felix said trying to get Jacob to move away from Edward and Jasper.

"Jacob…let's go…now," Felix said and both men turned to run up the creek out of the meadow.

Jacob was watching Felix's ass as he trotted through the forest ahead of him. Every so often Felix would curse and jump on one foot. Jacob agreed the rough forest floor was hard on bare feet. Jacob stopped dead in his tracks.


Laugher over took him and he was bent over trying to catch his breath when Felix came running back.

"What's wrong?" Felix said his face clearly showing concern. Jacob fell on the ground…laughing!

"Jacob, what the hell is the matter with you," Felix didn't find the situation at all funny.

"You…me…running…nooooooooo….clothes," Jacob finally managed to get out.

Felix stood up, looked down his long body and at Jacob sitting on the ground, tears streaming down his face, still laughing.

"Damn!" Felix shouted.

He was naked and so was Jacob. They'd left their clothes behind running from Edward.

Felix sat down beside Jacob wincing at the feel of the tiny rocks and pine needles assaulting his backside.

"Think he's had time to calm down," Felix asked Jacob.

"I sure hope so," Jacob answered finally able to breathe again. He wiped his face with his hands and looked at Felix his eyes shining. "I don't think we can walk through town like this."

Felix smiled and pulled Jacob to his feet. They started back towards the direction they had just run from.

"Maybe we'll get lucky and Jasper will have him too busy to notice us sneaking back," Felix said.

Jacob was quiet, thinking something over carefully.

"Or maybe Jasper will have him so busy…we can watch," Jacob said laughing. He pulled away from Felix's grip and started to run back through the woods.

"Jacob!" Felix shouted running after him.

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